Will You Become an Alcoholic? | Jordan B Peterson

and gabba gabba is a anxiety makes people less anxious it's endogenous your brain produces it if you take valium or barbiturates they act on the gaba system and so does alcohol that's part of the reason why people like alcohol because it dampens anxiety now for some people alcohol or also produces dopaminergic activation so they really like alcohol because it calms them down like they're not anxious anymore and it it also feels it produces incentive reward activation like cocaine for so for some people alcohol is an absolutely deadly drug you can probably find out if you're susceptible to alcoholism quite straightforwardly if you want to find out sit in a bar take your pulse down five shots four shots if you're little you got to get your you got to get your blood alcohol level above legal intoxication or you won't be able to tell and then take your pulse again ten minutes later if your pulse is going up eight beats or more watch it because you're probably producing an opiate response to alcohol secondary consequence of the opiate response is a dopaminergic response reasonable probability that you like alcohol enough to find it difficult to stop drinking once you start some of you were probably like that right you have a few drinks is like yeehaw that's how we do it now berta anyways so so part of that's killing the incentive reward system and because it's an approach system and it's being cued by the alcohol you just continue to hit it and the dopamine kicks only occur as your blood alcohol level is rising so you have to keep nailing it nailing yourself with alcohol because otherwise your blood alcohol level won't keep rising and you won't get that nice enthusiasm and assertiveness that goes along with pause development of alcohol

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