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– Hey everybody, today I’m gonna talk about fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. What are they, how can they feel to those who struggle with them,
and how can we get help if we need it? Before I jump into fetal
alcohol spectrum disorders, I want to remind you to subscribe. Are you new to my channel? Make sure you hit that
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which is that little bell button next to it so that
when I upload a video, you hear about it. For the sake of talking
about fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, from here
on out, I’m gonna call it FASD and what FASD really is is a blanket term to cover all of the different effects that a child may sustain
if their mother drinks during pregnancy, so there’s
a lot of different symptoms that someone with FASD
could have, and I’m gonna go through the four diagnoses
that fall under this umbrella. The first diagnosis and the most severe, is FAS, fetal alcohol
syndrome, and I’m reading from my notes, if you
wonder what I’m looking at, I made a ton of notes and I
also am going to reference a book that was sent to
me by a fellow kinyin, so if you want more information, I’ll link in the description a way
for you to pick this up, it’s super helpful and I
know that it has really assisted me in better understanding FASD, but let’s get into FAS as a whole. FAS is the most severe of
the fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, and as always,
everyone’s gonna have a different experience and their symptoms can vary but the most common
are, and I’m just reading from my notes, number one is
distinctive facial features. Now the best way I can describe
it and I made some notes as to what it really means, is that someone with FAS
could have small eyes and head, have a very
thin upper lip, a short, upturned nose, and a smooth
surface between their nose and upper lip. You know this little dip that we have? That is not usually present
in someone with FAS. Also the second most common symptom of FAS can be some deformities in their limbs, their fingers, maybe one
is shorter than the other, maybe they don’t have a
full arm, because you have to remember that when someone
is developing in the womb, we need all of the nutrients,
we need all of the good things that our mother can give us so that we can develop properly and that
we’re given the time needed to develop. However, if a mother’s drinking, that’s going to affect all development, from our limbs of our body
and bodily development as well as our brain development. The third most common
symptom is vision or hearing impairments, again just
because we didn’t have all that we needed while we’re developing. A lot of people with FAS
will struggle to hear in noisy rooms or may
have really bad vision and need either corrective LASIK surgery or have really thick glasses or contacts as a way to combat that. The fourth most common
symptom is poor coordination and balance, and again
this is just a result of development but they do
say that getting a child at a young age into like a Gymboree course or maybe a little team
sport can help them improve and feel more confident
playing with other children. And the fifth and final symptom
that I’m gonna talk about in this video but like I
said, there are long lists, everyone’s gonna be different, there’s a lot of different
symptoms associated with it but the last
one I’m gonna talk about is hyperactivity and jittery-ness. This is why a lot of children who have FAS are actually misdiagnosed
with ADHD because it’s really difficult for them to sit
still and it also means that they’ll struggle in school. And before I get into the next diagnosis associated with FASD, I
wanna just let you know what it can feel like
for someone who falls under this umbrella term. When I was reading this
book, the main point that came through was
that it’s really difficult for those who are diagnosed
because they struggle with impulse control, it
can lead them to lashing out at friends, and then they
feel worse about themselves but they legitimately are
not able to control it, and so I think the message
that I want you to hear is that if someone in your life has FASD, understand that it’s not
that they won’t do something or that they won’t stop doing something, it’s that they cannot. And so understanding where they’re at and what they struggle with
and how it feels for them will be so beneficial
to your relationship, not only will they feel
validated, heard, and understood but then you can better understand
where they’re coming from so you know that it has
nothing to do with you and it’s them trying to
work through their struggles with FASD. The first diagnosis I
just talked about was FAS, fetal alcohol syndrome,
but we’ll move into the second one which is
partial fetal alcohol syndrome or PFAS, and I could
go into a ton of detail about all the different
symptoms that fall under PFAS but it’s important for you just to know that when it comes to
PFAS, they can have all of the symptoms as someone with FAS has, however it’s just not as severe. And in order for these things
to be properly diagnosed you need to see a
professional, you need to go see a doctor, a psychiatrist, a therapist who works with FASD so they can make sure that you get the diagnosis that you need so you can get the help that you deserve. The third diagnosis I wanna address and I’m gonna read from
my notes ’cause it’s a long one, is neurobehavioral disorder associated with prenatal alcohol exposure, otherwise called ND-PAE. Now ND-PAE is when a child or adult will have issues in three areas. The first is thinking and
memory, and one of the ways that can present itself is
someone forgetting something they just learned. Those with ND-PAE will
learn something in school, try to go home and do
their homework and have no recollection, no memory
of what they already previously learned just
a few hours before, and this can be extremely
frustrating for the person who’s struggling, as well
as it can make it hard for them to keep up in school or work. Also because memory’s an issue,
