TRUTH or DRINK with a famous actress *WINK WINK* (Emily Willis) Ep. 3

no just tell them tell them to smash that like button before you keep on going I thought like button wait that works so this is another episode of truth your drink I am with a very very famous actress this is Emily Willis everyone I'm being way too proper right now it's weird this might be the most controversial episode yet true their drink drew their drink so you're gonna ask me a question if I don't feel like answering it then you can take a shit job what if I wanna take your shot anyway that's the thing that's what usually I do because I feel like you can answer everything oh yeah yeah I know still then ok so here's here's the thing we have to make a guideline let's do with God by my money I'm willing to answer everything and I'll be happy to go into details so I read it but I also want to drink so I don't want it to smell this how about this every time I take a shot you take a shot too okay there you go oh by the way it's not a brand deal don't give me shit I got sky blood orange I like sky yeah and Emily's drinking water water and all if you've seen that's water she gets dehydrated what she was talking about shot she's staying hydrated me I don't I don't do that Emily just passed the top 100 I didn't know what that meant but now I did that brainy to the top of it oh my goodness I started up 4,000 I started off I also got nominated for Best New Starlet at ABN and best oral seen rate by oral skills yeah so you're like blow Bank booming blow blow bang yeah all right Emily if your vagina was a talk show host what what would that show be do I have to make up a name for it or can it be someone's name like what's this jean right of the show like do you interview people is it a cooking show Ellen so I mean Ellen is live at the top I want to top of the job I have talked shell interesting fetishes of public yeah right really yes yes I do banish is in camera so that's why I do porn old camera makes me so horny it's on so it's like the lens right there my best is a camera so I understand the public fetish because it's hot I hate me name five presidents or take a shot Brock Obama Bill Clinton for your Jay Abe Lincoln and even one more to hold the fuck up it's not making that face hang on can you have 10 seconds 10 9 the show I don't hear it 7 6 5 4 I'm a piece of shit I don't care I'm just a slot I don't care fuck it I fucked up I'm gonna take a shot gladly Thank You Dom describe the first time you faked an oar should I just answer it yeah you should you just let's just yeah last year wasn't like a super serious relationship you so we all the time obviously and like I think he thought that like I would have like orgasms all this pride and then so then I just got to a point where I would fake it you know like pretend like I was having it work out if you can't fuck you can't be together you know he's probably gonna watch this video hi why am I so stuff that I just answered to my only question to you describe me in one word fun all right spongebob and you said that quick so you mean it fun yeah fun thumbs it again Dover favorite sex toy don't that no one should be yours absolutely Itachi all I talk to you myself all night I until you talk to use myself last night and I'm pretty sure that my neighbors can hear it when that shits going off because I think hear them really even flush the toilet so in the middle of the night when Petacci is that like Asian main no no it's just like it's supposed to be a back massager but someone in this world turned it into like a woman's vibrator you don't buy into it get into it ladies you'll never need a boyfriend I swear to God men Hitachi I mean I still need but wait what was your oldest your enemy your dad's fantasy I almost made it I sat on your dad's face I'm really on that Tommy wouldn't know stuff that father got fucked up real quick I really need to dad so I get quickly I wouldn't call I just know it okay yeah babe wait whoa this is bad I just moved into this we're not even we're not even pisses me off no your funny story absolutely do it DeYoung to me the other day and he goes I just went through a breakup and you look a lot like my ex and its really helping me out so thank you now it's like oh okay I'm glad I could tell you keep entering all money no not take sex ed in eighth grade you are taking it now Emily Willis and Donna if you're still in eighth grade they get the fuck out what is the most dangerous place you've ever had sex there's been a couple okay so I recently went to the Caribbean thanks to foreigners there and you know I was the only one dirty talking of course so I kinda felt like I was really having sex with foreigners I was like didn't speak English no they were like from Spain and like rush but they spoke the language of love okay how old were you when you lost your virginity I was just turned 13 you know the only thing I was smashing at 13 Mario Bros well super smash bros but ya know I sweat I hope they come by the door I will the neighbor neighbor he doesn't deserve that sure yeah Brad this is for you if you could have a threesome with two celebrities who wouldn't be easy feature and post Malone that's right come at me destroy this no just tell him tell him to smash that like button before I keep on going like button wait have you never farted during sex Tom you know I think I have yeah I think I have but it wasn't like a full-on like fart it's like I smell it was like air you're out yeah yeah it really happens they're offset it when it was air in my ass there's like a cute fart oh I farted throughout cycling times but only at work positions yeah yeah I used to I used to work at a deli did you fart there all the time my turn fine where did you find the spot usually because that's my work you know and I'll just make sure to fill me for ten see so basically this is a new apartment but the walls are paper-thin told him this is my job but I think I'm just gonna have to film in my own my bedroom man what I'm thinking they can anyway guys we already signed out hope you enjoy the video truth or drink or for love you see you if you want to tell the world a little bit about herself I told her she can be yourself you know you don't have to be shy I'm not shy obviously so was it just like you're dipping it in a little nacho cheese honestly guys I'm just I'm drunk like my

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