Wine Tasting Tips : Caramel Aromas in Wines

I bet caramel in wine sounds good. It does,
and you can definitely smell some caramel in your wine. You might smell caramel, burnt
sugar, cooking sugar, maple or sweetness in a wine, so we can just call that caramel.
The caramel term is also used for a category of wine aromas that are kind of unique. You
might smell burnt sugar, maple, brown sugar, caramel in a wine. That makes sense; it’s
very often in a sparkling wine. A little bit is sometimes in a red wine, and you very often
smell a little bit of maple or brown sugar in a red wine. Other parts of a wine that
are also classified as caramel get a little bit funnier, and one of them is chocolate.
I know you don’t really think of chocolate as being in wine, but you can smell chocolate
in a red wine a lot. You can also use soy sauce as a wine descriptor for wine. This
might sound a little strange, but it’s also considered a brown sugar or caramel type of
aroma. You can get the smell of soy sauce in a sturdy red wine, believe it or not; in
a sparkling wine, and also in a white wine. So if you smell brown sugar, burnt sugar,
caramel, soy sauce, chocolate; anything like that, you’re smelling a caramel aroma. It
might be a little bit fleeting, but it will add to your overall enjoyment of the wine.

6 thoughts on “Wine Tasting Tips : Caramel Aromas in Wines

  • I learned a few things from this video. Thanks for posting. Why do people with so little interest in wine come to view a winetasting video?

  • I have smelt caramel aromas on many whites, especially whites from the Northern Rhone regions or the Loire regions, often as a result of age. Someone posted that very few whites age-obviously that person is very limited in their wine knowledge or is used to New World whites where that generalization may be true.

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