Ultimate LaCroix Taste Test

Today we rank our flavor-ite
LaCroix flavors. Let’s talk about that. ♪(intro music)♪ Good Mythical Morning. LaCroix sparkling water
has tidal waved over this country in a tumultuous, bubble-some,
extravaganza of liquid. – Oh!
– That is impacting everyone. It’s impacting wedding parties,
costumes at Halloween. And the hands of every hipster
that you’ve ever come in contact with. And the ironic thing is,
is this stuff’s been around since 1981, and it’s made in Wisconsin. – Not France, but Wisconsin.
– What? But that’s not going to stop us
from figuring out which one we think is the best.
it’s time for, – ♪(orchestral music)♪
– (Link) ♪ Don’t LaCroix for me, (Link) ♪ Argentina. ♪ As you can see, we have donned
the dual action LaCroix tasting device. I don’t know what the dual actions are,
you basically pour LaCroix into it, – and then you drink it.
– Well, there’s two tubes. Oh. That’s the dual part. It’s a double, single action
LaCroix delivery device. Now we’re going to be tasting
only the single flavor LaCroix flavors. The regular can. There’s more than–
There’s more if you combine flavors. We’re just doing the single flavors,
and we’re going to have a real Wisconsinite
pour all of them for us. – Hm mm.
– Let’s get started. ♪(bouncy music)♪ (French accent) Lemon. (exhales) We exhaled at the same time. We exhale at everything, together. (both laugh) That was very lemony. I’ve actually never had a lemon LaCroix. – I don’t know why.
– This is my first as well. I’ve had the lime, haven’t had the lemon. Right off the bat, it has a cleaner-esque
kind of a taste to it, to me. Yeah, like it feels like it cleaned
my palate for something else. Or I sprayed my tongue with, like
sink cleaner. Which, translation, is going to be
pretty low on the one to ten scale. But JMJ underscore thirty three tweeted,
“Lemon LaCroix is sparkling trash water.” – That’s a little harsh.
– (laughs) I don’t think–
I think this is– – It’s the opposite of trash, it’s clean.
– It’s pleasant. It’s very clean trash if it’s trash. I’m going to give this one,
just right down the middle, I’m gonna give it a five. I’m giving this a two,
I’m not picking this one – up off the shelf.
– Woah! – Three then.
– Okay, alright. You scared me into a three. It’s your score, brother. ♪(bouncy music)♪ (French accent) Coconut. (crew laughs) – Eugh!
– Tastes like I licked a sunbather. Which is a lot more pleasant
on the sunbather. – Now, Lizzie and Stevie–
– (Link) Because it says coconut. Both of you said this
is your favorite flavor. I just can’t get my tongue
around this one. – That’s–
– Ugh. It really does taste like I took
Hawaiian tropic and, like was spraying, and got distracted,
and just went (makes spray sounds) – right across the mouth region.
– Which happens. Yeah, I’ve sprayed my mouth a lot. But, I mean, if you drink, like
coconut water, or coconut milk, – it doesn’t taste like this.
– No, ’cause coconut– – Both of those are good.
– Tastes pretty good. Coconut milk and water are both good,
but coconut LaCroix– – Is lotion-y.
– Yeah. Can I give it a zero? I’m going to give it a one. ♪(bouncy music)♪ (French accent) Berry. You like that?
(laughs) He’s got a great Wisconsin accent,
doesn’t he? He does. I don’t think
he said coconut right, though. – Sounded like–
– He said kako-noot. – (crew laughs)
– That was weird. In Wisconsin they don’t know
how to say that. But berry, hmm. What kind of berry is that,
do you think? Who cares?
I like it. It is good though, isn’t it? And, you know what?
It’s good when you burp it – back out through your nose, too.
– Yeah, I can– Well, it’s too late now. It burps–
It berry-fies your nose. It burps my berries. It burps my nose berry. – Which is pretty great.
– At baddate on Twitter says, “Every berry LaCroix
tastes like grandma neck.” – Now I have lots of grandma neck,
– (crew laughs) and this is better than all of it.
But I do know what you’re saying, bad date, – because it’s–
– A lot of grandmas wear fruity cologne. – (Rhett) Or perfume.
– They have floral neck. Berry’s pretty good. I’m going with a seven. I think there’s some better than that. I like the berry. It’s kind of generic-y.
I’m going for a six, – which is still decent.
– Okay. ♪(bouncy music)♪ (French accent) Pamplemousse. – I like it,
– Man. Now, if I’m not mistaken,
this is grapefruit using American. That’s Wisconsin for grapefruit,
is pamplemousse. I would say it’s almost got a spicy thing.
It grips you. – You like it though, right?
– It grips you going down, man. I like that. I like the grapefruit taste. This has the cleaning sensation
of the lemon, but with a slightly different aftertaste
that I’m into. And I don’t like grapefruits
really at all. But I’m liking this a lot. Man, do I like it better than the berry? (strained sounds) No. Five. Seven point one. Woah! ♪(bouncy music)♪ (French accent) Passion fruit. It tastes like fruit made in a lab. – (burps) Ugh.
– You know what I’m saying? It tastes like fruit
that was made by a doctor. A good doctor, though. Really? – Yeah.
– It’s so fake-y to me. Well, have you had a passion fruit? I recently did have passion fruit. Have you ever had just passion? All the time,
and fruit daily. (laughs) Combine them together.
