Tom T. Hall "Old Dogs Children & Watermelon Wine"

how I want to sing this song this is my last song I miss we've heard enough of these Tommy hawk songs tonight but no listen I'm retired you're the rest of these guys they're used to working there up you know I go to bed at dark and get up at daylight and last couple of weeks I've been missing the news you know I wake up in the morning say the world still you know going around in one get dark early I was doing a show down in Miami Beach Florida one time with George and Tammy and Ray Price they booked us down there for the Democratic National Convention and what happened four years earlier they the hippies had torn up that convention in Chicago so they moved to done in Miami and to keep the hippies quiet they had us put on a big country music show over in flamingo park and it worked all kids came over there to hear us speak and sing and it was a quietest convention the Democrats ever had in fact it was so quiet they nominated Estes Kefauver for president y'all probably never heard about that but it was a real quiet convention and I went back to the hotel after the show to have a nightcap which was my custom at the time I haven't had a drink I guess in 20 years but Johnny Cash gave me a tip about drinking John told me one time he said you know Tom Jesus he says look we're drinking and I said really he said yeah he said it makes me break out dallas-fort worth windows doors so I gave it up too but I went back to the hotel have a nightcap in the meta so felon and he had a great philosophy of life and I got on an airplane the next morning went looking for something in my pocket and I found this napkin and it said watermelon wine on it so I got I did everything to write on I found a pencil and I got out of sick bag you know and I wrote this song on the back of a sick bag and I got a wish I still had it because I've sung this song so much I might throw up right at the end of an article now this is a good Rose story great old fella somebody said you know this was a big hit song why don't you go back down to Miami and find that guy and buy him a new car I said look this is the wisest smartest happiest calmest gentleman I have ever met why didn't the hell would I go down there and screw up his whole life I did write a song about him oh I got another I don't sing nice on the key I wrote a man but I don't I guess the band you can just talk to each other while I do this how old you think I am he said I say well I didn't know he said you know I'd turned 65 about all that months ago and I was sitting in Miami whiskey when it's all gray black gentleman was cleaning up the land well there was anyone around this guy who ran the bar watching Ironsides feeling uninvited he sat down any dogs and children and watermelon wine you ever had the train he told me all about oh I didn't answer back he said ain't with three things in this world with the south-central dogs and children and watermelon he said you know women they think about they sell well a menthol around and friends are hard to find when they discover that you're 10 he said I tried it on when I was young I told dogs and watermelon wine he said you know dogs they care about you even when you make mistakes and God bless little children when he moved away I found my pen Oh dogs and children and watermelon one well I had to catch plane up to Edwin the next day I left for my room I saw him and that night I dream in peaceful sleep Oh dog and watermelon why thank you Mike thank you very much let me say one other thing I'll say one more thing it is not possible but I wish that you folks could have had as much fun tonight as I said Tom T ha [Applause]

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