The Stop Drinking Expert: Alcohol Lied to Me Updated And Extended Edition

When I wrote the book alcohol
lied to me I had no idea the impact it
would make to problem drinkers around the
world. I certainly had no idea it
would end up helping hundreds of thousands
of people out of the miserable loop of
alcoholism. I only wanted to document how I
had finally dealt with my problem
without any of the usual pain or struggle that spent the prior decade
feeling like an abject failure no matter what I did no matter what I tried I could
not seem to get back in control of my
drinking I felt like I was broken and
it appeared that everyone I asked for help
felt the same my drinking aside I was a
successful professional man with a beautiful family
and plenty of evidence of my
success around me it appeared nobody was going to help me with my
drinking unless I was prepared to stand up in
front of a bunch of strangers and label
myself a weak willed alcoholic alcohol lied to me is how I escaped the trap of functional
alcoholism without any of those
embarrassing group meetings no dangerous medication
expensive rehab or ineffective willpower it has been a savior to so
many successful loving caring and amazing
people whose only flaw is being in a
loop with their drinking it offers a compelling
alternative solution to the Twelve Steps there’s no need to label
yourself an alcoholic there’s no religion or giving
your problem to a higher
power. This is a logical and
intelligent approach to problem drinking it’s the only trust pilot five star
rated quit drinking program this version of the book
features all of the best advice from alcohol liked me and the secrets I share
with attendees of quit drinking bootcamp plus all the great sober living
tips that I’ve picked up over a decade of
helping problem drinkers around the
world before we go any further. Congratulations on being here a trite statement I don’t
think so. The very act of listening to
these words should be seen as a powerfully
positive action on your part. It means you are not a part of
the vast majority of problem drinkers who never
do anything about this insidious drug in their
life a drug that we don’t even like
to call a drug it’s true isn’t
it. Go into any local bar pick out a customer ask them how their
drug use is going and you will get a
mixture of abuse and ridicule in response. The truth is though this social
pleasantry is a drug and a very dangerous one at that alcohol kills millions of
people every year. And yet we are repeatedly made
to feel that if you refuse to join in with the
consumption of the attractively packaged
poison it’s you who has a problem in the western world we live
in a bubble of unreality around this drug when you
write down the nonsense that we
believe about this drug it looks insane. We toast our good health with a liquid proven to cause
seven significant forms of cancer we drink when we feel down even though alcohol is a
depressant alcohol is used to help us
with insomnia even though we know it
disturbs our sleep drinkers are suspicious of people who
choose not to drink the poison not the
other way around is not crazy. That is the world that we live
in. We have got ourselves into a
bizarre situation where we are looking at black
and insisting that it is
white. It is the unpicking of this
universal distortion that explains why
my quit drinking bootcamp why stop
drinking expert program has been so
useful for so many problem drinkers
around the world attending a boot camp with me
is a bit like going to see
Penn and Teller the famous
illusionists first they wow you with a
spectacular illusion and you can see no
other explanation than to call it
magic however. Then they come back onto the
stage and they show you how the trick was performed.

10 thoughts on “The Stop Drinking Expert: Alcohol Lied to Me Updated And Extended Edition

  • Great video. Did you know that the Christian faith believers struggle to with this alcohol problem to you might do a video some time about this.

  • I wish i could get my 75 year old mother to read your book or watch your videos.
    She has been a peoblem drinker since i was 8. She is now a dangerously chemically dependant woman who cant stay sober for more then 2 days. She wont take care of herself and goes weeks without eating. She is stubborn and says she is fine, dispite falling and breaking 9 ribs and needing surgery.
    I keep looking for solutions to help her and call organizations like mental homes and detox resorts but am always told we cant help her till she wants it. Hell even in the Hospital after her surgery the doctors and nurses said they were sorry there was nothing they could do.
    so I go to work each day and take care of my dad( family run buisness) and painfully watch her die a little more each day.
    I have been following a few quit drinking programs and Tony Robins along with other motivational people in hopes to find solituons i can maybe use to help her and make sure i never end up like her.
    I dont think this will end well for my family. Its heartbreaking to see my once very beautiful proud mom give up on life and herself and my dad slowly fall into depression as he realizes his golden retirement years are gone. I fight many emotions daily…anger, empathy for us all and fear of what each day might bring.
    I love what you say I wish I would have found you 15 0r 10 years ago….perhaps there would have been a chance for her.

  • Four years, one month alcohol free. “Alcohol Lied To Me” was a book I read within the first six months of my alcohol free life. It is common sense and wise advise. Please read it…you will be a changed person. We are literally brainwashed to believe alcohol is safe and good to consume. It is not. Best wishes to all. Craig you are doing good work, I appreciate your efforts. Peace ☮️ common sense to all.

  • I LOVE YOU, MAN! I'm 22 days AF today, just from watching your videos daily. I have no craving for alcohol, in fact, I'm repulsed by that attractively-packaged poison. Now when I smell it, my stomach turns flips. I haven't read your book yet, but I'm ready now I've downloaded it. You are wonderful for providing your help for free. I wish I could afford to attend a boot camp, but this is working quite well for me. I've had 12 years of continuous sobriety before, and they were the most productive years of my life. I love that your approach focuses on the positives. AA didn't help me. I have very low self-esteem, so being told I'm broken, sick forever, and only an invisible, imaginary being could keep me sober made me feel hopeless. You gave me my hope back again. Thank you!

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