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what is your honest opinion about my family oh um I love them they're a little too much love you guys ah who is much do I love them very giving my name's Marcus my name is here and we are fiancees wearing boots right Cheers if you had one Hall Pass who would just sleep with and through wisely does it have to be someone that we know or it celebrity it was coming up we now you know I'm gonna take a shot really yes that's the question next I don't wanna know you would I would say don't get mad a bit and curious oh my gosh um you mad at what no Gary good in Iowa y'all new drink god I hate taking shots okay clearly Oh how often do we have sex once or twice a week how often should go I think that's about all right gay sex you just had to take a shower afterwards oh my god don't think I would be good with like sex sex like you know for like three or four times on the off days do other stuff ah yeah to just you know so every day go ahead yeah I'm how many sexual partners have you had who keeps track of this nowaday I'm just kidding um but really I really don't know I'm with you now it doesn't matter what about you doesn't matter Steven go No can you arrange can you arrange ll probably 30 to 40 Wow sorry mom do I have any friends or family members that you don't want at our wedding um yes well yes and no because I want them there but I don't want them there it doesn't make sense yes it does I would say I just think some of your family members would just look it up and make it about themselves and Maru bata whose last time you masturbated yesterday okay what were you doing where was I you're at work okay I got home from the gym what weren't you on at the gym there's sweaty when I got home and I need to shower and I thought it would be good Oh perfect I'm gonna was last time you masturbated um this morning this morning yeah well chivalry I was in the room right next door you were asleep go next next card oh my gosh is that insulting um no because it was early and I wouldn't have had it so on the count of three oh gosh say the number of children you died boomer we would ideally hop one two three one oh gosh I lowered my down from four what would you think if you caught me watching porn ha ha ha ha ha ha what did you think what are you talking I think when I caught you watching porn it was so any guy acted like very much like that high schooler that got caught watching porn by the mom and I was like nothing's happening she asked how my day was who proposed to whom and how did they propel it was raining outside you decided to walk from dinner to go back home and I was mad cuz it was raining so we should have taken transportation there was like these roses and the park and candles and I was like oh this is so cute someone's about to get he proposed to you were like oh come here like let's let's look at it then like we got up there and then I was like get out of here because I fell this guy walking forward those all like oh my god he's gonna propose to his girlfriend or whatever and then it was for me I think I said I want to marry you I want to do right by you I want to be your husband and be your forever and only will you marry me and he said yes then a product with the ring on it tonight well yeah true love you I love you too Oh rude boom and teamö yeah Elmo – Elmo hey Elmo

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