Weird Things You Can Do With Soda

you can do a lot of stuff with Cola besides drinking it let’s talk about that [Music] good mythical morning you know what a little birdie told me what he told me well my calendar told me its legs because it probably copyrighted so you have a birdie calendar I have a little birdie that comes in and tells me hey check your calendar oh it’s likes birthday it is my birthday thank you what’s the question that you asked what somebody says happy birthday what you give me oh I’m glad you asked like I got you but oh oh this is the icy icy thus most specialist gift I’ve ever gotten I’m excited about this cereal okay just give it to me link I’ve seen it’s not yes any cereal it’s mini-league for reals J I contacted Kellogg’s and had they make a special not true not true I did not contact anybody this is photoshopped oh but it it looks so good link take a look at yourself you’re on there I’m a prostate now I gotta tell you have you been harvesting me and am I in there to their taste the same as the regular ones I’m sorry it’s just oh okay good it’s just about you think that’s better it actually says mini wheats on the top and everywhere else other than the front but don’t focus on the negatives focus on the positives frosted many links I made you into a cereal and your best friends do man I don’t even want to eat this I just want to put it on display now I’m gonna do whatever you want to I suggest you put the box into a shadow box and put it in our office I’m gonna do that and thanks man really oh really well this is not like a show thing I didn’t do a good job I mean I got some had I had it done yeah I had people do it for me I’m gonna put there then had a birdie tell me about that box in shadow box and here’s what I’m gonna do my gift to you on my birthday is to talk Cola today we’re gonna talk talk I don’t care if you call it Cola we call it soda if we call it pop you can call it black liquid it fizzes for all I care I think I say to say no one calls it that no one has ever called Cola blackwell liquid excuse me madam I’d like your vet best black liquid it fizzes Oh with Cola you mean the : let’s give me some black liquid they never heard anyone say that so listen black look was it fizzes is such a ubiquitous product is everywhere you’ve got to figure out things to do with it that you can impress your friends I know what we’ve got Cola but it’s our own coal are we gonna show you all kinds of things we can do with it it’s not Cola well it’s actually colored that we change the label on and put a new label on because it’s retinoids value plus a pop when you think of value what comes to mind the brand link the refreshing taste of Rhett link value + select soda pop that’s what such a nice labeling job guys it may or and I say carbonated urine on the side it sure does that’s the first ingredient is carbonated urine Matty come on Eddie um he’s on vacation or I’ll be throwing this at him right now carbonate urine let’s not talk about sorry I’m sorry you’re not you wonder with the with the color of your rhettandlink value + select soda pop oh game you can drink a little bit of it and make a little room for a little magic trick I call awesome how’s that reading value + select soda pop black liquid that fizzes maybe again listen all you got to do is add one white liquid it doesn’t feel okay milk and check this out Oreo cookies on a bottle pour a little bit of this in there never heard anybody what and then put the top on put the top on the fist yeah alright so what you do is that stuff immediately starts interacting the phosphoric acid of the cola causes the proteins in the milk – what what what Co what Co AG what coagulate wow you’re so smart today Colonel you said phosphoric acid and coagulate and I’m Sampson actually meant to say curdle but we’ll say coagulate so what you do is you let this sit for six hours oh wow six hours later what’d you do during your six hours how I looked through all my pants pockets to see if I could find something surprising I watch Braveheart twice in look like it totally separates guys so if you check this out it is absolutely all of the phosphoric acid coagulated you heard of scientists routines at the bottom and then you got clear black liquids it fizzes but it’s not black anymore because whatever made the liquid black coagulated with the toughest stuff do you want do you want to taste no but I’m just like YouTube because okay use oh look look at it start to dance you look like the kind of guy that would oh no no no no no tastes like Coke you gotta be joking that’s the trick I’m coking Lee [Laughter] we go try not to say Koko joke I got something else too and do you want to keep drinking that Lizzie’s over here shaking her head how long has it been sitting out more than six days it’s got it’s not curdled milk in it you just quit drink that’s good for you see I do Gertz question mark but idle I’m moving along to the red link value + select soda pop lava lamp what I’m gonna do is you’re gonna get some of your favorite Cola and you’re going to drink half of it because of that I don’t know what’s and then you take vegetable oil we don’t have this in Rhett link value so like so you but yet you just grease it down now the cool thing about this is that it’s less dense than the cola so it all floats to the top if you if you let that settle for a while it will it will totally calm down what do you say like let it settle for a while look what I did it’s really supposed to be you really taste pretty good okay it tastes bad so as you can see it has separated and now what you’re gonna do is you’re going to get an alka-seltzer those are the good old days remember that and think through a simpler time an effervescent tablet of white effervescent disks they make it