I mean, I would say, I’m genuinely feeling
more passionate having had that. You think it’s an aphrodisiac? – Well, maybe.
– That’s not what we’re judging here. I mean, I feel more in the love mood. (crew laughs) – Well, I wish I wasn’t attached to you.
– (laughs) I’m going with a three. Oh, you hate it. I just disliked it.
I don’t like passion fruit. I have no passion for this fruit. I think it would work
in aphrodisiac senses, but I’m going to give it a four. ♪(bouncy music)♪ (French accent) Pure. (Rhett) Huh? Pure. Really cleaning out the lines. I got every flavor pushed
into my mouth. But then it ended with nothing. – It’s just effervescent nothing.
– You’re leaking. Yeah. There’s not much to it. Theomn tweeted, “This has happened
a couple of times. “Sometimes when I crack open
a plain LaCroix, and take a sip, “it tastes like root beer.” That didn’t just happen to me. – No, maybe you just drunk a root beer.
– Yeah. – I don’t know.
– Is it dark in your kitchen? – (laughs)
– You’re opening the wrong thing, man. I don’t taste any root beer,
but I do like the fact that he called it plain LaCroix,
and not pure. I think pure is their effort to, like,
make you want to spend money on it. I like it.
I got to say, I like the pure, but I feel like it’s not–
I can get just non-flavored sparkling water in so many
different places that it just seems like
a waste with LaCroix. So I’m just going
to give this one a four. One. ♪(bouncy music)♪ (French accent) Lime. Oh, I like this one. The lime really comes through strong
as an aftertaste, which makes me think,
“This is like half as good as a Sprite.” If you combine lemon and lime,
does it make Sprite? Is that what Sprite is? (repeats) No, no.
You’d have to add the sugar. – Oh, that’s right. Okay.
– (laughs) – There’s no sugar.
– I’m a big fan of this one. I feel like, this is a flavor
that was meant to be added – to a sparkling water.
– (Link) Hm mm. If I get a sparkling water at a restaurant,
I’m like, “Please add a lime.” That’s a good point, Rhett. I’m giving this an eight. Hey, so am I.
Eight. It’s an eight. ♪(bouncy music)♪ (French accent) Mango. Pass.
(laughs) This is a tough one, guys. I’m having a crisis of conscience here. (crew laughs) ‘Cause, even though I love it,
I’m like, “Think of all the mangos
that have died for this.” (both laugh) Yeah, right. It’s a moral dilemma, really,
if there ever was one. I like a mango.
I like dry mango. (silly voice) I like a mango. But do I like a wet mango? (normal voice) Well, at toffer says,
“Mango LaCroix tastes like aluminium first, “regret second, bubbles third,
and mango after you have swallowed “and tasted aluminium again.” (laughs) I don’t taste any of those things.
I just taste, like baby food that’s a week old. I taste a lot of tube. – A lot of tube?
– Tube is kind of messing with me. – The tube is strong on this one?
– The tube is strong with this one. I don’t know.
I’m not a fan of this one. It has that fake-y–
The thing about the lime, is that it felt real,
and the mango feels fake again. I’m going to go with a three. I don’t think this edges out berry,
but it does edge out grapefruit for me, so I’m going to five and a half. ♪(bouncy music)♪ (French accent) Apricot. Oh, god.
(laughs) It’s so effervescent. It’s a fresh one. – I feel like I–
– Straight from the truck. Woah!
The apricot bush. Just like I put my mouth
up on the apricot bush, and just drank. I think they grow on trees, man. – What?
– (Rhett) And I don’t think (Rhett) there’s any real apricot. I don’t know.
Is there real fruit in these? Maybe there is.
We’ll put it as an asterisk. I’m sure they’ll tweet at us,
and let us know. It has a fake-y taste to it.
Like, I feel like I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference
between this and mango if you hadn’t of told me. I think this is better than mango. I don’t taste the fake-ness
as much as you do. I’m going to give is a five point
seven five. Five point seven five? This one is better than mango,
but it still has a fake-y taste, three point five. ♪(bouncy music)♪ (normal accent) Orange. (crew laughs) That’s refreshing. Man, that’s good,
if you like orange. Citrus always works well with it. You know, citrus really works well
with sparkling water. Who would have thunk? I though it was
(French accent) orange, – (normal accent) but not in Wisconsin, I guess.
– No. (French accent) Orange. (normal accent) Yeah, this is good. It’s just a question of,
is this better than lime to me? I don’t know. I’m giving this one an eight point one. Because I do believe
that it is better. ‘Cause it has this sweetness,
a little bit of the sweetness of the orange, but the same
refreshing quality of the lime. Eight point one.
This is my favorite. I think not.
Eight point one? I’m giving it a seven. Okay, so that means
that orange is my favorite, lime is your favorite,
but the overall collective favorite, and the official LaCroix of GMM,
is lime. (Rhett) Followed by orange,
followed by berry. Let us know in the comments
what your favorite LaCroix flavor is. Thank you for liking, commenting,
and subscribing. You know what time it is. Hi, I’m Jordan from Sheboygan, Wisconsin and I just got done with a Brewer game
at Miller park, and it’s time to spin
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we’re gonna do a LaCroix burp taste test. – Oh, me.
– Totally different thing, very important. – ♪(fanfare music)♪
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