4 thoughts on “Transforming Health in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • Health Care & Education Are Both A Privilege That Governments Should Stay The Hell Out Of.

    Health Care Should Be Controlled Solely By The Private Enterprise & Free Markets.

    Education Should Be Controlled Solely By The Private Enterprise, Free Markets, Parents/Guardians, Students, & Teachers.

    Government Control Of Health Care Is Authoritarianism & It Destroys Economies (Example: Obamacare).

    The Government Controlled Education Has Caused Low SAT Scores, High Drop Out Rates, & Children Don't Really Learn Anything.

    The Children Don't Learn Anything Because Schools Don't Teach Life Skills, School Is Extremely Boring, & Schools Lie About A Lot Of Thing (Like History, Politics/Government, & The Constitution).

    If Someone Can't Afford To Be Healthy That Their Problem Nobody Elses.

    For Those That Want Free Healthcare The United States Military Is Always Looking For Recruits.

    For Those That Want Free Education You Have Multiple Options.

    The Options For A Free Education:
    1) Join The United States Military.

    2) Do Online Research Of Topics.

    3) Go To A Library And Start Reading The Books There; If You Need To Check Out The Book (Libraries Are Free & So Are Library Cards).

  • Can't believe that this video has just 3 comments!. It is very high quality information! Anyone thinks the same?

  • Faulty premise based on elitism and materialism: Let's assume at the outset that the main problems in the world today are opportunities for globalized corporations to make more money and governments to gain more power.

  • What about considering again and again that your food is your main ally in your health: no side effects, it gives you pleasure, it's cheaper than getting sick… etc, etc, etc. Just add physical exercise and good sleep…

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