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Do wine experts drink cheap supermarket wines? You haven’t done this kind of extremely cheap wine tasting? Why would one want to do that? Just remind me again why I would want to do that. Peter is a very picky ultimate wine expert. It could be a little fuller on the palate. It’s slightly hollow. You didn’t make a major bargain. What will he say about the cheapest supermarket wines? Heheheheh~ Heheheheh~~ Hmm! I cannot surrender here! I buy the 30 cheapest red wines and he is obliged to taste them. He cannot escape from his destiny! I decided to buy only red wines Under $8. Target was the first on my list. I bought 5 cheap red wines here. Then I went to Walmart. Target and Walmart are two of the supermarkets most highly respected by Americans. But because not all Walmarts sell alcohol, “No alcohol here at the store.” I had to go to more than one Walmart store. So if you are going to Walmart, check that your local Walmart does sell wine. Then I went to another Walmart. At this Walmart, I bought 10 bottles of wine. All of them are under $8 of course! Then I went to Aldi. At Aldi I bought 9 bottles of wine! In terms of price, Aldi was the best but the service was not good. Actually there was no service. Aldi was the only supermarket where you need a quarter to use a cart. But the wine was very cheap and that’s good enough! Then I went to Vons. I didn’t like how Vons’ system works. Vons’ price tags always show 2 different prices, which are regular price and club price. Practically, Vons’ club prices are close to normal prices in other supermarkets. If you are not a Vons club member or do not plan to be one, you may pay more there. Service was good though. It was the only supermarket which put my purchases into a box. Let’s taste these with Peter. Peter doesn’t know what I’m planning! I’m just looking here, I think when I get reincarnated, I want to come back as a bird. The only problem is, “How will I hold the wine glass?” Put that thing on underneath your pajamas. This is not pajama! Next time when you buy your shirts, not in the sleep aisle. I changed our plan a little bit. OK. So I visited a lot of big supermarkets today. Costco again, Aldi, Vons, Walmart and Target. 5 hypermarkets. There are some good news and bad news. Hah! Bad news, I prepared for a lot of bottles. How many? That’s good news. I thought they were 31. Thirty one! Yes? But they are only 29. Ah, and that’s the good news. Yes, that’s very good news. OK. If we don’t finish it… Look what we do to ourselves to provide you with good information. Yes, we try hard. Yes. Right? Yes. Thanks for your… Don’t thank me. Thank my liver. Thank you, Peter’s liver. So we are going to taste 29 wines. OK. Under $8. Under EIGHT dollars! Yes, good news! Even better news. I numbered on all of them, so we’ll do it blind but I tried to select as many Cabernet Sauvignon as possible because people love to drink Cabernet Sauvignon. Oh, OK. So most of them are Cabernet Sauvignon. OK. You said you got 29 bottles, so we’ve got 5 glasses each. So we are going to do it in 6 flights. 5 flights of 5 and 1 flight of 4. OK. Would you eventually select Top 4 here and the Worst 3 here? YES. We’ve got a lifetime supply of $7 wine here. I didn’t say it’s $7 wines. It’s under $8. Oh, that’s right. So some are probably $2.99. Usually if you do a blind tasting of wines, the one that comes last in the tasting is usually not the cheapest wine. Is it so? Really? In my experience. Frankly speaking for today I didn’t plan anything. So… It looks like it. Yes, you are right. And the plan is working perfectly. What you did plan was a frontal assault on my liver, which is a problem. Not really. I love your liver. They are precious to me. OK… You haven’t done this kind of tasting at least for about 40 years. Meaning what? This kind of extremely cheap wine tasting. Why would one want to do that? Just remind me again, why I would one want to do that? Because I want it. You know I’m an old man and I’ve lived by one primary policy. For my entire life, one primary policy! What is that? Life is too short to drink bad wine. I didn’t ask you for drinking. And you know how old I am, which means I’ve drunk very little bad wine. OK. So we do this now. OK, let’s stop complaining. At first time, I’m going to nose the wines, actually look at them and nose them. So the wines have to look good and it has to smell good. Number 1. Shocking. Absolutely terrible. Sweet, one dimensional, soda pop, no. So it was not a good start. Not a good start. So I reveal our first flight. Yes, please. The first one is Yellow Tail Shiraz. Horrible. I just picked this up even thought it’s Shiraz because you can find it everywhere. At convenience store, too. Yes, Yellow Tail is very very popular. It’s one of the biggest selling wines. Not worth drinking. It’s true. Well, how much did it cost? $5.49. It’s not drinkable. Second wine was very good. Good entry, nice acid, balance… Look. At this kind of price point, what I was looking for was real wine. Yes. And that was real wine. First one was not. So that got my highest score of the flight. And then, second one is Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s not bad. It’s very good. Yes and the price is $4.99. Surprisingly good. Yes, that was good. Third wine, very bad. It would appear that the makers of wines to be sold at this price are happy to insult the clientele, for the most part, then by making the wines sweet, overly sweet. Almost all of these wines have got some level of sugar in them, higher than one would expect in higher priced wines. The purpose of that kind of behavior is to hide something, right? Well, no. I don’t think these wines have got so much to hide. It’s more about appealing to a palate that would rather be consuming soda pop. And the third one is, you were right, it’s Pinot Noir. Yellow Tail again. So you really hate Yellow Tail. I really hate Yellow Tail. That’s exactly. There is some exact coherence, right? Yes, yes. And what are the prices of two Yellow Tail wines? $5.49. Numer 5. Quite a lot of oak again. But this oak is chips or whatever but they did a good job here. California Roots. What did you think? I didn’t like, especially like this one but I really liked this Barefoot. Yes. The Barefoot was a surprise. Yes. A real surprise. It is true. But you see it’s got a good score from the Sommelier Challenge. So we are not the only ones that liked it. I’ve never heard of Sommelier Challenge. Me neither. It’s probably something they invented. What does it say there? “Gold 93 points 2017 Sommelier Challenge.” One would hope it’s a real competition. You never know, you know. Gallo just might invent that award. I think you’re right. But the point is that it’s good wine. That is true. For $4.99, it does not disappoint. Alright, let’s… You take off the capsules and I open the vino. It’s fun, Peter. Isn’t it fun? If we were drinking 29 bottles of wine v $50 and up, it would probably be a little bit more fun. No, but it is fun. Yes. Blind wine tasting is as much fun as you can have with your clothes on. I still don’t understand why you say that. It’s interesting what percentage of them are closed with cork. You’d think at this price everything would be screwcap. That is true. There is no even a single screwcap. Was there not one? No. It’s really interesting. Alright. Whew… Too much fun for me. I’m closing the bottles because I don’t think you would want more wine. You would be right. I’ll have to get Valerie to open a bottle of Chateau Margaux or something because I have to recover from this shit. You really look unhappy, Peter. It’s an assault on the palate, I’ll tell you that! We are only on the second flight. We are supposed to be partners, right? You are not supposed to punish me. (We tasted the wines blind.) (We ranked all 29 wines below, including where they were purchased.) (Once the video ends, check them in detail!) As time goes by you look more unhappy. Because as time goes by I realize that it might just as well be the same wine, every single one of them but the thing is that the wine, the same wine that it is, is the worst. So this wine being wine #6, a little paler, some fruit but very tutti fruity. Very tutti fruity? Yes, sort of like, very slightly artificial fruity nose. Do you know the movie Top Gun by Tom Cruise? And there was a song, OST, called Tutti Fruity. OK. Thank you for that piece of useless information in the context of wine tasting. Sweetish entry, very one dimensional, it’s not the worst in this flight. It’s OK. Number 6 is Quail Oak. This is my first time to see this label. We probably had the same wine 45 times all with different labels for different supermarkets. It’s $4.99. OK, this is #7 now. It actually was not bad at all on the all palate. In fact, actually there was something there. There was some grip, it was actually dryish versus the others, it was closer to real wine than most of them, good acidity and fruit. I thougt this was the best wine of the flight. Sutter Home. That was my best wine of the flight. I thought it was good. The palate not too bad. Wine #8, they really messed with this wine. It’s either Red Muscat or it’s red wine with a few drops of Muscat but they really messed with this wine. We are not going to start talking about terroir here, OK? Lots of VA, a wine that’s just 100% pandering. The people really begining to drink wine, they might like this one, no? You mean if they just just just started drinking… yes. It may well be true but you still haven’t taught them anything. You have to teach them to drink wine. Your chances of teaching them to drink wine or to go more with wines like #7 or #2. With this, it’s not going to teach you anything. So it’s just going to teach when you have reals wines, “No, I prefer that stuff.” Eighth one is Beringer Main & Vine, Red Crush. This, I thought the worst wine in the flight. It’s not 100% wine, it’s got something else in it. The vintage? Do you expect vintage from this wine? OK. $5.99. And worth half that. It doesn’t say it’s sweet and it’s very sweet. It says semi dry. Why do you laugh? 