it can make it hard for them to plan things, to remember
the things that they were supposed to do or
things they told people they’d show up for, so
planning is another issue that they struggle with. The second area that they’ll struggle with is behavior issues. People with ND-PAE can
throw huge tantrums, they can have a really
difficult time switching from one task to another and that is why having an IEP, an individualized
education program, in place at the school is so important. It’s really pivotal to
their success because when someone is struggling,
people might not understand why and if they’re expecting
them to transition from one subject matter to another really quickly, let’s say they only have
three to five minutes in between classes, that
can be really overwhelming and that can cause a
tantrum, it can cause them to lash out and be extremely
angry and frustrated. The third area that they’ll struggle with is just day to day
living, meaning it’s hard to bathe ourselves and to get up on time and to plan with other
children, other parents, other families and to dress
appropriately for the day, for the weather, for
whatever’s expected of them. They can struggle so much with this, it can cause them to be
late to work or school, forget that they’re
supposed to have a play date with that child or all of the above. And just as a side note, in order for this to be diagnosed as per the
DSM, the mom who was pregnant with this child must have
had at least 13 drinks per month or more than two in a sitting, and I only say that because
it’s important for those of us out there who maybe want to have children or may become pregnant
or maybe we already think we are pregnant, there
is no amount of alcohol that is safe for you to
consume while you’re pregnant. Having two or more drinks
in a sitting is not a lot for a normal adult,
however, if we are pregnant or we’re trying to become
pregnant, please do not drink. You can do so much harm to
your baby developmentally and it can make things
so much more difficult for your child and for yourself. And so I just wanna bring
that up because I think there’s a lot of misconceptions out there about oh, it’s fine if it’s
early on in the pregnancy or if it’s not too much or
it’s just a couple glasses of wine, there is no amount of alcohol that they know to be safe to
consume while we’re pregnant. And the fourth and final
diagnosis I’m gonna touch on in this video is alcohol-related
neurodevelopmental disorder or ARNDD. Those diagnosed with ARNDD will
not have the facial features associated with FAS,
meaning those small eyes or the thin lips, the things
we talked about before, they don’t find those
with ARNDD to have that, however, what they do find
is those diagnosed with ARNDD do have developmental
disabilities associated with their central
nervous system, which what that really means is
they have brain damage and that can cause behavioral
and learning disabilities. I was asked by many kinyons
to create this video and my hope for it is to remove the stigma associated with FASD. There’s so much shame involved
from a parent’s perspective I mean if I drank when I was pregnant because maybe I didn’t know right away or maybe I had an alcohol
problem, a lot of mothers feel shame for causing
this in their children and those with FASD
because it’s so unknown and not talked about and not
dealt with at the school level in many cases can lead to more shame because we get irritable, we lash out and then we feel worse about ourselves, but legitimately we don’t
have control over that and so the more that we talk about it, the more understanding, the better. Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with FASD, what do we do? The first thing we can do,
set realistic expectations for ourselves. That means no comparison,
don’t even think about it. Everyone is different. Like I said even in the FASD umbrella, everyone’s gonna experience it different and so know that your
situation is unique to you and you have to set
expectations that fit you and meet you where you’re at. The second thing we can do
is get support as needed. Because this can cause
so many issues for us in learning and school, it’s
so important that we make sure we have an IEP if we need one. I’ll link in the
description, I have a video about IEPs and what those
are and how we can get those in place. Also if you need a tutor, make sure that you set that up. Check in one on one
with your teacher to see how they feel you’re
doing, what other support they can give you. Also check in with your
disabilities office and the services they offer. Make sure that you’re
getting your needs met and if needed, get a social
worker or a therapist. We can fight on your behalf and make sure that you get the help you
need when you need it most. And the third thing is support groups. Like I said there’s so much
shame and embarrassment associated with FASD, it can
be healing and validating to hear from other people going
through something similar, and I’ll link in the
description a resource so you can find a support
group in your area. And the fourth and final thing we can do is get in therapy. Having FASD can put us at a higher risk for trauma, for getting
in trouble with the law, for keeping up with life
expectations like sleep, hygiene, et cetera, and also
adoption and foster care is so common. Make sure that you get in
therapy as soon as possible so you have support when you need it. Through all my research and
reading articles about FASD, it only taught me more
and more that there is no amount of alcohol that
is safe for us to consume when we’re pregnant so
please, if you’re not using protection, please don’t drink. I hope you found this video
helpful and informative. In all honesty, all through my training, no one really talked that much about it. I think I learned about it in one class and so it’s important that
we have this conversation. Are there other topics
you want me to address? Let me know in the comments. Are there things that I
forgot or something else that you wanna mention
about your experience? Let us know because we’re working together towards a healthy mind and a healthy body. And I will see you next time, bye.

