Vlog | COME TO CALI WITH ME | Went to a winery | Got drunk af

okay so I'm on my way right now to the airport I am I just like live this had our emotional situation just now cos hello me and John never really liked our party so I don't know I just really just got really emotional but anyway on my way to the airport right now excited going to San Jose for to see my best friend her birthday was yesterday someone out there to celebrate with her and just kind of just have a good time that's a little fucking baby okay like a little woman in there I could be there already that was an amazing flight I didn't know when I woke up like looking what to do like if I was drunk the whole time come here I'm waiting for arms and you come get me I'm excited I'm gonna do a really fun trip it's been a minute since we like you know distance it like this well we haven't done anything like this before where we are happy to be happy almost nice things have we left you here it's gonna be a fun trip I'm excited Wow you know look at this feet wash my face first kind of salsa today this crazy I'm almost shit with me I want to cheer I won of a lag I'm here for 4 days I don't have a good time I was gonna be a fucking so M Pedro's about to have some lunch this is my first time here and it's really nice thank you good morning so I just upload a video just now I just found me and get started on a day we are going to a cookout today I'm at one o'clock so I'm gonna get ready cuz I'm though I'm the only one that people waited fully get ready so I'm gonna wake up early and get ready you survived pulling up anybody well Martha what's this barbecue and I'm so excited oh yeah what's about with you I just came up here to the rooftop to grab my hat cuz I'm gonna have fnatic I love hats on that fedora so it wouldn't be an outfit if I didn't have my hat on oh so am I supposed to the barbecue I was if my camera take some slates cuz imma take pictures and yeah we wine tasting so million happy I can see a dish the damn way I was fucking over it my shit was clipping yesterday like No so today we're going wine tasting so I put my scarf on and have a good time it's sunny is hell today and Cali so pretty and then we're going to a seafood restaurant later so I'm so excited uh Timmy said we're having our own good joke because then that won't give you enough but hopefully I get drunk not wearing makeup today either because I don't feel free honestly interesting Joe my day I'm going crazy okay ah come on kiddo but I've been going mad hard trip you can't come to LA or California and I haven't I had an out the kiddo way so how did I left and let us or what not but this time I saw some stuff but this time I had the way but antenna fates of made because that Lana the environment mail right these were starting cards like Arizona well I know now but anyway that'll fuckin amazing weekend my bestie we used to that up there at ago we come on

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