Why I Usually Don’t Order Drinks at Restaurants

Hi, it’s Alex! It’s been a while since I recorded a new video, and the main reason for this is that my camera
broke, which is kind of unfortunate. But the good news is I got a new, spiffier
camera, so hopefully my videos will be higher-quality
now. There have been a lot of kind of like heavy
things going on in the news, and my last, my last videos have been about pretty heavy
topics too, like political things, things like that, things related to gender identity. So I wanted to make like a sort of lighter
topic thing, but something that I think is kind of serious in its own sense, and can make an impact in people’s lives, and that’s: ordering drinks in a restaurant. And you may say like: “What?” “What’s the big deal?” like “Ordering drinks in restaurants?” I’ve noticed though that like, when I go out with people to restaurants,
we go out to eat, a lot of people order drinks in the restuarants, and I’m not even talking about alcoholic drinks. People order like soda. It’s a really common thing in America for people to order soda when they go out to eat at a restaurant. And the thing is like, it’s REALLY expensive. Like, a lot of the times in some of these
restaurants, the soda will be as much as two dollars. And it’s almost never less than a dollar. So, you’re spending like a dollar to two dollars on a glass of soda. And soda is pretty much empty calories. There’s like not any nutritional benefit in
there, and it’s probably having an adverse effect on most people’s health when they drink it. So like, maybe you’re enjoying drinking it, but you’re paying a lot of money, and you’re not really getting a long-term
benefit out of it. And I think people sometimes don’t think about how much buying that soda increases the amount that they spend when they go out
to eat. Like, a lot of the places I go out to eat
are really cheap. Like I can eat dinner for like $8, $10, $12. I rarely am gonna spend more than $15 on dinner. So, and lunch is usually cheaper than that. So say you’re spend $10 to eat. If you spend $2 to buy a soda, that’s like a 20% increase in what you’re
paying. And, at least as far as I’m concerned, like you’re not getting much out of that. Like, you can just order water. It’s free. Some places like Chinese restaurants, a few other restaurants, you can get tea included for free even. I love that. Like when I go to Korean restaurants, I always get barley tea. It’s almost always included for free. And it’s this really great drink. It’s a lot healthier than drinking soda. Umm. I don’t know? And, just to me, it seems like pretty obvious
that like refraining from ordering sodas in restaurants is one of those little things that you can
do, that maybe it requires a little bit of self-restraint, because maybe you actually want that soda, but, if you can exercise that self-restraint, you’ll have more money in your pocket. And you can either use that money for something
else, or you can do what I do, which is go out to
eat more often. I love going out to eat. Umm, I do it a lot. But I tend to do it at relatively cheap places. And I tend to not spend very much money on
it. Umm, I also wanted to mention alcoholic drinks. This is also another area where you can exercise
restraint. And, a lot of places, alcoholic drinks are REALLY REALLY expensive. Like if I go to the liquor store and I buy
a six-pack of beer, I can buy high-end craft beer, and the beer is always gonna cost less than
$2 a bottle. A lot of good beer is like about like $1.25
a bottle, $1.50 a bottle, if you’re buying it in a 6-pack
or a case. When you go to a restaurant, though, and you
order a beer, even a beer in a bottle, you might pay 5 or 6 bucks for like a craft beer. Some places they have these really high-end
beers, and then like, you’re paying like 7, 8, 9,
10 bucks for like a single beer. I’m like, that’s the cost of a pretty fancy
six-pack of beer. And like, when I think about that, it’s like a factor of like 6 or something. I’m not gonna pay six times as much for something when I go out to eat. I tend to only like to buy beer or alcohol
when I go out if I feel like I’m paying for the space, paying for the ambiance. So like, if I go to a bar, and I’m sitting
there for a couple hours with my friends, like, I don’t feel bad about spending like five bucks for a pint of beer, or like ten bucks for two pints of beer, if I’m sitting there for a while, cause I feel like I’m not just paying for
the beer, I’m paying for the space. If I’m going out to eat, I’m paying for the
food. I don’t want to be paying through the nose for this like small amount of alcohol that I could be consuming in the privacy of
my own home for a much lower cost. That’s kinda how I think about it. A lot of people, often like, when I ask them: “Oh, do you want to go out to eat?” or “Do you want to do this”? they’re like: “”I don’t have any money.” And then the same people, I’ll see them spending a lot of money, like, buying like
a glass of wine, or like a glass of beer, or something, when they’re going out to eat. And I see people spend like seven or eight
bucks on craft beers and stuff. And I’m like: “Mmm…” This is like a choice, you know, like. And my personal choice. I like to go out to eat a lot. And I don’t like to buy alcohol unless I’m specifically paying for the space, you know
like, I’m chillin in a certain place. Then I feel like I’m supporting the establishment, it’s a kind of a good thing. I like to support the businesses. I’m not gonna be just sitting there using
their space and not paying them any money. Anyway, that’s what I want to say. I hope that this has inspired you to spend a little bit less money on drinks, if that’s something that you think would benefit
your life, to spend less money on that, and that you can have a higher quality of
life as a result. Thank you!

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  • they charge more for that drink in my opinion, such a rippoff. if the food is really good, at least I'm paying for something with quality, but for a soda, no thanks.

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