Why Christians Should Not Drink Alcohol

What do these five words have in common? DOOM,SOPHISTICATED NICE, BULLY, and VILLAIN? Their meanings have all changed over time. DOOM means “fated death or destruction.” In Old English it meant “a law
judgment or decree” SOPHISTICATED currently means “highly
complex or developed” in late middle english: used to mean
unnatural contaminated today NICE means “pleasant or agreeable” whereas it meant “foolish or not knowing.” In 14th century BULLY’S current meaning is “someone who mocks or
harms those who are perceived weaker.” sixteenth-century BULLY was “a good fellow
or darling.” and we know VILLAIN today as “a wicked
or guilty person” but simply “farm labor to those of the 15th
century.” It will be odd to read a piece a
literature that used an old definition without understanding the meaning of that
definition when the literature was written. Imagine
finding a letter addressed to a 16th or 15th century
adult… it could read something like this: “Your
son is becoming more and more of a bully” everyday understandably, today a parent would be
concerned or upset but a 15th century parent should understand this as “your son is becoming more and more a good fellow every day.” Now I hope you find this interesting but you may be asking “What does this
have to do with what we’re discussing today?” Well The Bible was written in Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic languages. there are many words
that mean “WINE” often telling you the state that the wine
was in-usually fermented or unfermented. Here’s a chart of Hebrew and
Greek words to describe just that. “TIROSH” or “freshly express grape juice in
its natural condition’ would then be really easy to say “hey
would you please pass the TIROSH?” another easy thing to say would be
“SHEKAR” Hebrew for what satiates or intoxicates. One
could easily say “Please pass me the Shekar” Some words were general in nature and didn’t actually denote whether it
was unfermented or fermented such as “YAYIN” John 2 Jesus’s first miracle of turning
water into wine use the Greek word “OINOS” this word doesn’t say specifically
whether it was fermented or unfermented wine. Keep in mind that not every scripture in
the Bible is referring to non-alcoholic wine and not every scripture is referring to alcoholic wine. It’s important that we study to find out which ones do and which ones do
not so how do you find out which original
language of “wine” is being used let me show you a tool that I like to use so you reading John 2:10 open up the browser and type in classic.studylight.org and we’re gonna put
in the scripture interest which is John 2:10 select your translation and we are
currently using the King James an then hit Search. You wanna verify that
this is the scripture that you want-which it is and you’ll notice here where it says “original” it will
tell you what the scripture was originally written in and its Greek. So now you can see what
we just read and also the transliterated Greek. If you
click side-by-side you can see the same thing but now you
see the Greek word for the scripture, you also will see the
pronunciation of the Greek word this in the English version that we just
read and then the difference between the
transliterated and the regular is simply they take the Greek alphabet and try to put it into the English alphabet in an attempt to make it sound like the
phonetics. “OINOS” the “ov” doesn’t sound like “”os” in the English letters. So now if we hit the 3631 Strong’s
number, that’ll take you essentially to..what’s a
dictionary specifically for the Bible and so now you can see the original word,the transliterated word and when you read John 2:10 you can see that they have translate “OINOS” into the English
word “WINE”. Let’s do another example let’s go to show to Joel 2:19 We’ll keep the same version.. and this is
what I want “yea the Lord will answer and say unto his
people behold I will send you corn and wine and oil and
you shall be satisfied therewith and I will no more make you a reproach
among the heathen. So we can see that this is hebrew… there’s some typo issues going on right now but we’ll continue side-by-side you see its the same format and when you go to the concordance or the Strong’s number again you can see the hebrew word “TIROSH” or freshly pressed grape juice and when you read Joel 2:19 you can see the word “WINE” and them translating the word “TIRSOH” into “WINE”. However
the idea of Christians indulging in drinking creates contradiction in the
scriptures and also confuses Grace. How is it both
possible for Christ to advise the use of drinking alcohol and then to condemn the use of drinking
alcohol? It leaves us wondering what is his actual
position. The scriptures are supposed to be harmonious and this just doesn’t seem to be the case when we take the position That God has authorized christians drink. God does not lead us into temptation- he delivers us from temptation by
providing a way of esscape- nor does he teach us the practice sin in moderation. Their are various scriptures that have damning consequences if you
become drunk and commands not drink. Isolation from other brothern.,No inheritance the kingdom. Abstaining from all forms of evill and
no social drinking I’m referring to the words “BANQUETING” and “REVELLINGS”. It also makes Jesus Christ a hypocrite. Making fermented wine would mean he allowed provision for the flesh to fulfill its’ lust to become drunk. It specifically said not to do this in
Romans 13:14 thus making Jesus responsible for
creating the means to become sinful. He would have essentially become an
enabler making the wine exactly in the state one
would need to become drunk. So at this point you may be thinking
about grace-you may be wondering “well under grace we should have this
liberty” Well my friend “Grace” simply is “the divine unmerited favor or assistance from a higher power- the
manifestation a favor expecially from a superior. So the problem that mankind created form themselves was disobeying God in the garden. This
introduced sin into the world-so imagine this as a terminal illness. So now the problem is Man can’t access God because they are separated by sin or to keep with the analogy, Man can’t access the Cure. By God’s divine assistance or “GRACE”, he created a way that we may gain access to him or gain access to the Cure. Now keep in mind this divine assistance is not something
that we deserved. Mankind definitely did not deserve any help…. but he did anyway. This is the
“manifestation of favor” that he provided for us in order for us to access the cure or
to acces God fully one must be obedient to his WORD in all
things- including hi steps to salvation and the
lifestyle afterwards This is expressed in Matthew 28:18-20 This assistance known
as “GRACE” does not give men license to sin. Neither does grace eliminate our responsibility to not sin.
Grace is not obedience iand obedience is not
grace. Disobedience is a sin, and sin results in death. We must continue in obedience to remain
spotless and blameless second Peter 3:14
Romans 11:22. At this point you may be thinking about
some scriptures such as Romans 14 or maybe mark 7 which states: Doesn’t this teach that drinking is okay?While the messages in these passages are beautiful the issue is not whether drinking wine
or alcohol in itself is clean or unclean, but whether we are obedient to the Will of Christ. Obedience and disobedience come from the heart of a man. This is what comes out a man and
determine whether he is clean or unclean. We as Christians don’t get to
critique God’s reasoning and then come up with a conflicting decision based upon
it. If God says not to wear the color purple
then we should not wear the color purple. You have to remember that we’re not our
own after salvation. We’ve been bought with a price. We
give into his will even if we see a benefit in a course of
action that he condemns. Considered Eve when she ate of the fruit that God explicitly told her not to. Despite his specific
instructions she saw that there was a benefit in the
fruit that it was “good for food” but this benefit was not justification
for her to be disobedient. To recap remember: their are Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic word that have been translated into the English word “WINE”. The Bible has a mixture of scriptures
referring to fermented an unfermented wine. Some words translated into wine aren’t specific regarding fermentation such as ‘YAYIN” or “OINOS”. However the idea of Christians drinking
create contradiction and often confuses grace. Christ says in
Matt. 5:37 our communication should be “Yea” or “Nay” it cannot be both ways. At this point I would advise you to
search the scriptures, web sites and libraries for yourselves.
You should never give up your convictions until your fully persuaded. If you would like more information on
this topic, I recommend this website letthebiblespeak.com- look under “presentations” and listen to, watch, or read the
transcripts of #930. “Social Drinking” until next time… Godbye and God bless.

