Winston Churchill’s Favorite Drinks | A Brief History of Booze

Sir Winston Leonard Churchill,
aka the British Bulldog, was, mildly put, a hell of a drinker and one of the most
quotable booze aficionados in history. He said that he had a bottomless
capacity for booze, and quipped that, “We shall drink on
the seas and the oceans. We shall drink on the beaches. And we shall never surrender
our love for scotch.” Real quote. Look it up. Churchill reportedly got President
Roosevelt so wasted in the White House that the 32 had to sleep 10 hours
a night for 3 nights to recuperate. Scotch was Churchill’s daily fuel,
and even though he hated the taste initially, he used it
almost as his mouthwash. His lifelong affair with whiskey
started in Afghanistan where it was the only potable liquid available. His favorite was Johnny Walker’s
Red Label, which he topped up with soda. His kids called the diluted concoction
a Papa Cocktail and he was often seen tippling it throughout the day. However, that wasn’t his
only drink of choice. Churchill didn’t care for sweet,
Yankee cocktails, but he enjoyed a Dry Martini, a drink considered
the only American invention as perfect as a sonnet by the writer H.L. Mencken. Since he disliked vermouth,
he tweaked the sonnet by eliminating vermouth entirely, which meant he
basically drank gin chilled and neat in a martini glass. The Prime Minister also
loved different kinds of brandy. The Armenian Ararat Cognac,
offered to him by Stalin in Yalta, where they parlayed about
the future of Europe with Roosevelt, the ancient Prugnet Cognac from France,
which he offered to Stalin in Potsdam at another conference,
and his all time favorite, Jean Fremicourt, which he
offered to almost every guest. It seemed there would be no post-war
Europe without a glass of brandy. Now, although Churchill kept his
booze close, he was no alcoholic. He was never seen inebriated in public
and he reportedly despised rowdy boozers. His lesson would thus be sip and
appreciate, don’t pour and devastate. After all, you don’t end up
winning a war if you’re hammered.

5 thoughts on “Winston Churchill’s Favorite Drinks | A Brief History of Booze

  • The most important person of the 20th century, Winston Churchill (because he kept England in WWII until the US & US production entered WWII to overwhelm the Nazis) & good booze. You can't get any better. Richard 🙂

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  • It is telling me your program is not available in Illinois. What is the deal? I have been trying to sign on for a while now.

  • Not sure about not being seen to be drunk in public when accused of being 'disgustingly drunk' he responded with "My dear, you are ugly, and what is more, you are disgustingly ugly. But tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be disgustingly ugly". Then if you check out Allenbrooks wartime diaries and the "midnight follies" where Churchill would send out most immediate movement signals to the navy to move various ships about only to countermand the orders when he woke up the following day. Certainly today he would be classed as an alcoholic, but he was a high functioning alcoholic In that whilst it did affect him he was still a great leader and politician and was not incapable of doing his job. A brilliant orator, the right man at the right time to lead Britain against the axis forces.

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