Top Things to do in Malmö, Sweden! – Beer Garden, Disgusting Food Museum, Food Market and More!

Down the hatch Tastes like garlic feet -Good morning adventurers
-Good morning! from a windy day here in Malmo, Sweden It’s so windy Yeah, we found like the one corner that wasn’t a wind tunnel like everywhere else in the city right now But other than that, it’s a lovely day the Sun is mostly shining and the weather as you can see, it’s very warm here, which is awesome Today we’re gonna be exploring the city a little bit and taking you guys along with us The city is super classy, has some amazing Architecture tons of stuff to do and actually first up we’re gonna be heading to the Malmo Saluhall, Salu – Saluhall Well, whatever it is. It’s right back here and we’re gonna be heading in in just a minute It’s this amazing indoor market with all sorts of food options. So that’s where we’re going to start our day But before we pop in there, we thought we tell you a little bit about Malmo It is located in the very south in Sweden It is right across the water from Copenhagen and it was actually a bridge that connected Malmo and Copenhagen in the 90s So now you can easily get across about 30 minutes, which is what we did to get here yesterday You might already know about this bridge if you’ve seen the show “The Bridge” which is on some network I don’t know because I’ve never seen the show, but I only recently realized that it’s about the bridge that connects Copenhagen to Malmo Wasn’t there a murder on the bridge? Something like that, I don’t want to spoil it go watch it. I hear it’s a really good show. Alright enough chatting We’re gonna go eat So this food hall sits him in a really old warehouse from the 1800s and I guess it was empty since the 50s and then around 2014 They decided to turn it into this food hall and then I think it officially opened in 2016 So it’s one of the newer food halls we’ve been to it’s only even around for a few years, but it is a Super classy joint and the smells of food are so good And now begins the hardest task of all Deciding what to eat We’ve just been moseying around the market trying to make the hard decision as Alison mentioned what to eat The hardest yes, we actually found a little cafe that they have right here where they were making some delicious looking Drinks so we decided to get a couple cappuccinos That is warm and delicious There’s actually a noodle place right over here that I think we’d settled on So we’re gonna drink these take our time enjoy ourselves, and then I think we’re going to order some noodles Holy cow I’m officially in love with this food hall check this out We went to the pink head noodle bar because it just sounded so delicious. I got the tan ton men I think it’s how you say it. But it’s wheat noodles chicken pork. I think there’s some chili bean paste in there It says a soy marinated egg. It smells super flavorful. I think it’s gonna be delicious also We’ve got some bumpin music in the background. So hopefully it’s not too annoying. It’s actually awesome. It’s really setting the vibe That chilly pace and a little heat the perfect amount of heat I would say but it’s definitely on the upper end There’s so much flavor in the noodles and that’s what makes it for me when the noodles have just soaked up all the Flavor from the broth and we’ve got these little soy marinated eggs that I really want to try Little awkward to eat There’s some little sesame seeds or something like that scattered about in it which adds a nice little crunch but Just tastes like a delicious soft-boiled egg. It’s great. Kind of pulled a wild card and went with the vegan option. Mine has wheat noodles. There’s some marinated green beans over here There’s some peanuts cucumber some coriander on there the broth of the sauce for the noodles is down at the bottom So you’re supposed to give it a really good mixing Mm-hmm that is peanutty and delicious almost a little pad thai like but super creamy Really nice and flavorful. That peanut sauce is almost like a peanut butter I really like it and it’s got a little kick of heat in there and then with all the veggies I am loving this bowl of noodles There’s this a little bit of pork over here that I’ve been kind of mixing around that just has so much flavor in it The corn adds a great flavor to it. There’s just so much to like about this. There’s so much going on in this bowl We’ve made it to kind of the older part of town I guess we’re in this open square and let me just tell you it is adorable Don’t you think? Yeah, it turned super European in here. Everything’s really old and well-preserved. There’s a bunch of outdoor cafes Everyone’s out and about. Yeah