Which food looks more delicious? [Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2020.02.24]

(Charbroiled Barbecue Chicken Bars are finished) That is a great idea. You don’t have to pick which cut. Charbroiled Barbecue Chicken Bar. You can eat a whole chicken in just one bar, no matter how old or young you are. (Lee Yeongja’s Charbroiled Barbecue Chicken Bar) It’s already been launched. You’ve already decided behind our backs? The case is out already. (Ready to be launched) – This is so cute. / – Yes. It’s small, so it’s convenient to eat. The size? Both? (Check out the size / Cute) It has its own theme song. ♪ Up, down, up, up, down ♪ ♪ Up, down, up, up, down ♪ ♪ Middle ♪ / Something like that. (Everyone is embarrassed for her) Please try Lee Yeongja’s dish. (How does it taste?) (A smile?) (The groom-to-be is carefully evaluating the dish) That looks good. Chili, tartar, and the barbecue sauce is really spicy. – That has wasabi. / – Yes, it’s really spicy. I can see them eating on the big screen, – and it’s even more nerve-racking. / – It is. It is more nerve-racking. Kim Jeonghun? (Her heart is pounding) Offering the customers different cuts, I think that is a great idea. I think that is a great idea. But what I want to know is why did you have to pulverize such delicious cuts. Pulverize… Pulverize… Pulverize… (His use of dialect made everyone laugh) (We shouldn’t be laughing) (Hahaha) (Her heart has been pulverized) They got combined and became the same. Your goal was good, but the method wasn’t right. – Okay. / – Anyway, thank you. Fists to the back. (Laughing) (So funny) It’s getting brutal here. Imagine this. You went to the convenience store and saw Lee Yeongja’s dish. You bought it and tried it, and the chicken tasted great. It was great, but then… It was great, but then… (Nervous) There’s no juiciness you get from the fish cake kinds. (Pretending to feel sad) It’s so dry that I got thirsty. (Two bad reviews in a row) He said it’s dry, Junghyun. Yuri, he said it’s dry. (He is spreading the good news) What do I think while eating this? “I shouldn’t have gotten this.” (Hold it in… Remain calm) “I should’ve gotten something else.” (Wow… He’s really brutal today) That’s what it makes you think. (This is a scary place…) When someone goes to a convenience store, – this is how they would feel. / – Right, of course. That’s how things will progress. I think he’s telling her to get down. To get down from there. Yeongja, how was it to bare the weight of the throne? It’s always scary to hear the reviews, and they sound correct. Yes, but I will go back with a wounded heart inside. Good job. Please go back to your seat. (Leaving with a load of wounds) I’m nervous. Yeongja, please name the person who will compete against you. This is so cruel. – I feel comfortable. / – You’re just watching. So this is fun for me. (Hahaha) The person I pick, we can’t be friends anymore. I must think they are easy to beat. Use strategy. (Avoiding eye contact) (Avoiding eye contact) If I pick this person, I think I can win. This person hasn’t been doing so well lately. Not so well. But since he’s my senior, I should go easy on him. If I choose this person, I will win 100%. But this time, everyone did so great. I haven’t seen this person’s dish yet, but he is doing a new drama. He’s busy, so I think he didn’t have much time. He probably couldn’t pay much attention, so I choose him. – Jung Ilwoo. / – Jung Ilwoo! (Yeongja vs. Ilwoo) My goodness. How do you feel? – Me? / – Yes. (Aren’t you nervous?) Actually, I feel relieved. I feel relieved. (Relieved?) (She received one bad review after another) You feel relieved? I’m really determined to win. I’m going to make something – with bechamel sauce. / – Bechamel sauce? Bechamel sauce is the most basic creamy sauce. It’s the most basic sauce in the West, like our bean paste or pepper paste. It’s one of the cheapest sauces. I had marinated some chicken breast. I’m going to add a bit of white wine to get rid of any smell. That’s too expensive. – He should’ve used soju. / – That will be $30. – He should’ve used soju. / – It should’ve