Welcoming dinner banquet held to host Mekong leaders

so welcoming dinner banquet took place
in Busan yesterday night marking the official start of the first Mekong a
Korea summit hari kim dummy has more the finest cuisine from the region and back
to back regional musical performances Tuesdays nights a welcoming dinner
banquet in percent for the amico leaders was all about harmony hope prosperity
and respect ahead of the first Mekong Republic of Korea summit on Wednesday
president moon and the First Lady hosted a banquet for the leaders of Thailand
Vietnam Cambodia Laos and Myanmar with the Mekong country’s traditional music
providing a relaxing backdrop the dinner was a mainly a samples of a temple food
such as a lotus leaf tea and a fried a perilla leaves reflecting the guests
assured a culture elements like Buddhism for a toast president women brought out
one of South Korea’s a traditional rice alcoholic beverages Chun be hung which
needs to be fermented for more than three months so he gets it’s a
distinctive milky flavor and a rich scent chocolate dessert shaped like the
cement venue topped off the banquets after the dinner the six leaders watched
the VR productions of each of their respective countries a cultural heritage
at the venue asean culture housed a program which has also been open to the
public since September last year South Korea’s presidential office evaluated
the dinner as a precious time where the South Korean umeko leaders deepen their
friendship and pledge to expand their cooperation in the years to come Kim
dami Arirang news

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