Trying Alcohol Markers For The FIRST TIME!

So, in today’s video, we are going to look
at alcohol markers. I am going to try using alcohol markers again and I was
sent, by the lovely Tor, a lot of alcohol friendly papers some of them were better
than others just for me to try out to see if I would actually like alcohol
markers again. We are gonna talk about each of these papers and my thoughts and
final opinions about alcohol markers as a watercolor artist or digital artist
and what I think of them. Okay, so a couple of disclaimers before I start talking about these different papers and the alcohol markers themselves at the
end and my actual final thoughts. I just want to say that I did use all of these
from different artists but I had to trace them onto the paper because most
of the papers didn’t fit through my printer and I wanted to test ink smudging
on them. So there are better quality line arts by the actual artists than me
because it’s really hard to trace other people’s artwork. The line quality is
shaky and it’s different and it’s hard but it took me days to do
this and I let the ink cure for like a week before I started doing these. Which I
usually don’t do. I usually just go straight in with paint or whatever I am
doing but I usually don’t use ink either. I used the Uni-Pin Fineliners because those are those ones are my favourites.
I do have Microns and Steadtlers and all that but I really do prefer the Uni-Pin Fineliners for watercolour so I just used
those. Ink and markers, however, is a different story. I have no idea what’s
going on there. Anyway let’s go through a thing
with this thinking about something else distracting myself but anyway. This one
is by Drawingwiffwaffles and I will link everything in the description below
if I can Tor and Katy don’t give away theirs for free so I can’t do
that. I did have one from Mira as well but it was on Letraset paper and I
don’t really want to use that so anyway I have a couple of things that I wanted
to test while I was doing these so I have texture, lay down, absorbency,
the vibrancy, blending, ink smudging, feathering and my overall feel of how
I felt when I was actually doing the artwork. Texture for this one,
there is texture, it’s mixed media paper. Sorry, I should tell you what it is, It’s
Daler Rowney 250 grams per meter squared a hundred and ninety six pounds
acid-free media paper and I have this paper as well, I think, or I did have it
but I used all up. Anyways so there is texture on it but the lay down is pretty
smooth. The absorbency is kinda high, it does soak up more ink than normal marker
paper because it does soak into the paper really quick
but given that, it still is easy to blend or the blending is at least good. I liked
it. The vibrancy of the colors are great and the ink smudging doesn’t happen
which is great, there is no feathering either and overall I felt really good
doing this one. I really enjoyed it. I wish that I actually put more effort
into shading and stuff, I did put colour pencil over the top after I recorded and
I will show you all of them at the end. They’re all at different
stages of completion because I did too many in two days. I should’ve spread out
a little bit more about I was rushing so I wish I didn’t rush. My opinions may
be a little bit skewed based on the fact that I was doing a lot
once and I was getting really bored but overall I think this is a good paper to
use if you don’t mind your ink soaking up really quick and it’s good
for if you want to put coloured pencil on top to give a little bit more texture
and depth. I really enjoyed this paper and I do recommend it again if you don’t
mind your ink running out faster. The next one is hobby craft paper it’s A4 and it’s a 160GSM. Thank you, Tor, for putting all of the
information on the papers so the line art is by Katy on this one and I
really wish that I put my favourite Line arts on the better papers because I didn’t
have fun when it was on a rubbish paper but I didn’t know what paper I was
gonna like and I love all of the line art anyway but I did have fun more with
others but let’s just talk about this The texture: there was a little bit texture and the Lay down is pretty
patchy. It soaks up the ink a little bit but not too much
the blending is okay, it’s vibrant colours. It does smudge the ink however and it
feathers slightly so this paper is probably in my least two. The ink smudged
more on the little dots. and Katys little Charlie
Mouse by the way, if you want to go and check out Katy you can and the link will
be in the description below. You should check out all of these people. They are
all YouTubers and I will leave their links in the description below. Katy, Sorry I didn’t film all of this so I didn’t really film me doing
Charlie’s skin and I’m not sure if I used the right colours but whatever, I was
in a rush. I really want to do a little drawing of Charlie in my own style or
colour Charlie again because he was really fun and I liked him but yeah I
only went over one pass with these markers because I just wasn’t enjoying it. I
did blend but on the small dinosaur and the egg
and the pterodactyl, I think it is, on the top left-hand corner, the yellow one.
