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Oh. Smell each other?! [off screen]: Yeah. I’m smellin’. [ sniffs ] Are we… how close to each other are we? Do you feel my breath? [ laughter ] Do you feel it? [ laughter ] [ music playing ] Hi. I’m Gina. Hey Gina… uh… my name’s Chad… … and that’s not a code name. [ chuckle ] Hello. Hi! You’re cute! Hey… [ nervous laughter ] Yeah. So are you. Very cute. Great smile. – [Gina]: Thank you.
– [Chad]: Yeah. Can we have a drink now? [ nervous laughter ] – [Gina]: That’s how I feel.
– [Chad]: Can we like.. Ok. [Gina]: Rum and tequila. To this! Which one of us do you think is more attractive? [ nervous laughter ] [ laughter off screen ] [ chuckle ] Her, obviously. I don’t think I’m attractive. Thank you. Well, you are. Hmm. You’re just sayin’ that now. Ideally, how often should a couple have sex? They should probably negotiate that. [Gina]: [ laughs ]
[Chad]: If one really likes sex maybe.. … they gotta, like, fulfill… that person more. [Gina]: Like give and take? If it was in my eyes, I’d say daily. Gotta do it. I think daily’s not the worst thing. Not the worst. [Gina]: Not the worst. [ laughs ] What is your type? Am I your type? Uhh… I would say… I mean… … taller. You’re almost there. Taller than 6’3″, huh? Does it help if I tell you I can dunk? Does that help? Can you show me your Tinder, Grindr, Bumble profile right now? Grindr.. yeah.. Grindr’s… umm.. my favourite of all apps. [ laughter off screen ] [Chad]: I’ve… I’m like…
[Gina]: Is it like tinder? Yeah. It’s like that. But.. umm… … a lot more men on it. Way more. [ laughter off screen ] Ok. Aww! The kitty! See! She likes my profile. [ laughs ] That means… that’s good things… right? Karaoke? [Chad]: Yeah.
[Gina]: So, you’re a singer? [Chad]: Huge.
[Gina]: Let’s hear it. [ singing ] Say it ain’t so, I will not go, turn the lights off, carry me home. Do you sing karaoke then? Do you gotta go too? I… no. I don’t. Woah. [Gina]: I don’t. [ laughs ] I don’t.
[Chad]: What a set up. [Chad]: I thought for sure, you were like, “Karaoke!”, I’m like “Boom”. What sound do you make when you’re having sex? Can you make it… right now? Please? [ off screen laughter ] Sometimes I, like, stallion up like… [Chad]: … before I get in there.
[Gina]: Stallion up? Do you do like a… like a.. horse neigh? Like… [ neighs ] Oh. [ off screen laughter ] Finish this line: My favourite genre of porn is… [ awkward laughter ] I mean… somethin’… ok… [Chad]: Just pour it up.
[Gina]: Do you want a shot? [Chad]: Yeah. [ laughter ] One of those things… yeah, you can’t just… no… What is my least attractive feature? Right now. [Chad]: [ clears throat ] Your shirt. [Chad]: [ unintelligible ] Really? [Gina]: That’s a pretty bad shirt. [Chad]: Pretty bad? [Gina]: Pretty bad! I’m sorry. That’s ok. There’s bows on it! Where? Right there, and there! Those are flowers. That’s a bow. [Chad]: Uhh…
[Gina]: What are you… what would you call that? A lily. Maybe? [Gina]: [ laughs ] Some bows, right there! That is awesome! I don’t know what you’re talking about. I dare you to kiss me on the lips, or take a shot. That’s the last card? [Gina]: That is the last card. I know!
[Chad]: What kind of magicians were up here? … … we were watching the cards the entire time. How’d you guys do that? She’s glaring at you, camera man. On the lips? [Gina]: Or on the cheek?
[off screen]: Yeah! Lips. I don’t kiss on the first date… either. Unless it’s Grindr. Always kiss on the first date. [ music playing ] It’s, like, kiss on the first date or they, like, kick you off the app… completely. [Chad]: You never go back.
[Gina]: [ laughter ] [Chad]: We’re out of cards.
[Gina]: Yay! Are we done?

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