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– Hey.
– Hey. – What’s up, what’s up, what’s up? ♪ Try Wives Wine Time ♪ – We’re back baby!
– We’re back baby. – We are in the middle of making over Keith and Becky’s spare room. We are doing a special, ooh yes girl. I feel like that’s really the
most important part of this. – [Becky] Yas. – [Ariel] Let’s just do that first. That’s great yeah. – Reasonable. – [Ariel] It’s like a
spritzer but with no, no spritz.
– With no spritz. It’s a spritz-less spritzer. – It’s a spritz-less spritzer. I don’t even think that we have introduced what we’re doing today.
– We have not, we have not. – So, Becky and I are going to
put together a gallery wall. Oh, that’s refreshing. That’s exactly what I needed. – Is this 2017? Oh, it is 2017! – Oh my God! (laughs) That was magical. – I’m basically a sommelier. (laughs) (upbeat jazz music) (wine glass clinks) – So the best way to do the gallery wall, I have found, is to cut
pieces of paper out, that are the same size as these frames. – Oh, so you can look at it. – Exactly. Then we can move
them around as much as we want and then we just put a little hole in. – I’m used to a little command tape. – Oh yeah, Keith and
Becky, they hang everything with command strips. – We’re renters. The rules say you’re not
supposed to holes in the wall. – Well, the actual rule is
you can put holes in the wall as long as you fill them. – One time we made a fort
in my parent’s house, pulled down their blinds, – Oops.
– My best girl friend and I, put some toothpaste and
wadded up paper in it and stuck it back in. It didn’t fall down for
another like three years. – So now, as a person with a child, I’m like, “How much time
did you guys have alone “to A, rip down the
curtains, B, put them back up “and make it look like
nothing ever happened.” – Yeah, I should also say we were like 18 when we did this. – Oh, I see. (laughs) Let’s cut some paper. So, I’m gonna just do boop. I’m gonna write down what it is, so we’ll say it’s (murmurs), the white frame. The only scissors that
Becky has in her house are kitchen shears. – You wanna start at the top baby. – These are made to cut flesh so, why wouldn’t they cut paper? That’s what they’re made for. – Flesh. – Can I help you? – [Ned] No I’m good, I’m good. (hissing) (dramatic music) – Sorry I didn’t mean to be so aggressive. Honey?
– He’s gone. – [Ned] All good, you guys need anything? – [Ariel] I could take more ice cubes – Okay yeah. – Thanks hon! – Oh thank you.
– You’re welcome. – Do you have those pieces of paper? – Yeah Thanks honey (kisses). – Thanks. – Hey I got an idea for a segment for you. – Get outta here. – [Ned] Have you introduced
what each of the steps are and all that? – We did that step and we did that step, now we’re gonna put it on the wall. – [Ned] Okay, so someone
following me at home couldn’t figure it out? – Yeah. So just for Ned, step one:
put things in a frame. – Step two: – Cut out pieces of paper
the same size as the frame. Numero three: put them on the wall. I need to drink more
wine before we do this. – Uh huh. – So, uh huh. (upbeat music) So, I think we should start
with the largest ones, – On the wall. – Fit the small ones in around them. – Oh God. – Step number four is to
level these on the wall. – How do you decide where things go? – Like a general rule of thumb is you want the larger
ones towards the middle, and that kind of tapers. – You know any level facts? What do you think is in
there? It’s Mountain Dew. – It’s, well, this one’s blue though. – It’s bob blast (laughs), that’s why it’s blue. (upbeat music) – How does that look so far? Pretty okay? – Yeah looks like a wall. – Let me just take a look
at it from over here. – [Becky] Now, do you want me to pretend I’m sitting in front of it? – Yeah why not? – Like I’m on the couch? – You look like you’re
on the toilet (laughing). – Do a full wall sit. – That’s looking good. Okay what do we got left? – Wrigley Field, this
is beautiful Keith drag. – Right. That one should go eye-level right there. (upbeat music) We’re cruising, this is great. – Yeah, it’s a breeze. – Well then we have to actually hang them. – Ooh. – Oh yeah no that’s happening. Yeah, I’m digging this. Let’s just drink for a while. (wine gurgling) – There it goes. – Okay so now, we are marking
the places on the frame for where we’re going to
put the hook for the thingy, because we can just draw it on this, put the hook in, rip the paper off and put the piece up. Two inches down, one at 2 1/2 and one at 9 5/8 Oh boy. Give me a mark at 2 1/2, right there. – Okay right there. – And 9 5/8, which is right there. I’ll hold it for ya’. – [Becky] Oh God. – Oh is this not a good idea?
