Wine on the line

We are meeting here at the vineyard
of Misgav-Am, it’s a Syrah vineyard. We are harvesting today the fruit
of this last season. I think this region is very unique and
creates very interesting wines. We are farming a hundred hectares of grapes
and using more sustainable practices. This specific vineyard is not irrigated
at all, the roots are very deep. We are doing a lot of work with
microbiology of the soil. We are creating healthier soil that
would be a bed for our vines to grow and create high quality grapes. Galil Mountain Winery is located at
the northern border of Israel. Just on the border of Lebanon. Never the less our state of mind is harvesting
our grapes, enjoying life as much as we can making the best wine we can and I
love this place so it is a lot of fun. We are in Moshav Ramot Naftali. We are in a hight of 430 meters and this is a very good terroir
for vineyards for wine making. Especially red wines,
very nice grapes as you see. My winery is very tiny.
I make about 5,000 bottles annually. I’m the worker, I’m the wine maker,
everything is done by me. I live here for the last 51 years. My main vineyard is down the hill there. The white path over there along
the creek there is the border and there is no problem
we are not afraid because you cannot live here and be
afraid all the time. The wine we are going to taste now
is rosé called Har-Zemer. Har-Zemer means (in hebrew) Melody Mountain. Cheers! Gush Halav (Jish) is a small village
in the north of Israel, 3,000 people. Two thirds are Christians and one third
are Muslims. We are Maronites Aramaic and that was the main idea to make a small
winery, boutique, like what we got to produce special things about our tradition. We are originally coming from the
mountains of Lebanon and people they drink a lot of Arak there. I know this area is the best area in Israel
that you can produce wine. Because of the land, the dirt and the weather. That is our wine. Cheers!

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