Top 100 Most Famous Wine Names – A to Z

this is Julien, the French winemaking guy
who makes wine videos here on YouTube, yes wine videos, and we are looking at
the top 100 most famous wine names in the world, those iconic names that make us
all dream, at least it does to me, it makes me dream for sure, those that every
wine connoisseur has in mind at least those that you may want to have in mind
and consider tasting at least once in your lifetime somewhat this is a bit of
my personal wine bucket list as well if you wish some of these wines I’ve tasted
for sure but many of them are haven’t yet but I hope and I pray I do someday
of course fame is subjective it depends on which country you’re looking at
personal preferences availability of the wines on different markets and so on but
I think this is a pretty accurate list of wine super stars that shine very high
over the world of wine I’m going to go A to Z here, or a to Z so in alphabetical
order if you feel I missed to mention some ones that you love personally and
that are very famous and that you think should be in here well let me know in
the comments and I will extend the list to the top 200 if I get more than 100
relevant iconic why name suggestions in the comments down below so stay tuned
and let me know what you think and let’s get right into it
number one ace of spades the iconic brand of champagne very famous in the
United States in particular because it’s related to the rapper jay-z made by
brand Armand de Brignac were made in champagne by the Maison called Drappier. Ace of Spades champagne. Chateau Angelus, one of the Premier Grand Cru classes of the a
category A, premier first growths of the st. Emilion
area in the Bordeaux wine region of France Chateau introduces Chateau
Angelus. Astralis Shira is one of the few iconic very very iconic Shiraz
coming out of Australia made by Clarendon Hills in the McLaren Vale area
of Australia. Astralis Shiraz. by Clarendon Hills Chateau Ausone I
know not of one of the four premier concrete class a haze of scent Emilio
historic one that one classified in 1955 already as a prominent concrete class-a
a Chateau Ausone some of the best Cabernet Franc wines in the world go
into chateau Ausone so one that you should definitely try out shut up ozone
chateau Beaucastel one of the most famous brands in chateaus in the states
of chateauneuf-du-pape in the Rhone Valley of France Chateau Beaucastel
Chateau Beaucastel. Beaux Freres vineyard make one of the best pinot noir wines in the
ribbon ridge of oregon one of the best pinot noir wines coming out of Oregon in
particular the Beaux Freres vineyard single vineyard pinot noir by Beaux Freres vineyard
Oregon Pinot Noir Belle Epoque the prestige cuvee
made by Perrier Jouet fantastic beautiful bottles I love the fruity
expression of Belle Epoque very fruity very first of all yet very fine very
soft subtle very sophisticated Belle Epoque by perrier-jouet Beaulieu
vineyard Georges de Latour in particular the Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
one of the most iconic producers in Napa Valley Beaulieu vineyard BV Georges de Latour one of the most popular and famous of all champion brands Billecart Salmon if you’re wondering how to pronounce it well that’s the way Billecart Salmon you do want to pronounce the L here do not say Billecart Salmon I made a
video about how to pronounce it Billecart Salmon champagne food driven I love Billecart Salmon wines excellent wines. Bin 707 one of the iconic wines coming from
Penfolds in Australia there bin 707 Cabernet Sauvignon there will be we’ll
talk about the most famous of all Australian wines that mates by painful
so a little bit later you will see but they’ve been seven or seven Cabernet
Sauvignon is one of their most expensive in
one of the most iconic ones the best cabernet sauvignon that they make I
believe bin 707 Chateau calon segur of the top estates of center staffed on
the left bank of Bordeaux to the north of the meadow area Chateau calon segur one of the top estates of Saint Estephe Chateau calon segur Chateau calon segur
Chateau Canon one of the top estates of Saint Emilion. Château Canon. Cask 23 by
stag’s leap wine cellars one of the iconic producers mentioned in present at
the judgment of Paris stag’s leap wine cellars awarded at the judgment of Paris
1973 one of the top wines is casks 23 Caymus vineyards another iconic producer
winery in Napa Valley Caymus vineyards Casillero del Diablo
arguably the most famous of all brands coming out of Chile made by Concha y