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  • I walked at 11 months. Talked at 1 year. I have FAS with subtle facial features, but my issues are more behavior and impulse control. I have a 146 IQ and met most of my developmental milestones early or on time. I was reading by age 3 and could write my full name by 5 and a half.

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  • My little brother has fasd. But I don't know how to get him proper help because he lives with my mother and shes narcissist. If I were to confront her about it she would deny everything but he was misdiagnosed with autism. And he's neglected at home, it hurts that I can't do anything for him.

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  • I have FASD, and my step father tells me i cant do things like other people. That i am not good enough or smart enough to do so. But he is wrong.

    I realized exercise can help keep my mind at ease, so I started exercising.
    I now wake up at 4:30 every morning to jog and be alone
    Away from the stress of the day ahead, i watch the sunrise while breathing in the cool morning air. I start my day early and on great notes, and found myself doing better than people around me without FASD.

    I control myself well each day. I even got a good neighbor who award in elementary school.
    I rarely forget important things.
    I havent thrown a tantrum since, maybe, 3rd grade.
    A few breakdowns here and there, but only when really stressed and alone.
    Despite my set backs I am becoming a writer and people tell me im doing well.
    I was doing very well until someone told me I couldn't do well because I had FASD. But i proved them very wrong.

    Even if you have it worse than me, don't be held down. No matter what mental obstacles, you can always pursue happiness and your dreams.
    Dont be stopped by these things.
    We all got to this point from nothing. We can make it anywhere else we want to go.

  • I have fetal alcohol sydrome as my mother drank while she was pregnant with me and did drugs I'm 15 now life is impossible please don't do this to your children

  • Hey I actually have FASD

    And well it’s just such an embarrassment to me because I am in High school and I feel so dumb and stupid and I have so much trouble Learning things in School and it’s just a struggle for me. I was told I have FASD when I was 14 and now am 15 and still not much has develop I wish I was normal.welp thanks for listening. Even though you’re reading this😆 well I’m going to go now bye 😕

  • I have FAS and it broke my heart when I found out what it was. I found out a few years ago what FAS is and it's horrible that my mom drank while pregnant with me. I have many of the side effects of it also. I wish more people knew about FASD and also be smart enough not to drink while pregnant.

  • I have fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. I dont have the physical features. Its really hard for me to carry out everyday life things. Im 25. There is slim to none info on people who are on the spectrum but an adult. Everything is about children. Im interested what adults feel who fall on the spectrum.

