Zoro VS Luffy at Whiskey Peak [English DUB]

Alright, now let’s finish this! Okay Luffy, just calm down and hear me out for a second. Everyone that lives here at Whisky Peak is really a bounty hunter which makes all of them our enemies.
Hey! Pay attention to me you jerk-ass! You’re just lying! Enemies wouldn’t give us tasty food would they?!
Taste my 10 000 kg press! It doesn’t look like there’s any sense in trying to talk to you. You know you’re really a moron! This time I’m not going to hold back. It’ll be your own fault if you die! Sounds good to me! Just a sec- what’s going on here? I thought you guys were on the same side. Ready for my Gum-Gum!? Oni…Giri!
Bazooka! Let’s see which one’s stronger.. your rubber hands or my steel, what do you say? Yeah, let’s settle this once and for all! Well now what am I supposed to do? I don’t know how safe we’ll be going through there. Dammit! Those two are making fools of us all on our own turf- the name of Baroque Works will be shamed if we fail in our mission here. Mr 5 we can still defeat them, we haven’t failed yet. Let’s go! Ms Valentine.
Right, Mr 5. You can’t beat us You can’t beat us! Prepare to die at the hands of Baroque Works officer agents! Shut up and go away! You’re interfering…with our fight!

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  • See, that's the thing. if you read my comments I never judged the Japanese voice acting. Only the American(because i know it). All I said was that it could be better, if it can't, then leave it alone.

  • Pretty much everyone who insults the Funimation dub says the same thing: "this guy sounds too much like this guy, this guy sounds too much like this guy, etc." Maybe it's because I haven't watched DBZ but I think these voices are perfect and fit fine; if you're evaluating the voices based on how similar they are to another series then your deduction is ridiculous. This is One Piece, don't worry about similar voices in another series.

  • "Shut up and go away! You're interfering with our fight!" Lol! I love these guys! They're my homies and crew mates for life!

  • Can someone tell me how luffy wyd use conquer king on zoro in a fight it wouldn't work cuz he has a strong will a can ignore the effects

  • Ok people really need to stop bitching about the Funimation dub of One Piece it's a good dub not the best dub I've heard but still good. Do you guys remember the 4kids dub of One Piece you know the one huge plot holes?

  • I don't really like Zoro's voice .. I think he should have Sanji's voice or something instead of that one !
    It's way too Piccolo-ish 0.o even a little too Vegeta-ish ;o

    Whenever I watch OP , all I can hear is Krillin & Piccolo D: not Ussopp & Zoro !

  • Uh… That's cuz it's Christopher Sabat, the person who voices Vegeta and Piccolo. Also Zoro's voice is just fine; he's supposed to sound serious and determined, and Sabat does a perfect job of portraying those character traits. Also the person who voices Krillin also voices Usopp and Sanji's voice actor also voiced Future Trunks.

  • Luffy isn't voiced by krillin -_- ussop is has the same voice actor as krillin so that means their voice's sound alike because same voice actor

  • I dont lize zoro voice in english like this.. i like kazuya nakai voice,,,=n= !!
    n luffy voice just about same bit like naruto in english when he still a kid!
    n to make sure!..i like naruto in english n japan,,,, they same… bit
    but one pieace ..not enough for me

  • The dub really isn't that special.

    Just because it has alot of big names, that doesn't make it a good dub on its own.

  • I prefer The jap dub with english sub for Naruto and One piece the only anime I like in english over Jap is DBZ and Yugioh.

  • for real? I actually don't watch Naruto because I hate his voice lol. They both sound like an old granny. Obviously that's my opinion since Naruto is real popular.

  • Does anyone know a website where I can download all one piece episodes? If you know one, send the link to it, please

  • luffy's voice sucks its like he is always freaking screaming
    Zoro and Usopp voice are bad too zoro vice is too low and Usopp sound awfully like krilin also a voice that don't feet

  • Sub Watchers: Lets just hate on dub videos and comment stupid remarks to it.
    Dub Watchers: Lets just watch it.