Toro the biggest winery in Chile Casillero del Diablo affordable wines
well-made wines very famous in the world they are affordable they cheap you can
find them in every supermarket arguably the most famous brand of Chilean wine
Casillero del Diablo Chambertin, one of the top Grand Cru pinot noir vineyards
coming out of burgundy will list several of those here Chambertin is one of
those located in Gevrey Chambertin village for appellation Chambertin made
by domain Dujac and quite a few other producers you can see Jacques Prieur here on
the right hand side Chambertin Grand Cru Pinot Noir wines
from Burgundy Charles Heidsieck one of the top houses
in Champagne top producers of champagne I have fantastic memories of the 1995
Blanc des Millenaires the prestige cuvee my god those wines theBlanc des Millenaire is such an amazing wine Charles Heidsieck Chateau Cheval Blanc one
of the top premier include class a category a historic one as well together
with Chateau Ausone in saint-emilion Chateau Cheval Blanc Chateau Cheval
Blanc note that in France you’d say so blah
in English you’d often say Cheval Blanc but in French Cheval Blanc
cloudy bay arguably the most famous of all producers coming out of New Zealand
in particular with this Sauvignon Blanc coming from, based in Marlborough Cloudy
Bay also makes a barrel fermented Sauvignon Blanc that’s called Te Koko
they do make some Pinot Noirs well Cloudy Bay owned by Louis Vuiton Moet
Hennessy group as well Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough New
Zealand Corton Charlemagne and another of the top Grand Cru vineyards in Burgundy this
one makes some Grand Cru Chardonnay wines though Corton Charlemagne an excellent
one made by Bonneau du Martray but other producers make some fantastic Corton Charlemagne on on the hill of Corton Chardonnay wines from Corton Charlemagneand
some of the best Chardonnay wines in the world simply cristal the prestige cuvee
by Louis Roederer with this specific distinctive transparent bottle in no pun
developed for the Tsar of Russia who was afraid he might get bombed with a
bottle of champagne so they made a transparent bottle and no pun to the
bottle and was born the crystal we hold our champagne haven’t tried it I’m still
hoping how well is it any good let me know in the comments crystal champagne
chateau caused a stir nel one of the two second grows from the center stiff
appellation or the left bank of médoc there is no Premier Cru no Grand Cru no
first growth in Saint Estephe only to second growths one of them is called
Chateau Cos d’Estournel that stunning stunning Asian style
chateau in Saint Estephe, outstanding wines. I love Cos d’Estournel. Cote Rotie,
this is more of an Appalachian steep slopes overlooking the Rhone
Valley making some fantastic Shiraz or Syrah wines I should say with sometimes
a little bit of Viognier. E. Guigal makes some fantastic Cote Rotie wines
including this Brune et blonde Cote Rotie in the Rhone valley of France. Dom Perignon, don’t need to introduce Dom pérignon the most famous of all
prestige cuvee champagnes made by moet and Chandon don’t Perignon named after
arguably supposedly the inventor of the traditional method in champagne the
Benedictine monk Dom Perignon in French Dom Perignon. Dominus estate founded by
Christian Moueix from Bordeaux who founded this now iconic producer of the
Napa Valley Dominus estate. dr. L riesling made by
Lossen Bros. or Dr Loosen an affordable brand of wrestling from the
Mosel germany that is now very famous because you can find it anywhere and
it’s pretty pretty decent it’s a good way to have a taste of what a you know
decent Riesling from the muzzle is not one of the best but it’s a very famous
brand of riesling from the Mosel dr. L riesling. Chateau Ducru Beaucaillou one of
the most famous estates and chateaus from Sain Julien in the Medoc one of the
estates classified in 1955 1855 Chateau Ducru Beaucaillou Chateau L’evangile
the top estates coming out of Pomerol Chateau L’evangile in the Bordeaux
wine region of France Chateau L’evangile Echezeaux another of those top concrete
pinot noir vineyards based in Vosne Romanee well located in Vosne Romanee Emmanuel
Rouget makes a fantastic Echezeaux of Pinot Noir so does the domaine de la
romanée-conti DRC issue so you will also find another Echezeaux that’s called
Grands Echezeaux just next door it Echezeaux Chateau Figeac one of the top
estates of Saint Emilion I believe Chateau Figeac is one of