The blending is good and the colours are vibrant, it’s just a little bit
patchy but if you go over it again, it won’t be patchy but I don’t want to go
over something that I’ve already done. The biggest problem with me is, I didn’t
have enough patience to wait and finish the drawing because I just kept on
having to go over areas and some areas took a long time to fill up. People say
that you need patience for watercolour but I think that watercolour is quicker than
markers. Let’s move on to the next one because I’ve got a lot to talk about.
The next one, I actually did last because I was saving the best for last. Tor
even put little love hearts and love in brackets on this paper so I expected it
to be good and I think that’s why I didn’t like it as much as I thought I
was gonna like it. I still think it’s one of the best papers, probably the best but
I have a little bit to say about it. This is the X-press it blending card. The line
art is by drawingwiffwaffles and you can get all of her line art that I used
for free but you have to go to her YouTube channel to get the link first
because I’m mean like that. There was no texture, not that I didn’t
like anyway. It’s smooth. The lay down is smooth. Patchy with some brands and
some colours though, for instance, the Copic marker laid on pretty okay and I
really liked using those with it but the spectrum noir markers, especially the
skin tone, which I used TN2 for, was really patchy and I didn’t like it but I
think that you have to go over it and build up the layers with this paper
because I used the Reds on the t-shirt. Well, first of all, I put peach down from the
Winsor Newton brand but I then went over it with spectrum noir and it worked
really well and I liked the results of that t-shirt so I think that with Copic
markers, it’s a learning curve with using all these different papers,
it’s kind of hard to know how to do it, how it reacts. In that sense, I think
that it was a little bit unfair, I guess. The absorbency – It was slightly
absorbent but not too much, like it was perfect pretty much. The vibrant colours,
definitely, the blending was great, the ink smudging was noticeable on thick
lines but not anywhere else, like on the thin lines if you went over them,
they wouldn’t smudge but if you went over the thick lines, it would. The
feathering no, it didn’t feather at all. I loved working with this and probably
would like it more if I had more colour options for Copic markers because the
Copic markers didn’t really blend, like that’s the problem I had. I I didn’t use
or try or know what colours to use and what colours looked good because I didn’t
do any swatching beforehand and the caps are off and it just – it was a nightmare
basically, I probably should have done a little bit more research for this. This
video is going to go well over ten minutes, Sorry about
that but I really want to make this video very helpful for other people that
are trying Copic markers or any other alcohol markers for the first time. So
let’s go on to the next one, this one was one of my favourite ones to work on and
to do. I like the line art. I love the way that the paper acted but we’ll get
into the points in a second, I just want to mention that this is from Tor and
she’s actually done a video on her channel about this, there’s a story time
and a drawing and I loved that video and I think you should go and check it
out to listen to the story of why there is an elf standing in the middle of the
road, I think it was supposed to be a road, but I coloured desert. I don’t know. On
the phone with her car busted and I love the fact that she put Tor
elf as the registration plate that tickled me. It was so funny but anyway.
