Wake Up Now Awaken Energy Drink Review – First Look & Taste – Best Natural Energy Drink

Hey there everyone I got this box in
the mail today. I opened it up and I’m gonna show you what’s
inside. First we have a packing slip. We have also this wonderful bag of air. And the actual contents of this are the Awaken energy drink. Finally came in the mail today, so let’s
get these guys out and check them out. First we have the citrus fresh flavor. This one I believe, this one has the caffeine in That’s the side of the box. The nutritional information which I know
is a little blurry so I’ll post a picture up online so you can read exactly what’s in it. We got the back of the box there.. And we have the other side here, tells you how to use it which is still a little blurry… but don’t worry I’ll read the instructions to you then. Alright so that’s the first box. That’s the one
flavor. And the other flavor is this one and if I can get this out..alright this one, Tropical Burst, this one does not have any caffeine
in. Oh by the way the Citrus Rush flavor, that’s natural caffeine. Alright so.. there’s the front of the Tropical Burst
flavor box, tthe nutrition information which
again I will take a picture and post it online. Back of box. And the side of the box. Alright so let’s check these guys out. Let’s see what the individual packets look like …if I can get this open. Alright there we go. As you can see these boxes are pretty small, they’re not too big. Pretty convenient. Alright this is…right here, this is the the energy drink just rip this open,
pour into a glass of water. On the other side the box
here If you can read that it says pour into 6 to 8 ounces of water. So do that and boom instant energy drink. And you have 30 if these in a box. And a box costs $19.95. And there’s the citrus rush… So if you do the math on that thirty in a box, costs roughly twenty
dollars… that is about 67 NOT 75 cents per energy drink. That is as most of you know, that’s a lot cheaper than buying a can of
Red Bull or Monster or Rockstar or any of the other ones. Also these are all natural so.. yeah they’re a lot healthier for you and they’re a lot easier to carry around too. You just carry one of these guys around and all you need is water then, just add to
water and you’re good to go. Alright I’m going to end this part of the video here. And the next part I’m going to be trying these flavors seeing how they taste
so with that said see you in the next part of the
video. Alright and so I’m back here gonna do the taste tests find out what these taste like. I got bottles of water. I got a pack of Citrus Rush and a pack of Tropical Burst. So I’m going to start off with the Citrus Rush. Alright there’s that one in there. Let’s close that one up for now, shake it up then. We’ll open up this
other one. Wow this one smells really good. Has a really, really tropical smell to it. Now I know before in the other video or the other part of the video had add to 6 to 8 ounces of water, this is more like, about 16 ounces. Let’s get these on tight. Shake it up. Alright now I guess I’ll switch the camera to me and we’ll taste these and see what they taste like. Alright I’m back now, as you can see got the drinks here. We’re going to try the first one. This is the citrus rush. It’s actually pretty good. Definitely don’t wanna do 16-ounces of water. It kind of waters it down or you may just want to use another stick of the energy drink but other than that it’s good. Alright now it’s time for the Tropical Burst. Ooo, this one, I definitely like that more. Only because it kind of tastes like a pina colada really. It has that kind of coconut …um you know…coconut pineapple taste, that pina colada taste so I, yeah this Tropical Burst, I think it’s my favorite..yeah. Yeah it’s definitely my favorite. So yeah that’s the taste test. Both of them taste good. Actually the Tropical Burst even
though it was about 16 ounces of water, it still really didn’t taste watered-down. Um I guess maybe it has a stronger taste. So that’s good for that one. But yeah the Citrus Rush you probably wanna stick to about the recommended 6-8 ounces water. But other than that, that one is good too. So yeah Citrus Rush that one has
natural caffeine in and the Tropical Burst that what does not. So that’s it for the taste test. If you want
to get these I’ll leave a link for both of them in the description below and you can order them through there. Make sure you sign up as a free customer to
be able to get these for $19.95 box. If you don’t sign up as a free customer it’s gonna be more than that. So that’s about it and I’ll talk to everyone later alright. See ya.

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