the few top states in saint-emilion premier include Class A B category that
uses a fair large proportion of Cabernet Sauvignon most of the sentiments are
more based on Merlot and Cabernet Franc I think Figeac has quite a bit of
Cabernet Sauvignon an interesting one to taste Chateau Figeac the iconic
producer from Italy from the north of Italy the Piedmont winery
making wines from Barolo, Barbaresco, Langhe Gaja sometimes they blend different
grapes from different vineyards in different appellations gaja. Grange yes
the most arguably the most famous of all Australian Shiraz s branch bin 95
Shiraz made by the most famous of all Australian producers Penfolds Grange
gran reserva 904 made by a producer that I particularly appreciate personally La
Rioja Alta that’s the top cuvee coming out of Rioja the topped Gran Reserva
904 a very very interesting wine to get a good taste of what a very good gran
reserva Rioja wine is grand reserve are 904 by La Rioja Alta chateau Haut Brion the
first groves few first growths of the 1855 classification located pretty much
within the walls of below city is quite striking how it’s surrounded by houses
and buildings Chateau haut-brion fantastic delicious wines in the
appellation of basically Haut Brion just south of the border city in the club
area Chateau haut-brion Harlan Estate haven’t you heard of her
honesty iconic wine coming out of Napa Valley Colin estate Hermitage this is
also more of an appellation this is actually a hill overlooking the Rhone
River again Hermitage wines are made from Syrah
as far as red wines are concerned and they do make some white wines on the
hill of Hermitage as well quite a few producers make Hermitage all over the
hair the most famous arguably the most famous of which is La Chapelle made by
Paul Jaboulet Ainé in a there is a chapel up on the hill of Hermitage and La Chapelle he is
made from vineyards around the chapel up there la chapelle Hermitage. Hill of grace
another iconic Shiraz coming out of Australia probably the second most
famous of all Australian Shiraz of the pet of the grand hair of grace made by
Henschke in the Eden by Hill of grace. Insignia by Joseph Phelps
vineyards one of those iconic brands from the Napa Valley iconic wine called
encinia Imperial reservoir made by the company vinicola del norte de espana
the CVNE a large winery Imperial reservoir is a fairly affordable wine
but it made a lot of noise when it was named the wine of the Year by the Wine
Spectator in 2013 a relatively affordable Rioja wine could want to get
a taste of what a real reserva Rioja wine tastes like by the sea be any
Imperial reservoir very good very very very good value wine Imperial reserva
Jordan winery they had to be a Sonoma Wine a Sonoma winery in this list
I picked Jordan winery cuz they’re friendly they’re very active on social
media based in the Alexander Valley Jordan winery friendly people they’ve
been friendly to me so quite liked them Jordan winery Klein constantia yes
producer starting with a K based in South Africa a historic producer very
famous for making this vin de Constance which is the sweet natural sweet wine
made based on Muscat grape based in the Constantia wine region of South Africa
Klein constantia I will be making a review video of the vin de constance I’ve
always wondered what it tastes like I’m gonna find out soon
Klein constantia than the Constance cork no need to introduce Krug, part of the
LVMH group top brand of champagne making some fantastic non-vintage key ways of
champagne cold no need to introduce Krug it up coold champagne chateau
lafite-rothschild one of the few first growths of the 1855
classification based in Pauillac neighboring Mouton Rothschild that we
will talk about later Chateau lafite-rothschild Chateau La Mission haut brion
on neighboring the Chateau haut-brion owned by the domain Clarence Dillon same
owner Chateau haut-brion again some of one of the top States and top wines in
Bordeaux Chateau La Mission haut brion Chateau Latour
do we need to introduce Latour top estate first growth of Pauillac in the
Medoc area. chateau latour chateau Leoville barton we’re entering
the series of Leoville wines some of the best wines in Saint Julien chateau Leoville Barton neighbouring level bottom is Leoville las cases also in San Julian
those used to belong to the same property they’ve been divided so they
all live will but the different shadows now in Chateau Leoville Poyferre. Leoville Poyferre and Chateau Lynch Bages one of
