What is the Lymphatic System: Boost Immune System & Increase Fat Loss

49 thoughts on “What is the Lymphatic System: Boost Immune System & Increase Fat Loss

  • Mr. DeLauer, your vids / productions are spot-on excellent. I felt that you might find this interesting and helpful for your viewers as well. A Japanese doctor by the name of Toshiki Fukutsuji developed a method using a towel to align your spine and lose weight just lying on your back five minutes a day. I thought you might want to look into it. I just started it and I'm finding it to be very helpful. Lymphatics very important

  • I do dry skin brushing, heavy water massage followed by a full body, self massage with essential oils.

  • Thank You for this important video. I have a rebounder and recommend to all my clients. Will check out the foam roller.

  • The lymphatic system is actually extremely complex & important to health. Do yoga instead of the gym, once you learn it you can do it anywhere, anytime without needing anything except your own body weight and I can assure many muscle heads, it's not easy.

  • You know this explains a lot. There is a youtuber named sky shelby who did a 21 day water fast. He said anyone doing a long term fast needs to see a chiropractor once to twice a week to help remove the toxins. I thought he was just making stuff up but after seeing this video; looks like he has a point. Thanks!

  • Does contrast therapy help with this. I always feel like I've had a deep tissue massage when I do it for long enough.

  • Thank you for this video! I don't think the lymphatic system gets enough attention. Feel free to make more videos with more details on this subject.

  • Does jumping rope have the same effect on the lymphatic system as the trampoline? Sorry if this is a "duh" question, but I stand by it, lol.

  • What are the wrong muscle groups to exercise in one session? And would it be as effective to have a trampoline session warm up before the exercise and just upper body one day in lower body another vs your split upper lower style?

  • Or better do dry brushing…that is good for circulation and draining lymph nodes…do it every morning before shower…

  • Yoga postures are good for moving the lymph system as well….anything where you’re upside down.
    I learned in massage school how much massage increases the lymph flow…😁

  • Super helpful and delivered with your usual fairly intense sincerity Thomas. I like the eye contact with the camera, find the many shots where the camera catches you looking somewhere else not so engaging. Imparted with love and kindness, smile more and. ..hint ( show your feet often )😀

  • Thomas, I am wondering if it is the real reason why we get shredded when we do compound exercises and it's not just about calorie burning? I mean by doing exercise, we activate lymphatic system and mobilize fat moment in our body?

  • Hey thomas you should turn your videos into podcast form so I can listen to them when im at the gym, in the car, ect, instead of having to be in front of the computer. Amazing content!

  • Thank you, sir!.
    I like your videos bc you are brief, yet thorough, and you are intellectually sound, and you are easy to understand, and to look at, lol 👄, and you make alot of sense.
    Thank you, sir.

  • What about taking melatonin to aid in sleep? I’ve heard that taking a hormone could reduce the body’s ability to produce it naturally.

  • Hi coach Thomas, thank you for your informational videos. I'd like you to make videos regards to the nutritional advices in depth specific for marathon runners, as their diet is different than positive nitrogen balance focused bodybuilders and ultrarunners who are on high fat/keto diet. Thanks.

  • Dude you look like your in your 40 s and you talk about anti-aging…lol I'm almost 40 and do none these things and still get carded everyone I meet says I look like I'm 20 . and no I have no medical desease or Anything docs say my genetics have found the fountain of youth. Acv is good but not gonna help in the end its all genetics . or I can do a blood transfusion with you lol …my father was.the 4 th oldest guy to ever live …and he only died not of heath but suicide … So essentially I have the ability to live forever.lol.. but Hey you humans keep tryn …one day you will learn the truth …you gonna die when its meant for you to die…so screw it all.live life and do what makes you happy … Life is short live it …hell you can get hit by car tomorrow or twist your ankle and fall and break your neck
    .. And then who will be the one regretting life …not me I live it to the fullest cause I'm immortal…but ur not… But you can be …😉

  • In light of this information this raises a question about two contradicting pieces of advice regarding consumption of fats and carb/sugars together: 1. Consume together to slow down digestion of carbs buffering an insulin spike. 2. Never consume together as the carbs/sugar spikes insulin and transports the fat directly into cells. My question is this: Are either of these valid or are they straight buncombe? Based on the information presented in this video fat has a completely different digestive pathway and if true it makes the two pieces of advice above 'bro' science? Thomas please make a video about this or link me to one if you have already covered this?

  • Love watching your videos this was great! I really learned some new info in this one and will put it to use. Move the body and move the lymph 😉👍🏻🙂

  • I found a little lymph behind my hear back on January and it is still there. Doctors said there is nothing serious but I hate having it there

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