  • all of the Funimation voices fit the characters perfectly, ESPECIALLY Ussop, Sonny Strait plays the character like pro, it shouldn't really matter if they sound like Krillin, Zoro is too low? compared to what? English dubs aren't supposed to sound exactly like the Japanese version, there supposed to find actors that fit the characters, and considering the creator of the series approved every English voice for the main cast, I'd say they fit pretty damn good

  • it really doesn't, give the dub a chance and watch it from the beginning, its an amazing dub and they capture the feeling and spirit of One Piece perfectly, the Water 7 dub was……, best voice acting I've ever seen in ANYTHING animated

  • isn't that special? its fucking amazing and gets better with every release, the Water 7 dub was the best voice acting I've ever seen in an animated TV show, watch it from the beginning to where they currently are and then say its nothing special

  • Yeah, it's really not that special.

    It might be fitting for One Piece (The zany voices fit the over-the-top character designs), but it all just ends up sounding like a generic shounen dub. If this is the pinnacle, the best you have seen, that's good for you, but I think you should broaden your horizens a bit.

    Some quality and universally acclaimed dubs are Cowboy Bebop, BACCANO!, Ghost in the Shell, Fullmetal Alchemist, Gurren Lagann and Chromartie High.

  • to anyone who has a problem with the dubs, I just want to point out this fact…

    "Oda-sensei helped pick the voices, so anyone who has a problem can take it up with Oda-sensei himself…"

    that is all…

  • I'm a sub fan, but I know that the English voice actors are doing their best. After all, English is a slow language compared to Japanese. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • The first two knew most of his moves, not to mention Zoro is very close to Luffy's strength level and Usopp had time beforehand to rig the battlefield. Franky, on the other hand, was still new to the group and had a few tricks hidden. Just because he's the captain doesn't mean he's invincible. In fact, the rest of the crew are there to make up for his shortcomings.

  • even with preparation he should still own ussop with ease and zoro shouldn't even be that close to luffy in strength, during the arlong arc luffy was clearly way above every other strawhat

  • During the Arlong arc Zoro was still healing from the supreme asswhooping he took from Mihawk that left him mortally wounded. Not to mention how he only had Wado (his white katana) at his disposal and had to improvise to use his three sword style using swords very different for what he usually uses. He fared pretty well, all things considered.
    As for Ussop, you clearly have no idea how big an advantage a rigged battlefield is. He pulled out all the stops while Luffy held back.

  • yea but he was still weaker then franky like when franky was capable of hurting blunoe before luffy and other strawhats were even capable

  • And then Luffy proceeded to develop his Gears 2 and 3 abilities to take a major level in badass, there by resetting the balance. You do realize just because Luffy's the captain doesn't mean he'll automatically be stronger than everything, right? In fact, I'm pretty sure Sabaody and Marineford were all about how there are still powers far more vast than the straw hats.

  • You're treating combat like it's built on a one dimensional level system. It's not. Certain opponents have certain weaknesses, as do the straw hats. Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji form the Monster Trio, the crew's designated heavy hitters, having the most raw power. Ussop, Nami, and Franky all use equipment and strategy, making them still dangerous when they need to be. Brook is obscenely fast which is big in a fight. Robin is ruthless, intelligent, and creative. These and more all factor in.

  • Oh man, these two.
    You never get in between them when they're going at it. Well not unless you have no regard for your life as Vivi and Caru almost found out the hard way.
    Too hillarious…

  • Is this how longย their fight is in the anime? I only read the manga (I only saw a few episode of the anime cause I was a littleย kid at the time) and I thought their fight lasted a lot longer and ended by Zoro slashing Luffy.

  • Luffy vs Zoro
    Results: Nami wins and any other bystander(s) foolish enough to interfere was decked

  • They will always be equally powerful. I don't think either would win or loose even after the time skip. Zoro can cut through anything and I bet even armament Haki eventually and Luffy's strength and speed can crush anything even steel. If they were to fight using all their power and skill they would either both be dead or both be unable to fight anymore. I don't think one would win over the other.

  • Why is this more epic than some of the fights now? I wish Luffy and Zoro could have aย casual duel sometime, it'd work better now that Luffy can Clash his bare fists with Zoro's blades…

  • This is the only time I really deslike Luffy. I feel it out of character that he could dare to kill his more loyal comrade just because the enemy gives him food

  • Its hilarious that its nami who breaks them up. She doesn't mess around anymore with their foolishness. They know how strong nami is.

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