Ultimate Clean With Me 2020 | Vodka Cleaning Hacks | Speed Cleaning Motivation

hi everyone and welcome back to Faith
and Flour if you’re new here my name is Robin and I have got some ultimate
cleaning motivation for you today we are going to be cleaning in the kitchen in
the bathroom I’m gonna be showing you a recipe at the end of the video and I’m
also going to be showing you some hacks for cleaning with vodka if you guys have
been watching me for long you will know that I have a disinfecting cleaning
spray that I make myself using vodka I used to use rubbing alcohol you can
substitute that for this recipe and I’ll have the full recipe in the description
box below basically it contains vodka distilled
water a little bit of castile soap and then some essential oils I use this
disinfecting spray to clean almost every surface in our home with the exception
of our wood furniture and I like adding this Defender essential oil it is from
Simply Earth and I’ll have a link for that below as well in the description
box but it has antibacterial and antiviral properties so along with the
vodka it really zaps all those cold and flu germs that we are fighting this time
of year I love using this to clean our tub and I like spraying it on and then
leaving it for just a little bit so it can start breaking down any buildup in
there using this spray is also my favorite way
to clean the exterior of the toilet I also spray it down really thoroughly let
it sit for a little bit to do its job and then for the interior of the toilet
I like using the method anti back tile it cleaner and I do the same for that I
spray it in there and let it sit for a bit and while we’re waiting I’m going to
show you some really cool hacks for using the vodka that you’ve purchased to
make this disinfecting spray I keep an extra glass bottle filled with just
straight vodka for doing tons of different things around our home by the
way these glass bottles come from the Grove Collaborative I love them and of
course I have a link for you in the description box every few months when I’m changing the
sheets on our bed I like to spray down our mattress with a mist of vodka it’s a
really great odor eliminator you can also add a few drops of your favorite
essential oil to scent it and it works better than any of the commercial odor
eliminators such as for breeze and it’s all natural if you have ever come home
from a night out and your clothes smell like smoke or like the restaurant where
you had your dinner this is a great way to eliminate those odors without a trip
to the dry cleaners just lightly spray and let dry you can use this spray all
over your home on your furniture upholstery on your carpet it even
eliminates bad smells inside shoes if you’re towels ever have a funky smell or
your laundry because you left it in the washer overnight you can just add a half
a cup of vodka to the wash load run it one more time and those odors will be
gone I like using my disinfecting spray or
just straight vodka all over the house on those areas where we touch really
often because these are the areas where we are likely to spread
cold and flu germs other icky viruses so wiping each of those things down with
this vodka is a great way to get rid of those yucky germs something that I have been doing for
years is cleaning my rings and other jewelry and vodka I just take them off
in the evening let them soak in a small glass and in the morning I just wipe
them dry if they’re really dirty you can go in with a soft toothbrush and scrub
the settings in different places where dirt gets caught
but the vodka is beautiful at shining them up and getting them sparkly clean I love cleaning my eyeglasses with vodka
I heard this tip years ago and it works like a charm if you have special
coatings on your glasses that alcohol is not safe for then this would not be a
good solution so make sure you check before using it straight vodka can be
used as a great streak-free cleaner for mirrors windows any glass surface I get
a lot of questions about what to do if you have water spots in your shower on
the glass or on the fixtures and vodka can be a great way to clean those as
well if your water spots have been there for a long time you might want to spray
the surface let it sit for a while maybe repeatedly and then wipe it down on
things like fixtures you can soak a cloth and vodka and lay it over the
fixture that will also help the reason why I choose vodka for this job over
vinegar is because vodka is completely safe for natural stone whereas vinegar
is not if you guys know of any great uses for a vodka make sure to leave them
in the comment section below I would love to hear them now that the disinfecting spray has had
a chance to kill all the germs on the surface of the toilet I will wipe
everything up with a dry paper towel you can use a microfiber cloth or a cotton
cloth if you don’t mind washing those I just like to toss it in the trash when
I’m finished toilet paper also works but I do find
that that can leave some lint behind leaving the antibac tile –it cleaner to
do its job inside the toilet really helps as well and so I just can do a
quick scrub and be finished leaving the spray-on inside the bathtub
also helps loosen up all the dirt and makes it really easy to remove and I’m
just using one of the E-Cloth Fresh Mesh pads to clean the bathroom today it
basically works the same as a microfiber cloth it’s a little bit more absorbent
and holds a little bit more water and it also dries very quickly so it’s great to
leave in the kitchen or the bathroom you can use them multiple times before you
need to clean them and then you can just put them in the washing machine and they
come out good as new I like to dry the shiny surfaces in our
bathroom like the fixtures and the mirrors with an E-Cloth window polishing
