You Cannot Call Me Inconsistent- Health Care Has Always Been A Human Right

ultimately in the next couple of years there is going to be a debate in this country as to where the health care is a right of all of its people I intend to play a role in it because I believe that we need a national healthcare system which means that if you end up in the hospital you have an accident you're gonna go bankrupt paying off those bills every other industrialized nation on earth has in one form or another a national healthcare system the United States the only major nation we must make the point that this visible system is costing us far more per capita please do not tell us that this is a rational healthcare system we have got to summon up the courage to stand up to the private insurance companies the drug companies to the medical equipment suppliers and everyone who profits off the current system to the people who are making billions and billions of dollars out of this disintegrating system having said all of that what's the solution the American people are increasingly clear they want a national health care system that guarantees health care to all Americans as a right which is comprehensive which will lower health care costs and save their money which finally says that this nation can no longer afford the 1,500 separate private health insurance with their myriad of different policies in other words the American people wants and we are going to deliver a medicare-for-all single-payer system should we continue to talk about this issue for another 50 years

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