TRUE AMERICAN DRINKING GAME – New Girl (How To & Gameplay)

ready yeah America was an inside job we are here today I mean Alyssa's house we are celebrating Alice's birthday I know on my last video we were also celebrating Alyssa's birthday but we always celebrate sorry we are going to be playing the game called true American you don't know what that is you're not a true American true Mary Kim is the game from the show new girl and look it up because it doesn't make any sense but it's getting really fun these are the rules as I know it's the true American from new girl one set up the castle we did to create zones there should be 4 zones so you find out your teammate by doing the finger game we'll go one two three and then everyone holds up a number and say I hold up three and they can hold up to she's my partner because she got the number one less Stevie one person shotgun to tip off once the shotgun happiness everyone else one two three four JFK at the yard everyone grabs a beer which is a soldier and they have to run to joy lands the day not the floor because the floor is lava the game has officially started players take turns choosing one of three options one the foreman count so the person who's Turner this says one two three and then goes boom whoever item number has to tap a drink and then they get to move forward to the next step of the camp touch the floor the other option is the things in common like Evans Hemsworth you guys would be like yes I don't encourage me than they have that in common they have in common takes a drink no short option three if you could leave a quote so the line fell in love with the lemon when someone says like what a stupid word how to win once all the soldiers which is all the beers are out of the castle the king is vulnerable which is the Jack Daniels the first person to land on spot 1 once all the soldiers were gone finish their entire beard their last entire beard and take a swig from the King ruins a little tips to the game Florida's lava if someone yells I'll trash everyone else has to yell blonds in the junkyard and then any empty cans around you you pick up and you throw them for some junkyard if you touch lava you are out and we should get back in is to chug a beer every time you went on Zone one you have to grab a soldier must have one at all times at most – and if you run out of your beer before you get to the zone one again you're out it's only made to get back in just by chugging a beer piggyback any chance you get you could be like piggyback and then they could either say yeah no you have to yell American history facts but they can be complete lies we're going in eight George Washington's ass yeah and then it's just perfect it's just for fun and that's pretty much all [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] get out of the way bitch bitch Oh girls you're going to drink every time for it I they're really dumb cause I don't [Applause] okay cool skydivers getting continually struck the birth get it felt good by two things for ya okay FDR you George Washington fuck the cherry tree does that mean shoes yeah robber being stupid from Texas yeah but lay the quotes right at least get your life together [Laughter] yeah America was an inside job Kardashian Ray J my grace Roger white lady [Laughter] [Laughter] peanut butter whose turn is it right yeah I don't know what to say though say ELISA is so and not only smells good that's my category the United States [Laughter] bacon I love perfect patty barnacle it's not real good [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] next leg this is good you wanna see me do the splits go farther well I'm not going to do splits in this position but I can show you me doing the splits yes this is some really good footage that we have going me instead of killing G should have a beautiful thing we have a wild and may need a piece of this and in the middle yeah can I have some eat you oh it's warm I come me in the Cabbage Patch Kid right up here your coverage first Q what you been up to you know Cabbage Patch Kids like what's new in your life for you is your name my Bruce be encouraged by thank you for tuning in tonight's Jack thank you for tuning in tonight the video thank you guys for tuning in tonight's video um true American is fun as heck so if you never tried it before you should try it it's really fun there's a lot of different rules so you can look up online and find the ones that you like the best and just like a mix it all up but honestly we thought it was gonna be really hard but as you go along it just is really fun and you do stupid stuff so make sure you like the video comment and subscribe

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