been soju. I’m going to add some mushrooms. Mushrooms and chicken go so well together. – I’m adding the bechamel sauce. / – That looks good. (Add the bechamel sauce to the cooked ingredients) I’m going to wrap the chicken with tortilla to finish the dish. The process is complicated. – It looks good, but it’s too expensive. / – It’s not. Put the Jeju mandarins in here and squeeze the juice out. (Ilwoo’s touch) That’s gross. Who does that by hand? (Speechless) Gross? How could you? Yeongja, how could you even go there? I don’t know. So nice. (Jeju mandarin syrup) – Jeju mandarin syrup is interesting. / – Looks good. You can dip bread in that syrup, and remember my Tteok Pa Bao? That goes well with Tteok Pa Bao too. (That’s nice) It has creamy, sweet and tart flavors. That looks good. All you see is tortilla and Jeju mandarin syrup. You can’t see what’s inside. (Covering his ears) You were supposed to use chicken, not mandarin. We could’ve used Jeju mandarins too. (Inner peace) Ta-da. (Fancy restaurant-level presentation) He’s good. I think women would love that. Sell it at a bakery. That will go bad really fast. It should be made at bakeries. Judges, please try it. (Slice it with the Jeju mandarin) (And take a big bite) (Using a knife is a luxury) Chef Lee Wonil isn’t using his knife. (Nervous) It’s not convenient to eat, is it? – It’s very inconvenient. / – Yes. Mine, you can just grab and eat. People are busy. You have to ask for napkins. – There’s no time. / – Right. Eat the Jeju mandarins by themselves and the buns by themselves. Why eat them together? I’d like to ask the production staff to put a screen over here. (Please put a screen to block out the noise) (New rules are stirring up jealousy in the studio) If you’re finished, please give us your comments. From the very first show, I’ve noticed… (Noticed…) How amazing you are at creating good recipes. I have a feeling this will make a charming product. (This isn’t what I had hoped for…) Lee Seungchul. The key was the theme. Your understanding of this dish is so amazing that you were able to cover the weakness of this dish by using the Jeju mandarin, so I want to give you extra points. I want to give you extra points. The bechamel sauce is so delicious. And the tortilla wrap makes it so convenient. I think this is a perfect dish. You did a great job. (Ilwoo’s dish got good reviews) Ilwoo, please get back to your seat. It is Lee Yeongja who is sitting in the Throne of Launch. Will she be able to stay there? Or will Ilwoo take it… – The owner changes on the spot? / – from her? If you lose, – you have to get up / – How cruel! and take Jung Ilwoo’s seat. Can’t the final winner take it? No. No! Is it Lee Yeongja or Jung Ilwoo? Is it Jung Ilwoo or Lee Yeongja? Judges, please start your discussion. Don’t talk too loudly. We can hear. We are really stressed out here. Of course… Yes. (Agreeing) Me too. No objection. (Unanimous) The judges have finished their discussion. The first – one-on-one match. / – Why am I nervous? This is even more nervous. Let’s find out the result. – This is bad. I’m nervous. / – This isn’t good. Whoever wins here, Jung Ilwoo and I will – no longer be friends. / – It’s over for you two. It’s over. (What’s the big deal? / Hahaha) – Well? / – How could you remain friends? Is it Lee Yeongja or Jung Ilwoo? Who will take the throne? The first match, is it Lee Yeongja? (Startled / I thought it was Yeongja) Is it Jung Ilwoo? Is it Lee Yeongja or Jung Ilwoo? (Who will take the throne?) Is it Lee Yeongja or Jung Ilwoo? (Extremely nervous) (Please) Offering the customers different cuts, I think that is a great idea. The bechamel sauce was so delicious. I think this is a perfect dish. (Well?) The first match! The first match! (Happy / Sad) Congratulations. (They chose Ilwoo’s Mandarin Chicken Bake) I will take my throne. (The throne went to a different person) This is brutal. (She’s sad) This was the first match after we adapted a new system. (Pathetic / Luxurious) And the throne’s owner changed already. (Yeongja vs. Ilwoo) (Eliminated)

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