Whiskey Mixed Drinks: Part 2 : How to Make the Royal Peach Mixed Drink

Alright, the drink we’re about to make is
called a Royal Peach. We’re going to serve this as a chilled shot. We’re going to pour
some ice in a glass and on your hand and on the floor. And, measure out one ounce of Crown
Royal or any Canadian whiskey that you have on hand. And, we’ll follow that up with one
ounce of Peach Schnapps. And, we’re going to give it a good shake. Alright, get it nice
and cold. Royal Peach is much better when it’s nice and chilled. Alright, two shot glasses
and your strainer and we’ll go ahead and pour it in. There we are. And, that is a Royal
Peach. It should have a nice peach flavor to it. Bottom’s up.

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