Which Try Guy Knows Zach The Best?

– What’s up KornBuddies and welcome to Try Guys Game Time. – Try Guys Game Time! – We can do that better, come on. – Yeah.
– We never nail it. – Try Guys Game Time! – The videos where we hang out, play some games, have some fun. Today we are playing which try guy knows Zach the best. Wow. Me. Oh my god. *upbeat intro song* – I believe our contestants have a greeting message for me.
– We do. – I think I know hot ankles Kornfeld the best. – They out to play today! – I’m pretty sure that I know our little Korndiddy the best. I drew him kneeling near a cat. – As usual, I think I’m going to lose again. But please welcome Jewish Kitty! *laughter*
– *meows in the tune to Hava Nagila* – Jewish Kitty, hey! – This is is the Kornbuddy buddy test to see who is the most Kornbuddy of all the Kornbuddies. We have three Kornbuddies here playing today; Who will be the most Kornbuddy? – Oh god.
– We’re all little Korn Buds! – We’re going to be splitting this into three rounds, easy questions that all of you may know. – This is probably a medium question, but I wanted to give you guys a juicy nugget to start off In middle school, what body part did I almost lose? Ned what body part did I almost lose?
– Your head. – Oh god! – I mean, I thought it was a bit much for the first question.
– Yikes. – Cuz of the car accident. – Yes. That’s dark. That’s true.
– That was elementary school, that was. – He gotcha there! I guess testicle then I blurred the testicles out because it’s a family show. – I also wrote testicle, parenthesis one of them. – The answer I was looking for was testicle my left testicle more specifically. I was in a car crash when I was a kid, that was in fourth grade – I think you should give him a point.
– I’m gonna give you a point because it is true. But wow, that’s horrific. I’m sorry for starting it off that way. Let’s make this a little easier, huh? What is my middle name? *laughter* Don’t you dare. – Andrew! – Andrew, Sandy Andy. – Andrew! Sandy Andy, Fanny! – You are all unfortunately, correct. *chorus of yays* My middle name is Andrew! Points for everyone! – Sandy Andy! Sandy Andy! Sandy Andy! Sandy Andy! – What is my most potent food allergy? – How do you have so many?
– The one that makes you shit like the dickens? – Yeah, the one that makes me shit my brains out. – They all make you shit your brains out. – Zach, what makes you poop your pants is Dairy.
– Dairy. – Well, I went with something really specific, red bell peppers.
– Those also fuck him up. – I’m gonna give points to everyone dairy and bell peppers! *laughter* What is my only tattoo? Bonus points for drawing. No bonus points. *laughter* Pens down, answers in! – Zach, You got a little smiley face on your butt. – You got a smiley face on your butt. I believe its small on your right cheek – Also happy face on butt. – Damn right! I got a smiley butt! – Whoo!
– Yeah! – Lil cutie. It was actually one of the first and most like dumb things I did on camera, and I’m like, yeah, I can make this a career. – Prove it now! – Show your butt! Show your butt! – It’s gonna be hard to get to. No regrets. – Your parents like it? – You know, they got over it. What is young Zachary’s favorite drink? – Tea!
– Tea! – Green tea!
– Tea! Points for everyone!
– He likes all the teas. Different teas at different times. – At the end of the first round everyone’s tied. *cheering*
5 points for everyone. – Jewish kitty! – Alright, round two. Points in this round are double and the questions are harder. What is my biggest phobia? – Ohhhh! – Uh oh, I didn’t have a moment of recognition. Oh, oh, oh! I got it. Fish slash open water.
– Medium slash little fish in the open water. – Open deep water.
– Swimming in the ocean with fish! It’s just the fear that a fish could be hiding somewhere. I’m gonna say you’re all right.
– We’re all right! *cheering* – Kornbuds! – Let’s heat it up a little bit. I may get this one wrong too – a year ago, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Spell the disease that I have. – So is this gonna be whoever gets closest? – No, man, you gotta spell it right. – Ankylosing spondylitis. – Hot Ankliospondelitus Kornfeld. And then I also wrote bone-itis. – I wrote Ankylosis spondylitis, so I’m probably wrong. – Unfortunately, you are all incorrect. Ned is very close. It’s actually ‘ankylosing’ not ‘anklyosing’. Ankylosing Spondylitis. Ned you came the closest so you get a half point.
– Yeah! – I appreciate you guys knowing and caring. – I was just gonna write crippling bone-itis. – Which is a Futurama reference.
