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The characters and contents of this video do not represent anyone deliberately. “Police inspection in Village” What Anji? Sir! You brought us to this village road will we make our targets like this.? Sir, actually the thing is… There is a wine shop at Domalakunta (village name). Everyone goes by this road… To Lambadipally and Thatipally (village names). They will party in this garden. Even youngsters use this way to escape from police oh, even youngsters had started drinking in this village Yes, Sir. Boys from 10th standard are also started drinking Why so? For enjoyment! Enjoy!!! Okay, come on. Let’s start! Look, someone is coming Let’s start! Be alert! (Indistinct voices) What? Police are inspecting over there. Police.? I’m Sarpanch’s (village head) husband. How will he stop me? Hero here! Come, I’ll speak to them. No! I won’t come. Common man, come! No, I won’t. leave it.. Hey, Stop… Stop… Stop! Hey, Stop! Stop! Sir! Give me back my keys. Ke… Who… Whom do you think I am? Give me back my keys! Come to sir. Return the keys first. Come to sir! Who? Where is your sir? Take your hand off! I know… I know all the laws. I have done M.B.A in Finance. Take… Take your hand off. Come to sir. Who is your sir? I’m Sarpanch’s husband – The Hero! Come to sir! Come to sir. Do you know with whom are you talking to? Blow the instrument Do you know with whom are you talking to? It doesn’t matter. Sarpanch… Sarpanch’s husband – The Hero So what? You are drunk. come on once blow I won’t. Why should I blow the instrument? I know the protocol. Why should I blow the instrument? I won’t! First, blow We will talk later. Blow! No, I won’t. Sir, it’s 200! Two Hundred! How can a man drink this much? He drunk too much. Make him sit there. Go! Sit down! Take your hand off! Wait! I’m calling my wife. She will see your end. Hello… Err… Hello… Hello… Hey, Give my mobile. Within a few minutes, my wife will come and see your end. Wait! I have seen so many police like you We made a huge mistake. It’s a crime. Don’t say it as a crime. Nowadays who is not committing a crime? Why is he waving at us? He is wishing good morning to us. Good morning… Good morning! Why did you stop the bike? Mother! What? Police are inspecting over there. Police won’t stop when ladies are on the bike. Let’s go! Is it? Yes, Let’s go! Are you sure there won’t be any problem? Yeah, let’s go! Do you have RC? Ladies sir! Do you have the license? Lady is on the bike and still, you are stopping the bike? Whoever it may be everyone is equal. Police! Get off… Get off the bike Get off and come to sir Blow the Instrument I don’t drink sir. Spit it out and blow You don’t have a helmet and RC. Pay the fine. What’s our fault? Why are you asking us to sign? Why sign? Why is she overreacting? Nothing sir. She is somewhat mentally ill. Nothing sir. Please, sir! I will sign. How dare you say that I’m mentally ill! You are the one who killed while shouting. You… uh… Did she say the word killed? As she is mentally ill she is talking all nonsense, sir. Please, sir! We will sign and go, sir. No! You have to stay here. There’s something fishy. Just stay aside. Brother, do you have a mobile? No! I’m Sarpanch… Sarpanch’s husband! She can’t stay a minute without me. Wait, he will get a call within two minutes. Damn it! You sighed me to run even after I said no See what happened… They beat and made us sit here. If they knew the actual truth… They will see our end. What did I do? I did the same what others do when they are angry. Is it wrong? Sir! I’m Sarpanch’s husband! Let it be. He roamed with her… And he killed her. Killed..! Why did you leave him? Sir, he is police He is not the police. Catch him! Move! Tell me are you police? what’s your height? Why did you show like this while going? Sir, someone said that if we wave like this at police, they will not stop us Then why did you write ‘police’ on the bike? My brother is the police. Not me. How does your brother go for duty? sir we have four bikes Among those four bikes… ‘Press’ is written on one bike. Another bike… ‘Police’ is written on other 3 bikes, sir. If one person is police then how can you write ‘police’ on all the bikes? Come and pay the fine. You are claiming that I… I… I have killed Who caught the legs while killing? Wasn’t it you? Have you forgotten? Are you thinking of blaming me alone? She caught legs while killing… Listen! You are rebuking me… Who said you to kidnap her? Kidnap..? Remember… You are the one who said to me to choose any one of my choices So I kidnapped one. I didn’t like… Hence I murdered. Yes! She said to choose one… Stop… Stop..! Hey, police inspection is going on there. If they ask for fine we will lose all the money. Why are you afraid of the police? My uncle has a tractor business… He knew everyone. You just wait for a while. Let it be, brother. It’s already becoming late for the party. We can’t wait anymore for these things. Let’s go! Yeah, let’s go! Wait! Listen to me. Wait a minute. Wait! Why are you so afraid? A few minutes ago I have taken money from A.T.M… It’s better to keep each one 200 rupees. If one loses… Other’s money will be safe. Is it okay? Do you have RC? No, sir. Do you have a driving license? No, sir. No.? Helmet..? We don’t have anything, sir. You have nothing. 