enough about the lane art and who did it, let’s talk about the actual people
and the experience itself this is the simply the best silky smooth ultra white 250 GSM paper and I think it’s less expensive, I’m not sure but
this is slightly textured but it was pleasant to work on, there was no
weird white speckling or anything like that
the lay down was smooth, absorbent, was quite medium, it was easy to blend, it
was easy to have it dry nicely, vibrant colours, easy a blend as I said. No
smudging on the ink, no feathering and I enjoyed this. It was really fun to work
on and I loved the results of it and I think the reason for that is more to do
with the fact that I put a bit more effort into this. I did a lot of
blending on the car I did some blending on her little dress
there. I’m not used to tight Spaces so it was kind of hard. I even put little
pink bits and the cheeks and the knees and the elbows and on the ear, so that
was fun. I didn’t really put too much effort into the background, in fact, I
left the top of it white, which is weird but whatever but I really enjoyed this
paper. It’s not the best paper and it’s probably gonna be for people that use
Copic markers a lot or alcohol-based markers a lot they probably would prefer
something else, like the X-press it blend it card but whatever. So the next one is
this one that I cannot pronounce. I’ll put it on the screen but it is the colotech
plus paper and there’s a word that I can’t pronounce at the start. I hate it when words start with an X because I don’t know how to do it. Xerox
would be my guess but I’m not sure. It’s 160 GSM and even though there were issues
with this paper. I actually loved working on this and the line art is by drawingwiffwaffles again, like I said, I used a lot of drawingwiffwaffles. I have one
from mira as well but I didn’t put it in this
video because it was on the same paper that I had. That I didn’t need, I think anyway,
I’ve got it here, although this paper looks less cream than my other paper,
I’m not sure. Anyway, so this had a slight but pleasant texture. the lay down was
smooth, the absorbancy, slight again, vibrancy yes, blending very easy, ink
smudging no only on thick areas again feathering no and I loved working on
this the favourite parts of this illustration that I coloured are the
jeans and the pillows, the yellow ones. I think that they came out really cool. I
put a lot of effort into doing those there is a slight speckly texture that
you can see but I actually like that in this paper but further on as in I’m
gonna talk about it right now while this is still going on. Other papers, I didn’t
like the speckling too much. So the next line art, which I’m not actually going
to show you the colouring of because I knew that this video was gonna go on far
too long if I did keep it and I’ve got two more that I didn’t actually put in.
The first one was a paper that I didn’t actually get from Tor. I had it in my
stash and it was the paper that I first used alcohol markers on and I think it’s
the reason why I decided I was not a marker girl as everybody calls
themselves when they do markers or marker boy whoever marker person, So this
is the letraset paper I don’t know the GSM or the weight of it, it’s really thin,
it’s like marker paper I think it’s ink bleed resistant so there was no
smudging on the ink but other than that the texture is weird white spackling so
there was yes texture, the absorbency The laydown paper was smooth and wet so it didn’t really absorb very well, the vibrancy was
quite bright I only used two colours on it so I’m not sure, blending again I
don’t know although I did do a couple of marker pieces on this and I think the
blending is actually okay but I just don’t like the effect anyway so it kinda counteracts it, again ink smudging no, and feathering there was a lot of
feathering and I hated that like the ink would bleed out over the lines if you
were too close and I don’t like that and I was going out the lines a lot on this
paper the lay down was quite patchy as well in some areas and I just didn’t
like it and for that reason I stopped it I loved the line art the line art is by
tor it’s a little fairy with a sunflower and I liked it but unfortunately the
paper was not the best so the next paper is actually a paper that tor sent me as
well and it’s HP colour laser paper 120 gsm and the line art is
by drawingwiffwaffles and i did do some blending on this one but i stopped
because of the ink smudging and i think a lot of that has to do with the fact
that this line art in particular is really thick so I just couldn’t get away
from it, so there’s no texture it doesn’t absorb that much, the colours are vibrant,
the blending I don’t know, it needs more work than usual
but is possible, the ink smudging yes terrible, feathering
not really but there was some I don’t think I was really paying attention to
that because I just wanted this to end and I didn’t enjoy it I stopped halfway
through because the because it just was was rubbish I hated it so those are all
of the pieces that I worked on and very quickly before this video gets too long
I just want to make some points about markers themselves so the pros there is
two… there’s two pros for myself, as a watercolour artist primarily, about these markers, the fact being that there is a
nice flat lay down of colour, they’re fun to use on the right paper and that is it.
