You Must Buy This $2 Drink Gadget

– So, a few weeks back, I made this video on this
three dollar soda gadget that looked really cool on Amazon, but when I got it, it completely sucked. Whoa. And I called it a gadget,
but I have a confession, this thing’s not a gadget. It doesn’t have Bluetooth,
no battery powers, it’s not even re-chargeable. – You lied to me? – It has nothing in it. So, I found something a little cooler. This one is actually a gadget, and the cool part about it,
is it costs two bucks on eBay, shipped, or eight bucks
linked down below to Amazon. If you guys wanna check those out, they’ll be linked down below. So, hopefully this soda
gadget doesn’t suck. I mean, it’s a dollar less, but
we gotta put it to the test. It requires two double A’s, so we’re gonna put it in the top. It’s called The Magic Tap, which is just like the greatest name ever. Hopefully it actually works. I’ve got some high hopes for it. It’s not gonna leak all over the place, like the other video. If you saw that video,
drop a like on this one. It was bad. It was a disaster. I had so much higher expectations for it. So, sliding this in, this is my first time setting up something
with batteries before. I got it pretty much all set. So, you guys kinda get
what’s about to go down here. You pretty much just plunge this down into milk jugs, for example. You could pick up a one-liter
gallon, one-liter gallon. I’m so tired. Yeah, we had finals this week. It was brutal. I think what I’m gonna do, is, I’m gonna put this in a
gallon of 5-hour Energy. It’s gonna work perfectly. Basically you just submerge the thin end here in your liquid. So if you wanted to fix it on
top of a one-gallon milk jug, it would screw on top here, and then when you hit this blue switch, milk starts dispensing out. So, this should work with
pretty much any liquid, right? – Oh yeah! – The Magic Tap, in theory, should work on any type of liquid, so I picked up the Thirst Puncher. Never heard of this before. Then of course we got the
traditional, the thirst quencher. So, let’s give this a whirl. To test this out, we’re
just gonna submerge the white end in the top. Bam. And just like that, it sits
perfectly on top of the nozzle. What I’m noticing is there’s a rubber top, so it can really fit. It’s not gonna be going anywhere. It won’t be leaking out. So to dispense it, and I don’t know if you
guys can see this too well, but once I hit this blue button here, liquid will start coming
out the top and flowing. Let’s give it a whirl. Mmm-hmm. That works. And that tastes really good. The Thirst Puncher. Solid. So when you press the button here, it just starts coming out. So if you’re at a party, you
just need to, you just need to. This gadget’s already
off to a great start. And it’s actually a gadget. Let’s try it with the
traditional thirst quencher. Put that on top there. Make sure it’s an airtight seal. Jeez! No! Luckily there is an on/off switch here, so you’re not gonna be a Keaton, and pretty much just trigger it every time you’re trying to move it. So with Gatorade for example, just to show you guys that it works, that’s like an electric straw. That seriously is like an electric straw. Just, bam, a little
something, something there. I’m not even gonna throw that in my mouth. I don’t trust where my hands have been. So let’s try this out with something that’s
not a thirst quencher. Are you tired of having
to tip that bottle up? (laughing) I know I am. Now we’re gonna try it
with some hot sauce. I don’t know where the guys found this. It says Louisiana Supreme hot sauce. It’s the perfect hot sauce for me. Let’s try this out. So things that are a little thicker than your standard thirst-quenching drink. I think it would work. Honestly, this might not be
a bad idea if you have some hot wings you just want
to splice the sauce on, you don’t wanna tip the bottle up. I don’t know why you’re that
lazy, but, hey, if it works. Oh, it’s gonna work. It doesn’t even fit on all
the way, but here we go. Will this work on hot sauce? That, for sure, that’s a lot of sauce. Whoa, they call me The Sauce Boss. Wow. That is for sure working. I mean, I really like hot sauce, so… (smacking lips) Aye, spicy. That’s spicy, for sure. Whoa, Matt! Where’d you get this supreme, dude? I know it’s Thursday, but,
like, did the site crash, did the apps… did you have to get a bot? It’s flowing pretty well, even if it doesn’t fit
perfectly on the lid. Wow. Wow, that is hot. That is hot. Yeah, sauce with a piece of bread, dude. For The Magic Tap, just, bam. A little hot sauce/bread action. It tastes good. It’s edible. I was gonna dip it on the table, but that’s probably the worst idea. Oh, I’ll have this for
breakfast every morning, once I’m doing the Magic Tap
on my 5-hour Energy, man. It works, I mean, a few
bucks, pretty solid. I just found the instructions here, and it says the following
are not recommended for dispensing with The Magic Tap: Carbonated beverages,
beverages containing pulp… There goes your OJ. Sarsaparilla, or emulating… Oh, wait, that’s root beer. Sarsaparilla. We’re learning something. So it says it’s not recommended
for carbonated drinks, but it doesn’t tell me not to do it, so we’re gonna try it
with this Mountain Dew, and just see if they’re wrong. No one knows when this product was made. You know what that means… Time to heat up the scissors again. Alright, let’s try this
with carbonated soda, see if it makes a difference. Just slides right on in. Oh, that’s a tight fit. Maybe. It just sits perfectly at the top. Switched on. I’m not gonna let it get all over me. Any guesses? We’re making some progress. It’s really foamy. I start to see why. I start to see why this doesn’t work with carbonated gadgets. ‘Cause it’s injecting
air through the bottom, and that’s how it brings the liquid up. It’s suction technology. You know all about this. A little bit, a little bit. You’re getting the most foamy drink. Yeah, it’s like half on, half off. That’s pretty much what you can expect. Yeah, definitely doesn’t work. That’s it for The Magic Tap. If you want something for soda, definitely pick up the $3 soda gadget, any other liquid like milk,
pick up The Magic Tap. That’s gonna do it for this video, make sure you guys get subscribed, with notifications
turned on, if you’re new, and let me know in the comments
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