Toby Gets a Drink

It was the hottest day ever in the
jungle. Swinging among the trees was a baby monkey named Toby. Toby loved to play and have fun, but it was so hot that soon he got thirsty. Toby decided to find a watering hole to get refreshed. This looks like a perfect place for a cool drink, thought Toby. Ah! It’s a crocodile! Cried Toby. His mother had sternly warned him to
stay far away from the crocodile. Please please Mr. Crocodile, I beg you! Cried Toby. Please don’t eat me! Ah, now what do we have here? Said the crocodile. It’s my favorite snack. A little baby monkey… I like monkeys. No no no Mr. Crocodile, you don’t want to eat me. I’m way too small to fill you. No no no, there’s no need to fear. For I will just open up my mouth… and you… yes you… can walk right on in. Mr. Crocodile, you don’t want to eat me. I’m just skin and bones. And besides, you will get monkey fur all
over yourself. But I can show you something bigger and better for you to eat. You can show me something big, real big to eat? Little baby monkey! All right. Lead the way. But if you are lying, it will be the end of you! Said the crocodile. They walked for a while, until they came across a… pelican. Is this it? Asked the crocodile. It is bigger than you. No, Mr. Crocodile! This is not it. Perry the pelican has too many feathers and a large beak and it will hurt your throat. I can show you something much bigger than Perry. Hmm… something bigger sounds yummy! Said the crocodile. Let’s go. They walked for a while until they came
across a… wart hog. Is this it?
Asked the crocodile. It looks really big! No no no Mr. Crocodile, this is not it either. Wally the warthog will jump and squeal and make a huge mess, and you’ll get all dirty. Let me show you something bigger to eat,
said Toby. They followed the jungle path until they came across a… zebra. Oh, this must be it! Said the crocodile. The Zebra’s as big as
me! And it will make a great lunch. No no no Mr. Crocodilde, this is not it. Zoe the Zebra has too many stripes, and will make you dizzy. Please don’t eat Zoe. I can show you something bigger and tastier, replied Toby. Hey are you playing with me?
Shouted the crocodile. I can’t eat Perry the pelican because he has too many feathers and a large beak, or Wally the warthog because he would jump and squeal and make a big mess. Now you tell me that Zoe the zebra’s stripes will make me dizzy? Do I need remind you, baby monkey makes the best snacks? Don’t mess with me, little monkey. Please Mr. Crocodile, one last chance, begged Toby. You are trying my patience,
warned the crocodile. This is your final chance. Lead the way. They went until Toby noticed something
odd in the tall grass. Maybe, now is my chance to escape, Toby said to himself. He decided to run for it! Hey! Shouted the startled crocodile. Get back here at once. You can’t escape me! Running as fast as he could,
Toby leaped over the large object in the grass heading for the nearest tree to
seek safety. As the crocodile raced after Toby, he failed to notice the strange object in the grass until it was too late. The big bully found himself caught
in a trap! Swinging from a rope! Help! Shouted the crocodile. Someone help me! I’m trapped! Why on earth would I help you? Replied Toby. You were about to eat me! Suddenly the crocodile
began to cry… *sobs* Like a river, the crocodile’s tears poured down his face. I’m so sorry, waled the crocodile. I really promise not to eat you. Why should I believe or trust you? Said Toby. You said I was your favorite snack! I’m so sorry that I wanted to eat you. And I’m sorry that I bullied you. I promise I won’t harm you. Said the crocodile. And I’ll never bully anyone else again. I promise! Toby felt sad for the
crocodile. After all, he had apologized and seemed sincere. Toby wondered what to do. Then, he had an idea. Jumping down from the tree,
Toby headed back into the jungle. Hey! Where are you going? Yelled the crocodile. Please don’t leave me to die! I thought of something. Said Toby. I’ll be back real soon. But how do I know you will return? Trust me. Replied Toby. He reached out his hand toward the crocodile who extended his own hand to shake. The crocodile’s arms were very short. I trust you, said the crocodile. The crocodile waited for what seemed to
be like an eternity. Maybe he’s not coming back, he thought. Oh, please come back for me. I’m so sorry. Please don’t leave me, thought the panicked crocodile. Suddenly, a voice emerged from the bushes. I’m back! Not only was Toby back, but he had brought reinforcements. Next to Toby stood Perry
the pelican, Wally the warthog, and Zoe the zebra. Standing on his friend’s shoulders, Toby used a sharp stone to saw at the rope. Back and forth went Toby, cheered on by his buddies as the grateful crocodile watched in amazement. In no time, Toby had cut through the rope freeing the captive crocodile. Hurray for all my new friends! Shouted the crocodile. I’m free! I’m free! You… came back for me, he said to Toby. More crocodile’s tears in his eyes. And by the way, my name is Chris. Chris the croc. I never told anyone before. I was just
too busy bullying them. But Toby still had a problem. Amiss all the excitement, he realized that he still had not had his cool drink. And now he was thirstier than ever! The crocodile had an idea. Toby finally gets his drink… and a new friend too. The end.

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