Wine Tasting Tips : Yeasty Aromas in Wines

It probably won’t surprise you that we can
get the aromas of yeast in wine. Yeasty aromas or bouquets are present in a lot of wines,
and the reason; yeast plus grapes equals wine. It’s a major part of wine production. A sparkling
wine yeasty aroma should be very, very forward. You should get them in the bottom of the glass,
and smell them very easily. They smell like just plain yeast, maybe bread dough, bread
in the oven, maybe toast, maybe biscuits, maybe graham crackers, maybe popcorn. If you’ve
ever made your own bread, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you’ve never made
your own bread, you’ve probably heated up brown and serve rolls on Thanksgiving, and
that’s the aroma of yeast. In a white wine, in a big, full bodied white wine; maybe a
Chardonnay, or a Pinot Gris, or a Fume` Blanc, you might get a little bit of a yeasty aroma.
It might be at the bottom of the glass, or the top. It will be much more subtle than
in a sparkling wine, but you might find it in there. Red wine; I would say it’s not as
common, but you can get a yeasty aroma. Again, red wine has more complex aromas and bouquets
going on, but it’s possible that you can get the smell of bread dough, or toast, or biscuits
n a red wine; bottom of the glass, perhaps; maybe the top of the glass. If you think you
smell yeast or bread in your wine; you’re right, you do, and it makes total sense because
grapes turn into wine when you add yeast. It’s a major part of wine, and you can smell
it in the glass.

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