12 times top 100 winery of the year! Yes… If you remeber, the worst of the worst wine at Costco, it was from Beringer, too. Really? Yes. Do you remember that wine from a bourbon barrel? Oh, was that Beringer? Yes. OK. And then the last one, unfortunately the wine is spoilt by a very high level of VA, on the palate the slight promise that was delivered by the nose, is completely ruined. No, I don’t want it. No. “No” or “no, no”? No, no. You look tired, Peter. I was tired when I got here, the wines not doing much to improve me. Look at that bottle! Yes, Intermingle. It’s nice bottle and nice label. Isn’t it? Beautiful. Maybe they spent too much money for the bottle. The bottle and the label and they didn’t have any money left for the fruit. You know, I’m sorry, I would love to like this wine. It’s a beautiful bottle, it’s wonderful packaging. What can I tell you? It’s bad wine. $6.99. Next! I didn’t serve you the 4th and the 5th wine. I thought you were being kind. Yes, I was saving some for my wife. If you want to stay married, you’d better give it to me. Oh, this is… this is a real pain in the ass. We start with wine number? Eleven. There is nothing really bad, nothing really good. So excited! Earth’s harvest. Made with organic grapes! And it’s Merlot. And the price? Wow, $ 3.89. Really? Yes. And it’s organic grapes. Number 12. It’s almost like wine. You know, acceptable. Burlwood Cellars, Cabernet Sauvignon, $4.49. Very cheap. It’s not bad at all. I find the wines at Aldi, they are really cheap. Number 14. These two, last two are interesting wines. They are more like real wine. And then #15? These two, the last two are wine. They are making wine here, they are not pandering. #14 I’m not sure but #15 I think my best wine of the flight. La Cornada Tempranillo Crianza. $4.49. F*** good! Aldi is good. Jay, I’m getting cold. Then I warm you up. That’s what I was worried. That’s why I didn’t tell you early, I was worried. You know, you said it will be finished by 7:30pm, it’s 6:30pm already. Yes, we hurry up. No shit. 3 more flights, let’s do it. Yes. Number 20- Ha…. You need to try #17. That’s a wine worthy of the death penalty. Oh yes? #17? Then I’ll skip #17 and I only listen to your explanation about it. Oh, you need to. It’s an education. Hmm… I’m thrilled! I love this #17, Peter! You love it? Wow, it gives me a headache. Brettanomyces along with everything else. A lot of VA, too, right? You name it, this wine’s got it. This wine is a doctor’s specimen. This wine should be in a hospital. It would train want-to-be doctors. Just one wine teaches them everything they need to know about illness. That’s #17. It’s even much much worse in your mouth. It’s really bad. Wow. I have no idea what it is. It’s just so bad. Volatile acidity, brett, nail polish, who knows what it is. You know, just a fatally flawed wine. Chianti. Medium bodied red wine blend. No shit. What do you mean by “no shit”? … blend… Whoever did that should be in jail. And whoever bought should be in jail. I bought this! Yes, and the price? It’s $4.49. It’s good news that I spent only $4.49. Yes but it’s so bad. I’m not reimbursing you for this one. I know what I can pay for Chianti that’s drinkable and you can do better than that. At least you don’t have to have flawed wine. And what, the people that buy Chianti, they couldn’t pay $5.49? And get a bottle of wine that you can actually put in your mouth? Anyway. I like #19. I think this is a very good wine for beginners. A little bit of complexity, a little bit of grip, a little bit of acidity, half way decent finish, I like the wine. And that was my best wine of the flight. It’s Blackstone Merlot. This one I bought at Costco. I found this Blackstone everywhere today. In almost every shop. Number 20. This isn’t messing with us, it’s not pandering wine. And so an OK-wine. Menage a Trois Dark Red Blend. $6.98. $6.98? Oh, it’s cheaper than $6.99! Where did you get it? From Walmart. Not as good as some but nice. Alright, still got 9 to go. This #21 is really bad. #21? Yes. The first one on this flight. It’s really sh**. It’s bretty. I thought it might be another Chianti. It’s #21. Wow, you were perfectly right. Another bretty Chianti. Exactly another bretty Chianti. And you know how much I love Chianti. It breaks my heart for people to put that out and call it Chianti. And this is Gabbiano! We are not talking about…(a crappy winery). I love this winery actually. Yes. It’s a good winery. What do they charge for that? $6.47. Why do you laugh? I love when you laugh like that. Because it’s Bretty. $6.47… So you think it’s not even worth $1, right? It’s got brett, it’s not worth anything. I don’t want to drink it under two circumstances. If they’ve got brett in there and they didn’t mean to have brett there, then it’s a flaw. I don’t want to drink it. If they’ve got brett in there because they meant to have brett there, then they are idiots, I don’t want to drink it. So the answer is the same. The answer is the same. At least you can pour out the wine and you can recycle the bottle. It’s true. Californian recycling value, $0.15. Or whatever it is. #22, One dimensional. But you know what? Solid. Whithin the genre, acceptable wine. I really think I have tasted this wine among the previous ones. You tasted something or something like this 10 times already. They probably all get it at the same place. They just change the labels and supply them to various supermarkets, right? Yes, unfortunately but yes. Dominant Seven, typical recipe wine. Exactly, yes. It costs $7.96! Seriously expensive wine. Not that seriously, Peter. In this line-up, that’s the most expensive wine we’ve had! And #23? I got some complexity here. Me, too. Which is a surprise. I didn’t expect it. I like this wine quite much. Successful wine. Oh, Rex-Goliath. OK. The giant 47 pound rooster? Yes, this is a very big brand. It’s $4.67. Bloody good value. Yes, I like this one. Rex-Goliath… Haha, Rex-Goliath. I liked #25. A bit of boot-polish character which I don’t