just small enough to get it inside no put them both in there though oh really yeah very aggressive check this out and then you don’t put the top back on Oh your favorite light local light and you know it’s really fizzy right now but it’ll start wait it’ll start it’ll start doing more of a lava lamp thing it will I don’t know if I should have put something there it is there it is now it’s clearing up oh there we go look it’s like little turds floating in there hey man do you see my lovely up no where is it it’s right here mine it’s like Mike you bring that bottle of Cola with it’s my rattling value plus select so two pops oh that’s really cost plus yeah select you select plus that’s amazing let’s put them all on man but we went too strong we went too strong just do it just to do a little bit of an alka-seltzer in there there you go hey now you see how that’s working oh yeah it’s so plus every time you want to have a cool session we’ll just put the alka-seltzer into our little lava lamp Mia a recording session can you save me on like me are you in a band meal alright get rid of that good talk I want you this annoying man your voice isn’t annoying me but that is good okay next we got instant slushy Cola for sure a Cola in a bottle or a can shake this thing up shake it up shake it up shake it up your put it in the freezer for you got to calibrate this a little over three hours then you got a chilled mug or Bowl you bring this thing out it turns into a can we have a can and what imma does it done it’s what I’m gonna try to do here is open this thing up so gingerly the the liquid is supercooled it is not turned to ice it wants to turn to ice though and and once it starts turning out ice you it’ll it’ll like propagate and the whole thing will become a slushy if we do this right alright so first I gotta open it gingerly don’t screw this up Ling Shh that’s a smallmouth bass daddy I opened it all right now it looks like liquid is liquid I’m gonna pour really slowly sometimes you can stir it to help assist it okay oh oh yeah starting to turn into slushy too soon and then if I squeeze it and then you can pour it well he did some slush eNOS there is some slush eNOS but you pretty much just poured a half frozen Cola into a mug I would say that was a bit of a fail it still tastes good though but we were prepared for this what we’re gonna do right now is we’re gonna show you a video from someone on the internet who can do this really really well and act like it’s us doing it this is grant Thompson the king of random he did this amazingly well so just watch this and link I’m gonna talk to you like you’re doing it amazed yeah yeah yeah here I go I’m just demonstrating oh right there in front of me Oh talented you just used like you’re a hundred percent talented at this cast a lot of practice but I pulled it off Oh watching the king of Rihanna’s video okay link is in the description if you want to experience the full context of his video where we failed he succeeded many times over so we probably had a few chances at it good point now we’re about to get gross now something very interesting happens when you boil Cola you bought a long time boil diet cola it just evaporates exaggerates if you boil diet cola it really starts exaggerating itself I taste so good oh just like regular Cola haha but if you boil regular Cola for like over an hour and a half is how long it takes could you get this this is like tar this is like something you would pave a road with but there’s an old wives tale people swear by which is Cola syrup can help with nausea right so we said let’s test the theory and we’re gonna do that to the spinning chairs we’re gonna do we are going to spin ourselves and induce nausea in these chairs then we are gonna get some smelly food brought under our nose we have a fish that has been left out for over a week and some liver and we’re gonna smell those and then after we were completely nauseous we’re gonna drink the boiled down Cola remedy for eat I don’t think there’s a lot of drinking that goes on right so let’s start spinning and get some nausea going [Music] alright bring in the syrup Oh give that out of here shadow bring it in bring it in okay oh oh don’t worry oh yeah I’m actually afraid of this burn it’s not helping oh oh yeah do it did Oh guys I can’t get it out of my mouth okay I’m a mind what have we learned today aha I’m gonna need to go to the dentist to use like his tools to get this out oh it’s like a hacked up negative energy Oh looks like I ate a black hole you know you were to died know now that most of its out and it’s just it’s a little sweet but really burnt I kind of like it you got some of your lip get it all for you there potato no put it your trash can oh gosh okay so now you know um all the cool things that you can do with Cola your life is better right you’re welcome thanks for liking and commenting and mailing me a toothbrush do you know what time it is hi I’m Sarah from Louisville Kentucky this is my GMM shirt and this is my GMM collage that I made and it’s time to spin the wheel of mythicality remember you can get the red link bobbleheads at Wrigley na komm slash store and thanks to those of you who have already bought these and posted pictures of you around the world or pictures of them around the world using hashtag GMM bobble click through to good mythical more where we reminisce of our childhood Cola memories congratulations to adventure annalisa you in the knapsack the amazing revolutionary device that really didn’t work that well for me but worked okay for Lync yes I’m wearing purple pants get white pants and get someone to dye them any color you want them so you can shake your booty in them put it up against of spinning wheel

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