Wines for Thanksgiving: Sonoma Valley

Hi I’m Tim with Sonoma Valley
Visitors Bureau and I’m here with Steve Sangiacomo – Hi Steve. Welcome Tim, thanks for coming to our beautiful vineyard here in Sonoma Valley. Thank you for
letting me sit in the middle of your vineyard all day, it’s been a bit awkward
having people go by but I’m having a great time. I’m glad that you stopped by
to come talk to me. It’s my office, I’m here every day – rain or shine- love it.
Steve – We’re here to talk Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday of the year. Is it
really? Oh by far the best holiday. Okay I like it, I’m kind of like Arbor Day but
you can’t really pair wine with Arbor Day so I think I like take the first day
of harvest is my favorite. Good. Ok Steve we’re here in your vineyard, we’re in
a Pinot Noir vineyard here that’s right. Okay so for Thanksgiving
it’s coming up people want to know what they should pair with different things
and what’s the best kind of wines to go with Thanksgiving dinner. It’s a tricky
thing. You always know what to bring. I do so for me is you bring six wines. Six
wines because there’s six courses. What are you doing on Thursday? Yeah of course so actually our family, what we do is we have whoever hosts Thanksgiving, right
you’re the cellar is theres. Seriously so, you get to go into their cellar,
okay okay so other people go into their cellar so that’s most people
people get to go in their cellar. Now of course if you’re hosting Thanksgiving
you’re gonna put your collectibles under lock and key. Usually but having said that so you go there everyone gets allowed to go in which select, the adults, not the kids, and so everyone goes out picks their favorite wine they bring it back and
bring it back up. That’s a great idea – and then there’s a contest, all
right, and who can pair the best and so forth. So and at the end
right you know we have a vote. I think the vote was pretty sloppy
of course and it’s like you know whoever whoever had the highest alcohol
wine usually wins. Well on that – so zin let’s talk about some things that people
could pair, You’re not going to Sangiacomo’s because it’s at an undisclosed
location with an amazing wine cellar, but you’re going and you want
bring some wines tell me what kind of wines people should bring for
Thanksgiving what’s what’s a good one. So Sonoma Valley wines are perfect for Thanksgiving.
So number one always we’re looking at bright acidity nice natural fruit so
that obviously complements the fruit the acid just kind of brings out all the
flavors. So beautiful chardonnays right chardonnays Chardonnay yeah we have our
Green Acre Chardonnay and a Home Ranch Chardonnay. So those with chardonnays go
Turkey they can go with the salad right the salad, even though we’re Italian, really
we’re opposite we serve salad at the end yeah you do yeah so you get that
Chardonnay is actually the can be the best wine at the end so bring a
Chardonnay as long as this Sonoma Valley on it and, or Carneros, or Carneros and if
it’s Sangiacomo on it that’s like double bonus points. Absolutely and they
you can serve it with every course. So uh so then Pinot Noir. So Pinot Noir
which can go with stuffing, it can go with the sweet potatoes you can go with
Turkey. right some of it depends if you barbecue it or not, there’s like a lighter
red wine lighter red wine we just it lighter and it’s good that bright
acidity and flavor profile that brings out all kind of the kind of the stuffing
this other stuff the stuffing comes out comes out absolutely where for example
pinot noir where does that come from for example so Pinot Noir is grown in the
cooler parts of Sonoma Valley right here and so Carneros some parts of Sonoma
Coast where it’s cool you know nice long hang time and just really develops those
kind of nights Burgundian flavors with it. You know limited limited sunshine
okay right but developing that good that really deep California flavors. If
someone drops where Burgundian at Thanksgiving they win. So put that in the
comments and let me know how you did. That’s pretty cool yeah sure I know you
got Pinot Noir what’s other good wine? Zinfandel. Zinfandel goes fabulous Sonoma
Valleys is some of the best in the world. so you Zinfandel can go with you know
your gravy, right the gravy that goes on top gravy’s got spice rises in
the Zinfandel matches that spice another one does turkey some people could do
some people might have a heavy week on the team
stakes and so I just shocked you like not everyone does turkey say no but we
actually would since we do raviolis imagine we’re Italian, we did
raviolis on the Mayflower. They had a ravioli, with stuffing about is
it’s a carb like explosion overload right so that’s why you know you need
the stretch pants okay so cheap antsy for Thanksgiving yes I love
okay so Chardonnay Pinot Noir Zinfandel what about sparkling? So that do people
ever used sparkling? Fabulous Especially hors d’oeuvres right, start
then you know start the meal off right. starter starters walk in have a little
sparkly, sparkly is perfect celebratory we’re excited or that get said thanks
into my favorite Holiday. Giving thanks. no there’s no gifts involved the gifts
everyone showing up. The gifts are your brother’s wine cellar. that’s it that’s
the only gift gift that keeps on giving. for the rest of the meal. That’s right. He
doesn’t know it he doesn’t know that he’s giving it all yeah so nothing but
sparkling. okay I was it goes and sparking can go with you know a pre
dinner drink, after dinner, absolutely. So speaking of which, are there any dessert
wines that people can try? Or like later in the in the meal when you’re wrapping
things up what should you go for. I you know you have the besides of port right
what ports are always wonderful yeah I fit to finish the night you have a Gewürztraminer, right you, can mix the Gundlach Bundschu in there just
kind of that sweetness that goes with the pumpkin pie okay yeah pumpkin pie or
apple pie alright well to be honest I’m a pecan pie and so neither okay but you
know everything doesn’t be binary. Steve there are many types of pies out there
but apple pumpkin pecan I like em all I suppose like lemon bars which I know
seems kind of at the foot that pilgrims are big into lemon bars okay.
Hey well it works that’s a little-known fact that’s
because that part of England was very warm that they came from maybe something fresh. A citrus. yeah yeah okay Final quick speed round, real quick I’m
gonna give you a couple different things you tell me what kind of wines you pair
with it. Are you ready? Okay if you can see jarred cranberries, Chardonnay
Chardonnay. Okay jell-o salad with floating tiny orange slices that my
great-aunt used to make. Sauvignon Blanc. Okay Snickers salad, which I’ve
actually had. I’ll repeat again Snickers salad which i think is a salad but it
had Snickers in it. Good Pinot Noir goes with everything
everything okay I think that’s the only things I had
wanted to… oh sorry a big tub of Cool Whip that you’re eating in
the fridge while people aren’t looking. I do not do that Steve all the time
so try it. What comes to mind is like stuff my kids are drink, chocolate milk
but I know Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet.
Right well Steve thank you very much for having us here in your vineyard. Well
you’re welcome anytime to my office you know your house Thanksgiving I’ll go
find six bottles of wine to steal and… you only get one, you’re five more times
that’s it that’s great all right Steve if people want to find out more
information about your winery where do they go to and
we’re doing a holiday special. Joliday allocation okay so we don’t sell allocated
wine it’s not you can’t go on buy but for this holiday season we’re doing an
allocation for all these wonderful holidays coming up. I thank you very much

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