the top States also of Pauillac Chateau Lynch Bages this is not a first
class but it’s still very very reputable out ther. Chateau Lynch Bages. chateau
margaux the premier grand cru classe and first growth of the Margaux appellation
one that is very dear to my heart because I worked there for quite a while
back in 2003 my favorite wine in the world
it’s just personal but I love chateau margaux Masetto the one of the very very
most expensive wines coming out of Italy 100% mellow made by Tenuta del Ornellaia
on the coast of Tuscany in the Bulgaria pollution Masetto Masetto. Mateus the most one of the most famous not sweet wine coming out of Portugal this
Rose a iconic rose a affordable rosy it’s fruity it’s not pretentious it’s
nothing very special but it’s very very famous Mateus Rose a coming out of
Portugal marques de risco you’ve heard of markers
a risk are one of the top most famous brands of wines coming out of Rioja
marques de Riscal they had to be won at least one longer
doc wine in their marques de Riscal has been one of the most reputable
producer one of the early on reputable producers coming out of longer dock
specially for making very good Cabernet Sauvignon wines in Languedoc Mas de Daumas gassac I may owe me one of the top Pinot Noir most reputable pinot noir
wines coming out of California Meomi Miraval used to be owned by
Brangelina Brad Pitt in Angelina Jolie
the brand that they’ve made very very famous brand of cut the promise Rosé. Montebello is an estate and a wine made by rich vineyards Montebello estate
in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California Ridge vineyards iconic wine
called Montebello Moet & Chandon course the most famous the biggest
champagne house in Champagne France moet and Chandon you do have to sayMoet & Chandon and not more Moe & Chandon i made a video about us if you don’t know why you
have to say Moet & Chandon well go and check out the video because you do have
to say moat and not Moet & Chandon Montelena
you’ve heard of MontElena from the movie ‘bottle shock’ ranked number one
Chardonnay in the judgment of Paris 1973 I believe it was top Chardonnay name back
then still a fantastic Chardonnay the Cabernet Sauvignon is also very very
reputable Montelena one of the top famous brands of Napa Valley California
Chateau Montrose the other second growth of Saint Estephe f in Bordeaux
together with Cos d’Estournel we talked about beforeChateau Montrose was shut to
moles do not prance the tea there more was Chateau Mouton Rothschild of course
you’ve heard of Chateau Mouton Rothschild one of the first growths classified in
1855 neighbouring lafite-rothschild Chateau Mouton Rothschild in Pollock
missiny another of those concrete pinot noir very famous very demanded made by
between others domain leVoir my god domain law one mutiny is one of the most
expensive wines in the world but domain family makes a very reputable musingly
pinot noir country wine in burgundy as Numanthia you may not have heard of bodegas new monte are based in total
Spain in Castilla Y Leon fantastic wines made from Tempranillo, their termanthia
the name of the wine that’s called termanthia was
scored 100 out of 100 points Robert Parker a few years ago it put the wines
from Toro based on tempranillo that area of castilla-y leon that wasn’t
that famous before it put them on the Numanthia. yeah I think is owned by Louis Vuiton Moet Hennessy group these days
look them up Numanthia and one of the best wines coming out of Spain full stop
Opus one no need to introduce this fantastic I mean at least
very very famous producer one we based in Napa Valley Opus one started by
Robert Mondavi and I believe was it the Rothschild family yes I think it was let
me know in the comments if I’m mistaking Opus one
ordinal ayah that iconic brand based in Bulgaria again on the coast of Tuscany
same producer as Masetto they know today Ornellaia they make a broad range of
wines some are affordable but the top Ornellaia wine is rather expensive one
of the most reputable and expensive wines coming out of Tuscany and coming
out of Italy food stock ordinal ayah Chateau Palmer
the second growth of Margaux there is only one first class in Margaux there is
Chateau Margaux chateau Palmer is arguably the second most famous and
second-best producer of wines in Margaux chateau Palmer Chateau Pavie one of the
four premiere conquer Class A one of the four first growths of the scent Emilio
classification it was upgraded to the category a back in 2012 together with