3 members came on a single bike but have nothing. Take out 200 rupees each and put it in that bike. We don’t have that much money. We will pay online. Want to pay online.? Then come to sir. No, sir. No! You handle it, sir. You wanted to pay online, right? But here everything is offline. Go! Hey, what are you looking at? Sir, my uncle is an S.I. Once talk to him, sir. Your uncle is an S.I.? S.I.? Okay then come to sir. Sir! Please, sir! What’s your decision now? No more excuses. Take out the money and put it in the bike. One of you go by this road and the remaining two go on the bike. What do you say? Okay, sir. Then do it fast. Tell me. Isn’t that you who murdered when screaming? Murdered when screaming… (low voice) How can you laugh after murdering a person? I do whatever I would like to do. Am I not earning? If you earn… You kill? Show me your driving license. I don’t have, sir. RC? No, sir. Whose bike is this? My uncle’s, sir. Where are you coming from? From college, sir. Marriage! Where are you going? Hospital, sir. Restaurant! Okay, get down… And sit down. No, sir. Later, let’s call your father… He will see your end. Please, sir. Please! Move! Please, sir. I beg you, sir. I’ll touch your feet. Please, sir. Please, sir! Please, sir! Please, sir. Don’t say this to my father. Is he requesting or threatening? Hey, get up! Call your father. Give me your father’s number. Please, sir. (low voice) Make them sit there. Why these kids are behaving like this? These kids showed me hell. Ahh… (in pain) Good morning sir! Come to sir. Good morning sir! Good morning sir! (low shivering voice) (sniffing) Did you drink OC? Yes, sir. I drank OC. (sniffing) Hey! What? Did you drink Signature? Yes, sir. Sir! Bribe, sir? Are you asking me, sir? Wait! There is nothing to do with you. Come to sir. Sir! Sir! Get down. Sir! Come… Come! (angrily) Sir! Sir! Good morning sir! Did you drink? A little bit, sir. Blow the instrument (low voice). Hey! Fold your hands. Sir! Blow the instrument Sir, I won’t blow the instrument Blow! No, sir! Blow! No, I won’t sir. Why are you so afraid? Blow! My lungs are damaged, sir. My health is not good. I won’t blow, sir. You look young and nothing will happen to you. Blow! No, sir. See! All my hair is turning to white. Hey! Don’t act smart. I’ll smash you. Who is going to beat me? He is acting smart. No one is around just beat him. Ohhh… Ahhh… (crying in pain) Sir! Someone is coming. Why do you want to suffer? Just blow He damaged this. Bring another one. It’s a new one. Don’t spoil this. Just blow it. He is acting too smart. Handover the bike. You come to me tomorrow morning. What happened? Police inspection is going on. Since how long? Around half an hour. Once you get the punishment you will come to know your fault. Yeah, correct! Fault..? Whenever I did kidnap… You said that my son is great… My son is extraordinary… Why are you speaking like this now? Is it because we caught by the police? What kind of a mother you are! Sir! Please come here. Come, sir. What happened? Where did you find these people? What happened? What have you done? Nothing, sir. What happened? These people are deadly criminals. All the crimes in Telangana are done by these two people, sir. Hang them up. I’m observing since then… We don’t know anything, sir. I… I didn’t do anything, sir. Promise! I don’t know anything, sir. Don’t believe, sir. They said they killed someone. I don’t know anything, sir. Promise, sir! Tell me the truth. I don’t know anything, sir. Promise! Promise, sir! Promise! Tell me! Promise, sir! (crying) Don’t beat, sir. I’ll tell the truth. Then tell me. I’ll tell you, sir. You just wait. We have stolen the hens, sir. Stolen hens..! Stolen hens..! You two said that you caught the legs and he killed her… That’s the thing. He caught the head… I caught the legs… We cut and ate it. Nothing more than this. That’s all sir… That’s all. Then why did you overact since morning? Promise sir! We steal hens, cut and eat them, sir. Other than this we have done nothing. Promise sir! Promise sir! That means they have killed hens..? Oh, God! Promise sir! Uncle! Real police are coming. Jump! Real police..? Let’s run! I’m sarpanch’s husband! Go! I’ll go after my wife comes. Go! I don’t have any fear.

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