The cons are that they are expensive even if you get cheaper brands you have
to replace them the ink comes out far too fast, you waste a lot of ink, well we
don’t waste a lot of ink but you use up a lot of ink and you have to buy them
and some of them don’t come in single things. I don’t know. I don’t know, you
have to buy a lot to get decent blends as well because if you don’t have three
in close proximity to each other for example the spectrum Noirs there is a pl
one, two, three, four and five, if you don’t have all of those five colours they kind
of don’t blend very well if you skip a couple of number, so you need to, if you
want to get a good blend, I think get a few different colours, however I do have
one set of the Winsor and Newton coloured markers and even though their nibs are
quite hard and they are less juicy, I kind of like them for a quick kind of color
put down, so not for full illustrations but just in my sketchbook playing around. I don’t have a huge learning curve I think they are harder to learn than watercolour, even
the watercolour is meant to be the hardest. I think that it’s just because
I’ve been using watercolour for years now I am used to it but I don’t know I think
that I would get frustrated learning markers and you can’t really use
sketchbooks unless you have the Crescent render sketchbook which I do actually
have. I purchased one available but it’s really tiny and I didn’t like it at all
but it’s cool that you can go on both sides of the paper and I think the
reason I didn’t like it is because it’s so small. I bought a really pocket-sized
a version of that sketchbook. You can use them in other sketchbooks but then it
means that you won’t be able to use the other side of the page
or you know it’s just you need to find the right paper. I don’t think they’re as
fun for me as watercolour is for me or digital art or any other medium actually
coloured pencil even I just think that I did have fun while doing these and I
probably would have more fun if I did occasionally and just worked on a piece
properly and did my own art work on it instead of coloring other people’s
artwork but I just think that I would prefer to have watercolours and
watercolours are less expensive especially since you just get small tube
and then that lasts for months because they’re re-wettable. It’s
too time-consuming for me. I don’t like it. It just takes too much time for me to
put down colour and it’s just not for me.
Not all markers perform the same as well even in the same brand some of the
colors are drier I don’t know whether it’s because I have used up some of the
colours in my collection but I just don’t feel like there’s that much consistency
they are and I don’t like that at all and especially if you have markers and
you don’t have enough money to fill them up or to buy new ones then you’re stuck
with markers that are empty for years like I’ve literally had these since 2015
and I haven’t used them and they are dry and I and I only did a few pieces with them
I think I’ve done four before these I’ve did four marker drawings so not good to
get four marker drawings over one marker no um and then the last con point that I
have is that the dry out really quick which is the same that I just said so I
used stylefly, spectrum noir, copics and Pro markers and this. The Style fly are
juicy and I love the nib they are awesome but I don’t think that there are
very reputable brands, nobody knows about them, I got them in a scrawlrbox I only
had a couple of colours but I like the way that they worked. The spectrum noir
are juicy but act weird on more papers than most of the other brands that I
have used but I do love the spectrum noir markers and I think that they’re
very good I actually I’ve sent him from for free by a viewer
and then the Copics, I don’t really like the nibs, the brush seems to be harder to
control for me when they’re juicy they’re great but they’ve run out far
too quick compared to other markers in my opinion, the pro markers I have the
limited colour selection like I said. I’ve only got the pastels but they do have
nice colours and I do like the fact that they did a little bit drier than other
markers because if you want that option you can they don’t have a brush nib but
they are really good without them and spectrum noir the ones that I have don’t have the brush nib either but the bullet tip and the chisel nib are
just fine so after all that being said for 22 minutes I am really sorry
but I don’t think that I will be going back to markers the problem is I have a
pretty substantial set of random markers from different brands mostly spectrum
noir there are half empty fully empty fully full and I don’t know what to do
with them should I give them away should I keep them just in case I’ve had them
for five years and this is the first time I’ve used that well for years
actually and this is the first time I have used them in a very long time I
gave most of my markers away to Tor because she didn’t have certain amounts
of Copic markers and I just gave them away to her because I just wanted to
help her and the only Copic markers I’ve got left as the ones that she already
has so yeah I don’t know I don’t know I really really don’t know what to do with
them if you have any suggestions on what to do with them put it in the comments
below and I will see you in my next video thanks for watching

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  • Uni fineliners are bae! I love how you coloured the dinos, so pastel!😍😍😍 great video idea 😍😍 And yes draw Charlie 👀

  • I must've not been paying attention, how did you get the lineart on the marker paper? I sometimes think it might be handy to get someone else's lineart to practice using gouache and things like that, but printer paper and ink isn't really a good combination for that… You did so much for this video! This'll come in handy if I ever give markers a try ( I don't really have the desire to atm, I'm loving paint too much)

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