Wharf – Drinking For Two 'Behind The Scenes'

hi I'm Brad I play drums and I've been playing drums for 14 years now hi I'm Callan I play bass and I have three nipples I'm Jordan I'm an international sales manager by day the band name came about when us – were in our first year at University and we lived in a place called Imperial Wharf so because we moved to London started to stop here it felt like it was of us so we all met each other well I met him when I was younger I moved to Lincoln sheer for primary school and then we've all known him since he was an NP as well yeah and you another band and then we met Callum when we came to university so what me and mainly mostly influenced by well especially hasta – influenced by the night sacrifice kind of the band that kind of got me really into some way I think I'm quite the opposite under this year I'm a massive Iron Maiden fan or any like rush I really like like punk all of this stuff in terms of like my guitar playing I like a lot of tame Impala's creative writing and but my actual like harmonization of my black guitar chords and like the melody line I get from the strikes the song is about I can broken-down relationship between like two people and normally what happens when I start writing a song is I kind of do the music for it and then I've kind of I may have like a couple lyrics you might notes or something but normally it's well here I'll hear a song and how can I get like this feels like it needs to be like that's sad or I'll get like a vibes from songs and I would like it it kind of comes from like that so whatever this that kind of cause kind of say that makes sense the last show we did we accumulated a group of fans and they waited outside the gig for us and they demanded that we take pictures with them and it was really really lovely but at the same time terrifying okay it's new for us we haven't had that before that so it was they're all really lovely people is just terrifying to be like weird a February very weird encounter on the social media your friend she missed her friend at home they found a friend from their home I saw this movie from does they know live games random Instagram account going is Liam single yes she asked me to go to a sister's wedding already yeah she asked us to design her oh yeah she's I'd you and Brandon yeah you and Liam free tomorrow really if we're gonna be realistic now you're gonna be realistic I would love to play Brixton if we're talking like dream venues okay venue always had a dream of playing my old high school that I went to out in Kuwait is out like this big that would be so cool and also they all bullied me for wanting to be in musician so I think it would be really cool to go back and have any music at them and it not be a choice I think then you guys I'd like love to play the addicted with a dream but like fish for wires yeah with the music video thing it's been something that we've been wanting to do for a while I feel like it's been a good progression we've done obviously the two previous singles and now the third one before hopefully an EP it kind of makes sense to I guess do a music video for the latter third single I think that we let me take every tour we had the idea yeah so I think they're so far different yeah it feels like now is the right time third single we're getting serious yeah it's going well let's do a video

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