Chateau Pavie and Chateau Pavie Robert Parker has always loved Chateau
Pavie I’ve never tried it I think it’s pretty good but it’s a poor year now
I’ve tried it once yeah it’s a big big big big big big wine but it’s very good
if you like that type of wine chateau Pedesclaux Chateau Pedesclaux one of my
personal favorites could I know the property I visited them made a video
about how Bordeaux wine is made at the top estate at Chateau Pedesclaux
up-and-coming the wines are increasing in quality day after day vintage after
vintage Chateau Pedesclaux the neighbor Chateau Mouton Rothschild and Chateau
Lafite they’re very close to them in pack
you will hear more and more about Chateau Pedesclaux
Pertus no need to introduce one of the most expensive warrants in Bordeaux
Chateau Petrus it’s actually the second most expensive wine in Bordeaux I made a
video about the top 10 most expensive wines in Bordeaux Petrus is actually the
second but historically it’s always been one of the most demanded one of the
rarest one of the best wines in Bordeaux made in Pomerol from 100% merlot on
super clay blue clay soils unique wines from Patricia’s chateau pichon longueville comtesse de lalande one of the top estates of pork next to Chateau Latour
next to pichon longueville baron as well you know that pichon Longville was split
between the Baron and contest I mentioned pichon longueville comtesse de lalande here but you will also find pichon longueville baron on the other
side of the route the conv the Chateau road in médocpichon longueville comtesse de lalande PIngus one of those iconic wines coming
out of Spain from Ribera del Duero he in this case Domino the pingus porridge a
super famous Champagne house their prestige cuvee is called Sir Winston
Churchill and a tribute to Sir Winston Churchill Pol Roger Chateau Pontet Canet a
very famous very very popular Pauillac wine these days it’s gone up in quality
immensely over the past 20 years Chateau Chateau Pontet Canet Quinta do Noval one of the
most famous of all port producers in Portugal especially for the national
vintage sport that is made from pre phylloxera vines of ungrafted vines that
are extremely extremely old that date back from the prephylloxera crisis
Quinta de noval Quintessa based in rather would rather for Napa
Valley one of the iconic brands of Napa Valley wines Quintessa Chateau Rayas is
another after Beaucastel tell another of those very famous chateaus in Chateauneuf du Pape Chateau Rayas Richebourg another of those grand pinot noir wines coming
out of vosne romanee the richebourg romanée-conti is one of the most
expensive pinot noir in one of the most expensive wines . in the world but some
other producers make some rich book wines including as you can see on the
image here Mougeard Mugneret and then comes of course romanée-conti
romanée-conti is both a winery that’s called domain de la romanée-conti but
romanée-conti is also a single vineyard kong who exclusively owned by domain de
la romanée-conti DRC that’s why it’s called a monopole romanée-conti conquer
Pinot Noir is one of the most expensive wines in the world of course one of the
rarest one of the most demanded wines in the world but domaine de la
romanée-conti also makes some other conquerors next door vineyards including
romanee saint vivant and even concrete Pinot Noir Burgundy
romanee saint vivant Rubicon one of those very famous iconic wines coming
out of Stellenbosch South Africa by Meerlust estate Rubicon Rubicon Sassicaia
with Ornellaia one of the two iconic wines coming out of Bolgheri the coast
of Tuscany made by Tenuta San Guido Sassicaia Sassicaia Salon iconic
champagne brand prestige cuvee they only make this prestige cuvee Blanc de Blanc
100% Chardonnay coming from the cut the Blanc gongfu vineyard some of the best
Chardonnay wines in Champagne come from salon le mesnil blanc de blancs a
screaming eagle this iconic extremely rare combination your based wine from
Napa Valley screaming eagle they do make a Sauvignon
Blanc wine that is just as rare even rarer screaming eagle I think the
Sauvignon Blanc is the most expensive white wine in the world
Screaming Eagle Silver Oak cellars another of those iconic famous brands
coming out of Napa Valley silver oak cellars scenic
one on rather recent producer I believe that’s just become cult yep one of the
archetypal cult brand coming out of California insane prices for these very
rare cuvees made by Sine qua non in California Shafer vineyards one of those
famous another of those famous brands in estates coming out of Napa Valley stack