particulary like. But warm bread which I usually associate with Bordeaux. But this isn’t Bordeaux. This style of wine is like Coffee-Pinotage. Yes, right. It’s very coffee. Many people must like it. I liked it. And this one is Dark Horse. It’s from Walmart. Original Dark Horse Cabernet and price? $2.76. You are shitting me, really? So that’s the best value for wine we’ve had today. That is true. Yes. It’s not the best wine that we had today but best value for money. $2.76. I checked it again and… There are a few things that we can draw from this. At least don’t buy cheap Chianti from these guys. Those cheap Chiantis are the only two cheap Chiantis that I could find at these… Because other people look at and say there is a reason why these Chiantis are cheap. I think it was Einstein who said, “Things should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”. Wine should be as cheap as possible, but not cheaper. What you’re looking at here is, it’s too cheap for Chianti. So you can only buy, at least on the showing of these two, you can only buy bad Chianti for those kind of prices. It’s true. They were really bad. You are coming back! Your energy is back, Peter. Because we’ve only got 4 left. The very last flight. 31 wines! Inestimable damage to my health! All to save you guys a trip to the wrong store. Peter, it’s 29. Well, it feels like 50! #26, it had slightly more complexity than a lot of the others. It was OK. Lucky Duck Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile. The price is $3.96. It’s good value. $3.96. Amazing value. Oops, I spilt it a little bit. I’m sorry it was your favorite, so… It’s OK. I was not going to have anymore if that’s what you mean. Number 27? A complete disaster. Perfect adherence to a crappy recipe, which by the way is my same comment for #29. Oak Leaf Cabernet Sauvignon. The price is $2.76. Can you make wine with $2.76 a bottle? You understand that to sell this for $2.76 because the retailer is also making profit. These guys are probably, say, getting that on the shelf for $2.00. To get this on the shelf with $2.00, all the shipping and the handling and the commissions, whatever else goes there, the cost of the bottle, the packaging, the cork… Yes. Essentially you get the grapes for nothing! So considering that it’s not made with grapes, it’s pretty good! I was really concentrating on your comment and… Oh, I was just doing a quick analysis. And then #28, there was more complexity on this wine. Actually I liked the #26 the best by a whisker. BV Coastal Estate. Cabernet Sauvignon, California. BV is Beaulieu Vineyard. And the price? $6.98. No, no, sorry, $7.98. No, sorry, $6.98. How many times do you want me to change it? And N.29 was a complete disaster. Not a disaster. Just the recipe, the sweetness, the jammyness, the wood. OK, then doodoong… Thank, G_d. The last bottle, #29. Robert Mondavi Private Selection Cabernet Sauvignon. And the price? $7.98. The most expensive one. It’s from Robert Mondavi. What I can say this for that wine with absolutely no concern about truthfulness. Here is my question, Peter. Yes. If you were 18 years old right now… If I were 18 years old right now, you think I would be sitting here with you talking about shitty wine? If you were 18 years old… Which one would I drink? No. Oh, OK. Not really. You just met a beautiful girl named Valerie(Peter’s wife). Hmm! Don’t do that. Don’t to that. You whole life flashs before your eyes when you do that. Don’t be cruel to your wife! And she is so attractive, so you want to go out with her. You are going to prepare 4 bottles of wine. What would you choose for that TOP 4 BEST? Now I’ve got to think in terms of Valerie or I’ve got to think in terms of good wine? In terms of good wine, please. OK. In terms of the combination of price and quality, Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon was our first choice. Sutter Home Cabernet Sauvignon was excellent, too. La Cornada Tempranillo Crianza was impressive. Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon was very good as well! These four made our list as the best wines. On the contrary, both Chiantis were suggesting that one has to pay more for Chianti worthy of the name. For the third worst wine, there was a tie between Yellowtail Shiraz and Beringer Main and Vine Red Crush. The two Chiantis were flawed. Yellow Tail Shiraz wasn’t flawed, Beringer Red Crush was not flawed either. But we got floored by them! If you enjoyed our video, don’t forget to subscribe and like our page!

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