stone streets is very cool. Also the architecture in this town is amazing There’s so many modern building styles modern art pieces, but then you have all this older style as well like in the square Yeah, it’s a lot of old and new Right next to each other which is really neat to see When you think of Swedish design I’m sure a lot of you think of IKEA But there is so much more to Swedish design than that and we’re gonna head to the Form Design Center right now They should have exhibits about different types of design architecture all kinds of stuff So we’re gonna learn a little bit more go a little bit more in depth than just going to Ikea And the best part is it’s free to go here Yes, it is And here we have the new fall trend safety pins and beadwork Currently the artists created a collection 21 garments I think made solely out of safety pins and beads. It says it took her 7,000 hours to complete. Oh my word I really wish that you could try this on because I want to know how heavy it is. It’s gotta be so heavy It can’t be that comfortable right? -Like what if you…
-I’m guessing no. fell with it.. Can you guys guess what this is? I got it first try. Tell the people what it is It’s the placenta. It’s called Flesh and Blood What? Flesh and blood This is our new couch. You guys. What do you think we’re going for like the most comfortable possible? That’s the main thing for us Well the best part is you can sit in any way you want, right? Ultimate comfort. This is called Lobster There’s some kind of huge festival going on downtown, I think it’s just called Malmo festival or Malmo festivalin Festivalin yeah, there we go As you can tell by the screams everyone having a lot of fun Yeah, they have all kinds of rides set up and there’s a big stage in the middle of town And I think maybe that’s why a lot of the vendors around about there’s all sorts of stuff going on in the city. It’s crazy This town is fumpin’ I love it Well so far we have had a very pleasant and delicious day here in Malmo And right now we’re about to completely turn that upside down and get really disgusting at the disgusting food museum So we’re about to begin perusing around the museum and when you come they give you your ticket in form of a barf bag Because as we learned some people barf and they come here, they actually throw up so they actually use these Not us. Not today Hoepfully So when you come here You might be wondering why there are jars full of cotton balls around. Well… So that you can get a nice whiff of what you’re reading about. This one happens to be Surstromming? It says it’s one of the worst smelling foods in the world. It’s from right here in Sweden Do I have to smell it now? I really don’t want to oh, no, I’m really nervous about this and because people throw up I don’t want to throw up Oh wow I can smell it from here Holy cow. I can’t Okay, that’s rotten fish That’s rotten fish out in the Sun for days and weeks and maybe years Mmmm and people eat that the delicacy you put it on bread But you eat it outside like durian I guess because it is very pungent. So open air. Okay. All right onward Inside here is the stinking bishop also known as Britain’s smelliest cheese It says here that it has the smell of a rugby club changing room I’ve been in many of those. So I’m gonna put this to the test right now. I Think it’s scarier than eating it. Yeah, it is All right. Onward Step right up and get your fresh Oogle de Rana. What is that you ask? Well, it’s simple you take these frogs put them in that blender You put some quail egg in there some of these powders you blend it up. Strain it then you drink it You drink the nice green frog pulp that’s left delicious on a hot summer day. And it’s great for Guess Yeah strong like bull anal gland of a beaver That’s this dark. Yeah They use it in Givenchy perfumes, Chanel perfumes. People don’t know it. It’s smelly 70% alcohol It’s been fermenting here for about eight months. Okay, it was completely visible. Look at the color now. I can smell it here geez Smells good, it smells good It’s not that bad, it’s just very strong It does. It does have the essence of perfume. It almost smells like a vicks vapor rub Yeah, yeah, as if that wasn’t funny enough at the end of your tour You can try all the things. There are a lot of the things that you saw. Yeah. Yeah. I’m not feeling very brave today So, I don’t know I will say we have eaten quite a few things up here They have some dried bugs and worms, which we’ve had before. This is considered a spider doughnut. It’s literally a batter and deep fried spider They have the fermented shark which we’ve had It’s interesting I wouldn’t say it tastes good It tastes better