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– Hi, I’m Parris. Welcome to another food
and drink Wednesday. If you were hoping this week for some more ice cream alternative treat reviews with Roxanna, well we’ll be back next week doing those. We found some really
delicious-looking ones over at the supermarket. But this week I’m
talking about a new drink that I found at our local
sprouts supermarket. This I think falls in the category of a not an energy drink energy drink. It’s called I believe Yerbae,
and it’s a non-sugar drink with a surprising amount of caffeine that’s based on yerba mate,
green tea, and guarana. The amount of caffeine in these makes me a little bit nervous, but I’m still guarana drink them. ♫ Epic review guys The Yerbae company calls these
enhanced sparkling water. So they are carbonated waters with no sugar and no calories. They go for about two and
a half dollars a piece. You can find out more
about them at the link down below this video. I’m ready to pop one open
and see what it does to me. Here’s the list of ingredients: carbonated water, natural
flavor, citric acid, and then a proprietary
blend of yerba mate, white tea extract, guarana
seed extract and caffeine. So caffeine is listed as a
separate added ingredient. And in this 12 ounce can, there are 100 milligrams of caffeine, which is about the same
as in a cup of coffee. You can see here on the nutrition label zero calories, and pretty
much zero for everything else. This yerbae drink comes
in a variety of flavors. I have strawberry kiwi,
orange cherry pineapple, and pineapple coconut, which
I’m sure all taste very good, I’ll find out here shortly. My concern is that they added
the caffeine in separately from what comes naturally
with the yerba mate and the white tea. Now for comparison, here’s
yerba mate in tea bag form. This is what I’m drinking now. I have a cup of it right here, so I can do a taste comparison test, with a little bit of sweetener in it. It’s nice, it’s a little
bit grassy tasting, but I like the taste of it. This cup, which is, I’m
thinkin’ about 12 ounces, has forty milligrams of caffeine, and that all comes from the yerba mate. Now my experience drinking yerba
mate has been very positive since earlier this year
a friend in Argentina showed me the way to
make it traditionally. And looking around stores
here in Austin, Texas, I’ve found it also
comes in canned version, it comes in bag version in addition to the loose leaf that you put in the gourd
and go through a procedure to make tea the traditional way. The reason I like it is
it does have caffeine so it does give you some energy boost, but normally when I
have a caffeinated drink like black tea or coffee, I get jittery and my heart
complains about the caffeine so I have to really watch it
and not drink very much of that and I, this is purely anecdotal, but I haven’t had that experience drinking the various forms of yerba mate. Now researching that some more, I’ve found it could be because caffeine is in the xanthene family, and yerba mate has some
additional xanthenes that maybe, this is just a
theory, they sort of counteract some of the negative effects of caffeine so you can get the boost of caffeine without the downside of caffeine. My concern with this is I don’t know how much
yerba mate is in this. I do know that they’re
adding additional caffeine, so I’m afraid it may be out of balance and I may have the same problems I have with a regular caffeinated
drink drinking one of these. But there’s only one way to find out. I’m gonna go with pineapple coconut. I’ll just imagine I’m
having a pina colada here. I suppose I could do the strawberry one and it would be margarita,
my two favorite drinks. It’s just like a bubbly can of soda. I’ve never tried an energy
drink like Red Bull. I’m sure the caffeine
would really mess me up. So I’m looking for something to give me that little bit of boost but without pushing things over the edge. Mmmmm yeah, there’s the pina colada. The pina colada, the pineapple
coconut’s like an aftertaste. But the taste you get
first is I don’t know. Taste-wise, I’d go for
the straight yerba mate. I was really expecting this to be a little bit more
of a smoother drink, but maybe with the carbonation it’s going to be a little bit rough. Maybe I’m thinking I’m
gonna be drinking a tea and that’s what’s putting me off this. ‘Cause this, I know what
to expect and I like, but this, I can’t decide what
I’m supposed to be tasting, pina colada experience, or soda with carbonated water experience, or some sort of a
carbonated tea experience. Does Red Bull taste good? For any of you who have tried it. Do you actually drink
it, at least in part, because you like the taste? Because I’m not having
the feeling with this one that I would drink it for that reason. Let me try a different flavor. I’ve had about a third of a can here, so I’ll have two thirds of a can here. I wanna see what effect
one can will have on me. So, once I consume this, I’ll
give it a little bit of time and come back and tell you how I feel. Okay, this is orange cherry pineapple. There’s gotta be something
in there that you like between all those. It’s a little better for soda,
like cherry, cherry coke, there’s some distant relation
to that in my mind for this. I like this one better. I could see drinking this
one because I like the taste. Okay, I’ll, over the next bit, go through two thirds of this, give it a little time
to have an effect on me, and I’ll report back. Well, I’m back, it’s been
twenty or thirty minutes. I couldn’t finish two thirds of this can. After about another two or
three minutes of sipping it I started to get that burning feeling in the pit of my stomach that just went up my esophagus. That’s what happens with caffeine. It’s the first sign that the
caffeine isn’t going over well and my body is saying
cut this out right now, so I did, and I feel better now. It’s passed through. It’s sort of like have you
ever taken an iron supplement on an empty stomach? And as soon as that starts
to dissolve, oh my gosh, it just everything knows something’s wrong but it can’t figure out
what to do about it. That’s how I felt after drinking this, and I’m pretty sure it was the caffeine, because I don’t have
trouble with the yerba mate, I don’t imagine I’d have
trouble with the white tea, and I don’t even know exactly what the guarana seed extract is, but it feels just like troubles I’ve had with caffeine before, and
they have added caffeine. Now if you can drink
a strong cup of coffee on an empty stomach and have no problems, well, this could be a good choice for you. The flavor of this one was pretty good. You do get the bubbly carbonated drink, so it’s refreshing in that way. You can keep checking back for that video with the ice creams. I’m sure wishing I had
done that one today. Or you can click that subscribe button and the bell next to it. You’ll get notified when our videos go up. See you on the next review. ♫ Epic Review guys ♫ Wanna watch it all night long

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