sleep district here especially the hillside select Cabernet Shafer
vineyards I think they’re relentless was named one of the Year by the Wine
Spectator few years ago as well Shafer vineyards Solaia
Marchesi antinori one of those Super Tuscan wines that’s put Tuscany a Super
Tuscan on the map of the world of wine with other grapes then Sangiovese made
with some Cabernet Sauvignon and maybe a little bit of Cabernet Franc and I think
some Sangiovese go into Solaia one of those top Super Tuscan wines made by
Marchesi antinori arguably the most famous of all producers in Tuscany
Marchesi antinori. La tache another of these concrete pinot noir vineyards made
by domain de la romanée-conti another monopole together with romanée-conti
that’s also a monopole La tache grand cru vineyard is exclusively owned by
romanée-conti La tache. Taittinger famous Champagne house which they come
to the shop and prestige cuvee 100% shot on a wine Taittinger
champagne chateau talbot the top wine from Saint Julien again Chateau
talbot classified fourth growths in 1855 Chateau talbot Tignanello another of
those iconic Super Tuscan wine by Marchesi Antinori this one is more
affordable than Solaia but Tignanello was said to have been
one of the first if not the first Super Tuscan wine may not exclusively from
Sangiovese for the Chianti area the Tignanello estate
owned by Marchesi Antinori Tinto Pequara by bodegas Alejandro Fernandez one of
those popular wines coming out of Ribera del Duero from Spain Tinto Pequara more famous and even more exclusive the único by bodegas
Vega Sicilia arguably the most famous of all Spanish wines the único historic
producer while pingus we talked about before his more recent producer Vega Sicilia has always been there and único has always been considered one of the best
wines coming out of Spain if you go in Spain everyone knows the unico just
like everyone knows grand in Australia unico and of course Veuve Clicquot
owned by Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy by Moet & Chandon the different
brands fantastic wines come out of Veuve Clicquot with the prestige cuvee la
la grande dame including le Grande dame by Veuve Clicquot. Vieux Chateau Certan one of the
top wines coming out of Pomerol as you know there is no classification in
Pomerol so you just have to pick some of the wines that are the most famous I
think I forgot to mention Le Pin in the video some of the top estates in Pomerol
including Vieux Chateau Certan, Pertus, and le Pin Wehlener Sonnenuhr
this is a vineyard in the Mosel one of the most iconic concrete vineyards
over the Mosel that makes some of the most expensive wines in the world some
of the most famous wrist links in the Mosel
including the one made by Weingut JJ Prum let’s say Weingut JJ Prum
Wehlener Sonnenuhr it doesn’t seem to be that many why names that
starts with an X if you know of a song that a very very iconic that should come
very very handy for the top 100 but I couldn’t really find any so know why
name starting with X here and finally with why yellow tail yes the
famous is unaffordable it’s a cheap point from Australia but it’s so famous
it had to be there and then of course chateau d’Yquem from sauternes on those sweet
wines top first groves classified in 1855 again sweet wines from chateau d’Yquem and they do make a wine of dry white wine that’s called the why so
perfect for him from here and one of the most famous estates in Bordeaux. Chateau
d’Yquem. Zind Humbrechtarguably the most famous producer of the Alsace wine
region in France in the northeastern part of France and emerged including the
Rangen de Than Clos Sainte Hune which I think he makes some riesling and
perhaps some Pinot Gris as well. Zind Humbrecht works with biodynamic practices
outstanding wines coming out of his embossed and finally Zenato a
producer of Amarone de la Valpolicella that I personally love that I personally
visited they’re not so really good wines including this repatha which is kind of
a repast old style very modern style of Valpolicella repast so made by Zenato in
the Verona part of Italy to the north of Italy and that was our top 100 most
famous wines from A to Z in the world I hope you found this video useful again
if I’ve missed some of the top brands in the world let me know and I will make
for you just for you the top 100 or 200 very very soon I will see you soon in
the wonderful world of wine. Au revoir!

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