6 thoughts on “Why Christians Should Not Drink Alcohol

  • You said it yourself. Not every scripture refers to if is alcoholic, or non alcoholic. You are twisting the passage in John to match your own doctrine. And as far as not giving into drunkennes…well, then DON'T. I mean, shit, I love myself some scotch, but I don't drink it to get drunk, I drink it to enjoy it. And a 750 mil bottle usually lasts me about 2 weeks. You are taking that passage in Romans and making it into some extreme, black and white thing that defines drinking as a sin. I think you need to re-check your theology before you make any more decisions on what you should treat as right or wrong.

    As far as it being a bit iffy when it comes to what word is used, you are right. So Christians should be cautious as to their consumption of alcohol, but in no way should it be dismissed as simply sinful. DRUNKENESS in sin, but enjoying alcohol for the sake of enjoyment is not.

    This is not a black and white argument, it is grey at best.

  • Galatians 5:16 Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. Walk and live in the spirit kill the flesh for alcohol .Alcohol  is a destroyer of family and life this is not from the Lord.

  • Thank you Kenneth, you are speaking "nothing, but he TRUTH"! Those saying Jesus drank wine, are just trying to compromise there sinful ways! God bless you!!

  • Great insights. Thank you for taking a stand against alcohol. The huge move of Christians towards "social drinking" is a terrible development and needs to be changed.

  • Great job. No true disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ should have anything to do with alcohol.  The Bible commands, "be holy as I am holy" (Lev 11:44, 1 Peter 1:16).

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