‘UNLV Students Get Schooled’ Sneak Peek | Bar Rescue (Season 6)

I can’t do normal recon ’cause we don’t have
an operation yet.But I wanna watch
these students.
I wanna see where their
strengths and weaknesses lie,
where their passions lie, and figure out where we have
to elevate their skills and abilities to be prepared
for this event. Mark:
What I’ll be looking for today
is that the students
can meet the timethat I’ve allocated for them,and then taste
and presentation. I’m gonna give you guys
20 minutes from start to plate, then what I’m gonna do is
right before you guys plate, I’m gonna come over
to the beverage side. I’m gonna give you guys each
three minutes to produce your drinks,
and then I’m gonna come back
to culinary and we’ll try all the food.
Let’s go. Here we go. So, Kristina is that student.Why did you choose this dish
Because snapper is like a fish that’s local in the Bahamas. I am from Nassau, Bahamas.I love to show the Bahamian
culture flavors
and cuisine to the world. I like it. Getting some color in there. Shivangi, how we doing? I’ve cardamom, saffron,
there’s rose extract, roasted pistachios
and almonds. So it’s a lot
of, like, Indian spices, – and just waiting for it
to, like, boil.
– Beautiful. So seviyan is a very
traditional Indian dish that actually comes
from my family, and my mom and my grandma
used to make it for me.I’m just as passionate
about cooking
as my mom and my grandma, and
I really wanna make them proud. How we looking, Steven? So we’re doing bone marrow
five ways. So, what is that,
a little lemon? Tiffany:No, it looks like
a little truffle oil maybe.
Truffle oil.
That’ll give it some flavor. – Yeah.
Oh, man, culinary.This is my place
to be creative.
It’s up to me to decide
how I wanna go about it. So I say okay.
You know, shine and dine
not whine and dine.I wanna shine and dine.I’m a rebel at heart. I was a rebel
before I came to UNLV. Tiffany:You know, marrow itself
for a gala, it’s hard,
because you really don’t want
people scooping their own–
their own marrow on it.We’ve done
bone marrow butter – on the toast–
– It holds better. – Oh, yes.
– So there’s Geo. So this is
the regular ahi poke. – The next one I’m gonna be
doing is the spicy poke.
– Okay. Growing up,
going to my grandpa’s housejust standing there
watching him cook for me
really inspired me.
So my goal out of UNLV
is to own my own restaurant. Mark:
You guys have 11 minutes. No, it’s tart, but I think that’s just
the champagne coming through. I think it’s perfect. My passion, it goes beyond
just the food and beverage. What my true passion is,is for me to create somethingto give somebody else
an experience.
And so I stand up on the table
and shake those drinks, and, you know,
I give the whole show, but my cocktail is the main
focus of it. – Still get in there, through.
– And I’m guessing he’s trying to get some foam out
of that cocktail. Brian:
He’s used a little blender,
which isn’t a common tool
you find behind most bars. Beverage, we’re gonna
come back to you guys. Go ahead and start
and we’ll give ’em a try. Good. Just– Just make sure
you guys have the right ratios, that your pours are on. – I just ( bleep ) up.
– It’s okay. My grandma and grandpa
had a small restaurant and motel right
on the Mississippi River.So it always stuck with me,
I always had a passion for it.
I love pleasing people.
I love, like, customer service. Jon:
You know what’s nice, Brian?
They’re really attractive

That’s right.If you were sitting
at the bar and you saw
that rainbow of colors,
you’d sit there and say,
“I don’t know what’s going on here,
but I wanna sit down.” Jon:
That’s Carly over there.
Brian:It looks like
they’re using gold leaf,
which is very popular
in the pastry department.
I’m not in love with it.
I don’t like things floating
in my cocktail. Okay, it’s ready for tasting. Your acidity level dropped
just a little bit, so maybe just a little bit
more lime. – More lime. Thank you.
– But– yeah. Yeah. I think the balance is good. The strawberry comes out. If you got an order
for ten of those, you’d be, – you know, trying–
– That’d take me
the longest to do. – Right.
– Beautiful cocktail, – but you can’t make ten of them
when you’re busy.
– That’s exactly right. – And last but not least.
– Whoo! I wouldn’t change anything. – Whoo!
– No, I think it’s great. Brian:The students seem
so eager and anxious.
The number one concern for me
right now is speed. Culinary, we have about seven
minutes to be on the plate. Jon:
Look at the pace.
Slow.So we have to go at
these students a little bit.
We have to get them fast
in a matter of days. – They’re not used to that.
– I mean, you know,
I don’t how they’ll respondwhen their back
is against the wall.
No longer am I smiling.What we’re gonna be doing
is real-life situation.
All right, five minutes
to be on the plate. Jon:
There’s no education here
with regard to coordination,
speed, teamwork.
And those are
the three big things that we have to make happen
four days from now. One more minute. I’d be less than honest
if I didn’t tell you
I’m worried to hell, guys.

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