– Oh Jesus. – Do you need your hands for work? (stutters) Three, two, one, go. – Go, go, just do it. (hammering) Damn girl! Look what you did! – I’m a craftsman. – You did it! Gosh you’re sweaty. – So hot! (laughs)
– For the love of… Oh my God. – Wow that’s a picture. – Let’s see if it’s level. It’s really close to level.
– It’s close enough. – There. (cheering) – We did one. (celebrating) Sweet there’s one, let’s do the rest. – [Becky] I thought that was it. (laughing) – Becky’s like I did one, – I did one, I did so much. – Leave me. – Yeah. (hammering) Wow. – Now we have two. – Two! – Hey Ned.
– Yeah. – What you doing? – That looks beautiful. It looks amazing.
– Thank you. Do you wanna do the rest? – Hey Keith? – We need to air the
swirl out a little bit. – [Ned] Do you want to
help hang some photos? – [Keith] Not especially. – Keith we can’t reach it. – Keith help. Keith help. – Okay. – Okay bye. – Okay bye. (hammering) – Cute. – Is it level? – This one? It may be the wine talking. (adventurous music) – No! – A bit askew. (hammering) – [Both] Ayy! – Nailed it. (motivational music) (hammering) They’re looking good. – Cute. How are we getting the tape off? – Well let’s pull the tape off now. (paper ripping) – Why is this so difficult for me? I don’t know Ariel but I am flying through. – I can see that, I’ve got one. – I’m changing careers. – It just won’t go. – I shall now be a picture hanger. – [Ariel] There’s really no reason for us to be wearing these. – We’re adult women. – Why can’t I wear my big girl clothes? That’s my question. Why do I have to wear this hot ass onesie? – Why do I have to get stanky? – It’s like, we wear the onesies, – So we have to wear them? – Yeah cause it’s like
part of the same universe. – Sorry that doesn’t make any sense to me. This whole side is done. – Let’s just call it there. – Yeah let’s drink. – [Ariel] Do you want to
explain what’s going on here? – Yeah, so, here we have, our secret children. Belinda and Geoffrey. – [Ariel] With a ‘D’, Droffrey. – It’s a silent ‘D’. – One, two, three, four, five. We have five left. – Let’s do it. (hammering) – I’m not even gonna measure the next one. I’m just gonna fly. – Yeah, go for it. (hammering) – How’s that? – Yes, I think that’s good
– Miles is saying it’s good. – He’s not. (hammering) Are these two different things? – [Miles] A little, yeah. – That’s why that didn’t work. (hammering) Oh boy, what picture did I mess up? – This one. Just our wedding photo. – I’m sure it’s fine. (laughing) We’ll just… – I think you should leave it. Just leave it for now. Just leave it. – Did I fix it? I think I fixed it just by wiggling it. So what am I measuring to? The little knobby or
the little middle thing? – The top of the knobby. – This one is like a little over an inch. – But like how much over an inch? – A whisper. – Oh, like a quarter
of an inch whisper or? – No, like a one tick mark. No, it is two tick marks over the one. – That’s an… – One tick. – But I’m actually gonna
say that that is 1/4. This is the last one. Would you do the honors? – Yes. (celebrating) (laughing) Minus this one. (celebrating) (laughs)
– I’ll fix that one right now. – [Both] Wow! – Hey boys! Come see. – That looks cute. – Oh wow! – Pretty good.
– Pretty good, right? (hammering) – I think one of them is a little, – Get out of here. – A little bit, okay. – [Ariel] Leave right now. There, I fixed it. – Cute. It’s still a bit askew. (laughing) – Leave right now. – See ya’. – Check it out. – Tape trick.
– Tape trick. ♪ Tape it, tape it ♪ Hell yeah! The tape trick has worked. – We did it! Becky, we’re done.
– We did it! – We’re done. – We’re done. Yay! – This was hard. – This was very hard. I would not do this alone, I would do it with friends, and wine. – Cheers. – Cheers. – Cheers to you and getting this done. – Yay! Cheers to you and doing it for me. (glasses clinking) ♪ Try Wives Wine Time ♪ (upbeat music) – I might actually change it a little bit before the reveal of the next thing, just ’cause there are a couple
that are like too straight. – What? – What?
– What are we doing?

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