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okay to you sweet very cool very very cool so we've incorporated some of the local colors and brought them in to this boutique hotel Cali how you feeling amazed Room 205 is is an amazing amazing room it's a New Mexico feel I don't know there's no bait but you don't mind do no no no I think it's gorgeous I do the balls are still beautiful and yet we have all this color and it goes so well with the area that we're in I've had in color but there's something I've taken away there are no more waivers for your guests to sign is that good with you Kelly it's awesome the front desk no longer has waivers and the new rooms are colorful they fit with exactly where we are in this historic district I am very proud to show people the new rooms I've got one very small thing to show you you ready they are this you love Oh that's what I call a pool yes remember there was leaves and crap everywhere now welcome to one of the hippest one of the coolest pools anywhere in New Mexico that is the oasis in the middle of the day Brown is that hideous fence and replaced it with new turf and pool furniture to die for beautiful it is it is people will just want to come and hang out here now BAM this is awesome the pool absolutely beautiful never seen anything like it if we don't have pool parties now then something's wrong this is your fantastic Cabana area done is the stage if you want to seem Kelly do it in the shower I'll be serving a lot of drinks out here I'm hoping the business is gonna absolutely kick off with this wonderful pool now that you have a stunning outside area let me introduce you to your new poolside menu Wow so you start off with a lovely refreshing tomato gazpacho beautifully marinated seasoned lovely with extra virgin olive oil fish tacos as well I'm gonna evolve our yes and delicious fruit kabob well it's a great wonderful fresh fruit mango orange lime coconut and seasoned where there's wonderful green local chilies a taste of New Mexico not Tuscany Kelly without standing the tomato gazpacho is magnificent I'm very proud to cook this food it makes sense and it goes with New Mexico it I think it's excellent have a good look at the menu get used to it because we're gonna be pushing it big-time seen a minute this makeover is the biggest I've done in any of the hotels are visited there's over 150 thousand dollars worth of upgrades and have never been happier with the improvements it's exactly what the guests need if I was Kelly I'd be over the moon green chillies pecans everything that New Mexico is about we have it on the menu you know the guacamole we have the salsa what I do with the five cases of hamburger bones that I just brought in and even more hey what we want to spend an hour putting things away every night and then bring them out every morning this is what Ramsey gave the hotel on flavor flavor flavor flavor who do I hire to do that this is a lot of work I can't I can't I can't oh my god there's things that I'm concerned about the pools out standing up it's scary to me because I've got a pretty big job ahead of me now and the linens major pain in the ass so many things that I'm gonna have to do that right now you know I'm really like freaking out over this and went on what I'm gonna do is raise prices Cali is a little overwhelmed right now I do believe she likes the fact that it's more New Mexican Jesus God Almighty but how is Cali where is all my where's all my what's that mean they all the other stuff that you took away what stuff tapestries oh I know you took down all the grapes yes it was covered in a pretty big hole in that wall show me about oh it's not what you're worried about is a plastic bunch of grapes to hide this where's somebody hit it with a table we can get your Craig's back and you can stick plastic grapes back on the wall let me show you something for two seconds I want to show something really important just have a look at that out there it's exactly what your guests need and want let me show you something oh oh there it is I look at that amazes them there and look at this pile of in here and you'll start to create a fuss forgetting that this hotel is about the guests and you start putting the team on edge because you want plastic grapes here's what I'm gonna do for you in 15 minutes I will clear all that furniture okay and I'll put it back in my van and this here I'll put back in there

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