than it smells Root beer cuz we grew up on it. Ah, durian I tried that before Oh my god, that’s so weird It looks this way because it’s not supposed to be eaten It means because it doesn’t want you to get to what’s inside But she’s just stalling because she’s thinking about trying this stinking Bishop that I smelled earlier So this was described as rugby teams locker room or something It smells like straight-up toe jam Down the hatch Tastes like garlic feet. For a second I was excited I thought you were gonna like it The initial taste was okay. Oh, it’s getting more and more feedy and Rugby locker roomy Quick! drink some sauerkraut juice To wash it down Drink the root beer instead I think the only thing that I’m bold enough to try today is the sulk licorice and I think it’s going to be truly awful There you have it Dude, it’s covered in salt I’m not a fan of licorice, but it’s not like it’s the worst thing I’ve ever tasted Well, there’s a trash can right here if I need for when I need to spit it out Now I got to eat the whole thing. I don’t know It’s like eating baking soda, that’s edible It’s the saltiest thing I’ve ever tasted Oh my god God jeez that was saltier than anything I’ve ever had. Really. Oh my god. I think we have done enough damage So we figured the best way to get more familiar with the city and to see a lot of it really quickly is to do a boat sightseeing tour So that is what we’re doing So far? It is lovely But I think we’re just gonna cruise around the canal for about an hour and then they’re gonna take us right back It’s gonna be sweet The boat tour was amazing it was too loud to really talk on the boat though But we learned all about Malmo. We got to see all kinds of architecture and castles and they told us the history of it That’s why we love doing those tours. You know, you always learned so much more about the You get to see all the different parts of the city. We went out to the Western harbour, which is actually where we’re staying moving through parks We saw windmills. It was awesome. We went under 22 different bridges so many bridges over that canal It’s crazy. But to end the day We’re doing what we do best. We came to a pop-up beer market. It’s called a Mikeller I’m sure I’m saying that horribly. But they make their own beers. I feel like I’ve had their beer before, maybe. It’s neat! It’s in the middle of this park Which actually we were just chatting with a local here and he was saying it translates to the People’s Park – People’s Park. Yeah It’s a huge park and it’s very happening There were all kinds of things going on everyone out in the grass families running around and then this little area has of course Beer, but they also have some barbecue cooking over there which I think will get in on it a little bit It’ll be really interesting to try Swedish barbecue. That’s gonna be cool. I went with I think the beer lover burger Look at that. There’s some barbecue sauce a fresh beef patty You could also do a vegan patty some pickled onions on there some peppers some coleslaw Beautiful burger is great and all but Eric went with this beautiful smoked brisket So I feel like you should try it and let us know what you think. Look how beautiful. Okay, I’ll trade you We got a quadruple decker Brisket sandwich over here and they’re smoked cream cheese on the bottom then a bunch of barbecue sauce spilling out there I was not expecting that we were going to get barbecue today here in Malmo pretty excited about it. That’s my target right there I had a very big bite That’s good. Please ignore that gluttonous horrible bite that I just took and just pay attention to the sweet delicious The brisket is absolutely delicious It’s super tender lots of flavor, but the star of this is that smoked cream cheese. Oh my god It’s not even overly sweet. Like I thought it was gonna be it’s just really subtle and buttery and smoky. You know, it’s really good It’s actually delicious This is great She already tasted her burger. (Oh, I know he’s good) but now she’s gonna compare it to the brisket Although immediately it goes in your mouth and you know that it’s the best I chose poorly The burger’s phenomenal The burger is phenomenal as you can see by the barbecue sauce dripping down my But that brisket whoo-wee it’s smoky and delicious Well, it’s obviously getting very messy in here. So I think is a good point to end today Yeah, it’s been so much fun. We have loved seeing Malvo I hope you guys enjoyed it and let us know if you’d been here before and what you have enjoyed doing best so we can Do it when we come back good night adventurers. We’ll see you on the road

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