  • I saw this on a “what you cannot unsee once you know” Ask Reddit and it was “the symptoms of fas” and now that I look at Mr Beast…I wonder

  • I was a FASD baby my mom was using heroine at the time was she was pregnant all the way throu the pregnancy with me is that the same a drinking when pregnant or is that different now I’m 39 an feel different to other ppl 😫😖😫

  • Great video. As the parent of two children with FASD via adoption I find there are few videos which provide a balanced perspective. Very well done video and highly accurate for someone who’s not inside the community and living with the realities of it themselves. Thanks, Kati, for bringing light to this!

  • omg, I just remembered that my aunt drank beer while she was pregnant and she said it was fine and me and my mom believed her. now my cousin is very problematic. She is super violent as well. She is 5 years old. She also is not good at walking at all. She is also VERY HYPER. Are whole family is very calm and not hyper at all. She might have something else but……..the drinking.

  • I started school in 2001 and in my class, we had FASD kid, but the thing is nobody told us he had FASD, he had a different face, always a bit of saliva in corner of his mouth and took special tests or was graded differently, but beyond that he was perfectly normal and in 8 years that I knew him nobody asked "what is wrong whit you" or "why are you graded differently", you couldn't tell by speaking to him that he had trouble learning and we even hang out whit him, and in-class presentations he did his part the best he could, he attended breakdancing and was very good at it and all around was treated like the normal kid.
    Only recently I found out about FASD and had the epiphany

  • Can a person have FAS or a different version of it and have another condition that affects their mental ability?

  • I have FASD, no physical conditions, but I was diagnosed with anxiety depression and ADHD before FASD and its hard to find anyone like a counselor who knows that anxiety, depression, adhd, all lie under the umbrella of FASD, and that theres different ways to approach these "symptoms" besides medicine or ways that go hand in hand, because our minds work differently.

  • the fas hysteria in the 70s didn't lower rates of fas. this is because the severe alcoholic women weren't going to stop anyway, so their rates stayed the same. the women who were drinking moderately or lightly during pregnancy stopped, but their rates of fas didn't change. because it takes an average of 6 drinks per day to cause any level of issue. SCIENCE is your friend. read the research instead of clinging to something you feel will make you superior to other mombies. 🙂

  • the fas hysteria in the 70s didn't lower rates of fas. this is because the severe alcoholic women weren't going to stop anyway, so their rates stayed the same. the women who were drinking moderately or lightly during pregnancy stopped, but their rates of fas didn't change. because it takes an average of 6 drinks per day to cause any level of issue. SCIENCE is your friend. read the research instead of clinging to something you feel will make you superior to other mombies. 🙂

  • the fas hysteria in the 70s didn't lower rates of fas. this is because the severe alcoholic women weren't going to stop anyway, so their rates stayed the same. the women who were drinking moderately or lightly during pregnancy stopped, but their rates of fas didn't change. because it takes an average of 6 drinks per day to cause any level of issue. SCIENCE is your friend. read the research instead of clinging to something you feel will make you superior to other mombies. 🙂

  • the fas hysteria in the 70s didn't lower rates of fas. this is because the severe alcoholic women weren't going to stop anyway, so their rates stayed the same. the women who were drinking moderately or lightly during pregnancy stopped, but their rates of fas didn't change. because it takes an average of 6 drinks per day to cause any level of issue. SCIENCE is your friend. read the research instead of clinging to something you feel will make you superior to other mombies. 🙂

  • A woman I know of didn't even know she was pregnant and had drinks over Christmas and New year as many people do ….
    How many people know they are pregnant after 4 to 5 weeks gestation and WHO DOESN'T have celebratory drinks over the Christmas season? ? Her child had fetal alcohol syndrome and she was made to feel like a terrible person .

  • Hello I am Susie Schule I got FASD my real mom was drinking when I was a baby I learn a lots of FASD stuff all my life

  • Hmmmm interesting. Trying to educate myself to figure out if my ex husband was maybe on the fasd spectrum….anyone know anything about Tourettes? Is there any way someone with a mild case of fasd be misdiagnosed with some form of Tourettes? Especially ~30 years ago?

  • I’m not sure if I have FAS because I do have a couple of the facial features, but I don’t have any learning disabilities at all. I’m not trying to be ignorant or rude (sorry if anyone takes it that way.)

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