cloth this gives it a great streak free shine and doesn’t leave any lint behind and now it’s time to start dinner so I’m
going to show you guys a really easy recipe I spoke about it in a previous
video and it is a vegetable pasta dish that is super easy it’s kind of a one
pot meal and I talked to you guys about the way I like to do my meal planning
which is basically to shop first find all the fresh ingredients and then
figure out the recipes afterwards so having a dish like this in your
repertoire is great because you can switch up the vegetables in a ton of
different ways and use basically any produce that looks extra fresh and good
at the store tonight I’m using fresh green beans mushrooms and shallot the
only prep I have to do is to prepare the vegetables and so I’m trimming the green
beans and then I’m also snapping them in half I’m planning on using some penne
pasta so I kind of like to have the vegetables in sort of bite-sized pieces
and after this I will chop up some mushrooms and a shallot and I will show
you how I assemble this I love using sun-dried tomatoes in this
dish and these are from Trader Joe’s and they are packed in olive oil this is
about an 8 ounce jar and I use about half a jar so that’s 4 ounces and I just
use the oil right along with it so that I don’t add any extra olive oil to this
dish to that I will put in the shallot and let them saute for a few minutes
until the shallots are starting to soften up next I put in the green beans
and I also like to add a little bit of seasoning and that kind of changes from
time to time depending on what I’m in the mood for tonight I’m using a little
bit of dried oregano and dried basil and if you have fresh that’s even better I also add a little bit of salt at this
point you guys I am loving having my spices
here in this drawer next to the stove I wish that I had thought of doing this
years ago after the seasonings I mix in the mushrooms and then I will put the
lid on and let the vegetables steam for a little bit longer and this changes
depending on the vegetables that I’m using as well sometimes I’ll use spinach
or some other quick-cooking vegetable and then I don’t need to let it cook as
long but I want to make sure that the green beans have a chance to soften then
I add in some Marsala wine and if you don’t like cooking with alcohol I want
to encourage you to give it a try all of the alcohol is cooked out and it adds
such a depth of flavor to this dish that just cannot be matched with anything
else if you’re totally dead set against it you could use some stock of some sort
either vegetable or chicken or something like that but it is going to be so much
better if you just give them more solid line a try you could also use some white
wine or sherry and here’s the really naughty but delicious part of this
recipe and that is adding whipping cream and so this is 8 ounces so about a cup I
get this one from Trader Joe’s it is in a tetra brick which means that it’s
ultra pasteurized and it can be left on the shelf for a number of months and so
I like having this on hand especially for this dish and you can definitely use
fresh cream or if you really want a plant-based meal and you don’t want to
have any cream in it but you still want that delicious creamy consistency you
can make a cashew cream so if you just google cashew cream you’ll get the
recipe for that but it’s basically just taking raw cashews soaking them
overnight and then puree them along with some water and you get a beautiful cream
like consistency for this sauce as well just combine your cook pasta with your
sauce and we like to use Barilla gluten-free pasta that’s our favorite
brand it’s made of brown rice and corn and then I like to serve it topped with
some grated Parmesan cheese I will link my recipe in the description box below
if you guys want measurements but like I said this is something that I make all
the time and I rarely actually your things I just toss it in whatever
vegetables I have and I sort of eyeball the pasta too I make sure that I have
more vegetables than pasta and that makes this a one-pot meal that is very
healthy after dinner everyone helps me clear the
table and then they put their own dishes in the dishwasher which is a huge ho anything that I don’t want to put in the
dishwasher I will wash by hand tonight after dinner the dishwasher is
full so I’m going to run it and then I can empty it in the morning it doesn’t
work out this way every night I’ll tend to make sure that the dishwasher is full
before I run it because I think that’s the most efficient thing and then I’m
just going to use my a cloth that is dampened with just water to wash down
the countertops and the stove the last thing I’m going to do tonight
is to wash out my sink and I have a recipe for a DIY cream cleanser which
I’ve shown you guys before I will make sure to put that in the description box
for you as well and it looks like I’m just about out of it so I need to make
myself some more and with the kitchen clean I am going to
call it a day and join my family in the living room to watch a movie together
and just relax thank you guys so much for watching today I hope that it gave
you lots of cleaning motivation to tackle some areas in your home and I
hope you’ve got some great new tips about how to use vodka in a ton of
different ways if you liked the video make sure to give me a thumbs up that
really helps out my channel and if you’re new here I would love for you to
subscribe it’s free and totally easy just click on my picture and if you guys
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thank you guys for spending your time with me today
I really look forward to seeing you in the comments and in the next video have
a great week

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