Wine Tasting Tips : Herbal Aromas in Wines

One of the categories of wine aromas is herbal.
It’s probably not such a stretch to think that you can smell something like mint, or
dill, or eucalyptus, fennel, or basil in a glass of wine; after all, herbs and grapes
are all agricultural products. Sometimes the grapes themselves bring across an herbal aroma,
and sometimes they are the byproduct of fermentation. So again; we can either use the term aroma
or bouquet to describe an herbal scent in a wine. In a white wine you’re likely to get
dill, mint, eucalyptus, or maybe even fennel, especially if you swirl the glass, and put
your nose actually in between the middle and the top of the glass. You’re very likely to
get some herbal aromas there. In a red wine; in the same place, in between the middle and
the top of the glass; you might get some dill, some fennel; some mint is also very common.
By the way, if you get an herbal aroma in your wine, rush to the store and buy some
of that herb and put it in whatever you’re cooking for dinner that night, and you will
create a flavor bridge between the herbal flavors in the wine, and the herbal flavors
in your food, and it will be a night and a meal to remember. Herbal aromas; top of the
glass, middle of the glass, look for them in your wine; match them in your food. You’ll
love it.

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