Wine Tasting Tips : Vegetable Aromas in Wines

Another category of aromas that you can get
in a wine is vegetal; otherwise known as vegetable; otherwise known as vegetative. Some of these
aromas are green bean, asparagus, green olive, artichoke, spinach, cut green grass. They
may sound a little strange; however, they make a nice appearance in wine. In a white
wine, you can usually get a vegetal, or a vegetative aroma kind of in the middle of
the glass. In a Sauvignon Blanc, look for the scent of green bell peppers. Once you
notice it, you’ll probably never be able to forget it. You can also look for spinach,
or artichoke, and that cut green grass, also. In a red wine, you can look for the same;
you can look for green bell pepper in many different red wines. You can also find the
scent of green olives. If you think you smell dill pickles in a wine you’re not crazy; you
might smell dill, you might smell pickles in a wine. In a red wine, you can also get
the scent of green olives; and you can also get the scent of cut green grass. All of these
are probably going to be very subtle in your wine, and if you want to try matching the
aromas with those flavors in your food; it’s a good idea. It’s also a fun thing to see
if you can learn how to pick out the aromas of pickles, dill, and olives. That should
amuse your friends.

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