– Yeah. – What is my all-time favorite band? What’s like the music version of being a foodie? -A music snob
– There it is. *laughter* – I said Vampire Weekend with the two bonus answers as Radiohead and Coldplay. – I kind of want to give you negative points for guessing Coldplay. – No way is Coldplay, I was gonna say there’s not a chance it’s Coldplay. I also went with Vampire Weekend because you’ve gone to see them twice in the last month. – I went with Vampire Weekend, but with no question mark. – My all-time favorite is Vampire Weekend. I’ve actually seen them three times in the past month, which is a lot. – Are you allowing the Coldplay to slip through? – I think, Ned, I have to give you a negative half point. – Come on! – I’m a little insulted by it. – Coldplay’s a great band! – Not in my pantheon. How and why did I start making movies? – This is something that we share it’s lego movie maker. – I believe it is in fact lego movie maker. – I said watching the hit TV show Lost. *laughter* Okay, I’m gonna give it up cuz Lost is definitely my all-time favorite show. But no, I got the lego movie maker kit for Hanukkah, and I started making Lego movies and from there, I just, this love erupted. Unknown fact about me, I had a brief stint as a child actor. What television show was I on as a kid? And who was the host? – Oh, I know this! – I don’t have the host written down, this is not it. – As a kid you were on SNL hosted by Bruce Springsteen! – I believe the host was actually Hugh Grant. I think the host was Elijah Wood. – I was a background actor on Saturday Night Live, and the host at the height of Lord of the Rings was Elijah Wood! *cheering* – Two points to everyone and a bonus two points to Eugene. I had surgery to correct my almost lost testicle, then I was on Saturday Night Live with Elijah Wood. It was the craziest two weeks of my life. – Would you say the two weeks were nuts? – Good thing he’s still got wood. – Ayyy! And that’s the end of round two, the points are… Really, even with my bullshit half points? – Because of your bullshit half points, Zach. – Making the entire previous rounds irrelevant. These are things that only the closest people in my life could possibly know. I was never officially bar Mitzvahed, but what is my Hebrew name and what does it mean? – Is it in Hebrew?
– Yeah, you won’t get it. I would just guess like what’s a fun meaning for a word. – Your Hebrew name is Zalojai Shalom, which means what’s up Zach! – Your Hebrew name is Andy and it means covered in sand. *Zach laughs* Look at the art here. Your Hebrew name is Levi and it means jeans. *laughter* – You are all unfortunately incorrect. I chose the coolest word I could find Rakdan, which means the dancer. – Both of those are not you.
– Wow. – Ned’s is the most Jewish, at least. – Yeah, let’s give Ned one point.
– Yay! – Who was my biggest childhood crush? – Your biggest childhood crush is Nic Cage. *laughter* – Natalie Portman. – One of these answers was beautiful and yet not in the right era; One of these was funny and yet not correct. Zach you are America’s Next Top Model – Tyra Banks! – Wow. I was like, middle school, I think, crazy obsessed with Tyra Banks. Was it from that, um, that Life-Size Disney movie? You know, it wasn’t from Life-Size.
– She was hot in dat. – There’s a moment in Life-Size where she got out of the shower and she’s wearing an oversized Jersey. Oh, damn.
– Yeah. What body part makes me the most squeamish? – On your body?
– Yeah. If you were to touch it, I would freak the fuck out. – The top of your head. You think I have a soft spot, like a ba– like your baby? – Back of the knee because I haven’t touched you there! – I’m gonna quote what you call them, your pepperoni nipples! Is it your pepperoni nipples? – The thing I am most squeamish about being touched is my bellybutton. – Oh! – It freaks me the fuck out. One thing me and the Pillsbury Doughboy have in common, we both hate our belly buttons being touched. – No, he likes it!
– He loves it! – He goes “Woohoo! – In college, I owned and only watched one DVD. What movie was it? – Oh! Oh my god, Wow. I talk to you more than I think I do! *laughter* The Fast and the Furious! I believe it’s Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Billboard Dad. *chuckling* – Oh man, Josie and the Pussycats? – Josie and the Pussycats!
-Yeah! Here’s the deal, I had a dvd/vhs combo player and the DVD player got jammed, So Josie and the Pussycats got stuck in there. Honestly, one of the most underrated films of all time. – Their dad is so single they make a billboard for him, and it works – Final question if you know me, you know this is something I am very passionate about. Rank the Fast & Furious movies in order from best to worst. I shall do the same. – Oh no. – How many are there? 8? – Number one Furious 7, number 2 Fast Five, number 3 the original, number 4 Tokyo Drift, number 5 Furious 8, then number 6 number 2, number 4. – F 2, F 8, F 1, F 3, F 4, F 7, F 6, F 5. I dunno, Fuckin’ just numbers. – I put 7 at the top, then 6 then F8, then 3 controversial opinion, then number 1 because you added the original, 5 2 and at the bottom 4. – The correct and only correct answer is… 5, 7, 6, Tokyo Drift, 1, 8, 2, 4. 4 is trash, 5 is the best movie ever made. It’s when they introduced Dwayne the Rock Johnson and decided to just push it off the rails. Ned. Congratulations, you are the closest. I just — I want — this is canon. Ok, if you disagree with me comment below but I will block you. This was a tight race. Unfortunately in last place, Keith Douglas Habersberger. You’re my best friend, but apparently it’s not mutual
– Wow. – I don’t care about your movies and your order of what movies you like. That’s so stupid to care about. – My very best friend, the number 1 Korn buddy of them all, – I don’t want to be —
– The TOP Kornflower, the Korn seed, The kernel of my life! The absolute favorite boy!
– I rescind my — I don’t want to be a contestant Eugene Lee Yang, my best friend! – Congratulations! – Why did you phrase it that way? *cheering*
-Wow! My best friend! Thanks for watching, Eugene’s my best friend, he loves me so much. This is been Try Guys Game Time. – Try Guys Game Time!
– Oh God Eugene! Oh fuck, you okay?
You alright? – Not what best friends do. – Try Guys Game Time! Jewish Kitty, Jewish Kitty, meow meow meow! I am Jewish Kitty. I am Jewish Kitty. Meow meow meow! Here’s a brisque.

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