The Portable Rapid Drink Chiller!

*clears throat* So a little while ago, I showed you a contraption, a little mini spinner type deal that can take any beverage that happens to be warm and make it cold in like 60 seconds and not just cold like
“oh that’s a little bit cool”. No! Like ice cold. So you didn’t need to have it
in the fridge, so someone could come over to your house, bring a case of – let’s say
beer if you’re into it – and not have to worry about refrigerating it instead
cooling it down on demand. Go watch the video you can.. you can tell for yourself.
But: It required wall power so wasn’t super portable, a little bit large, you know it
took up some space- and for some people is a little bit pricey. Today! I’m about
to show you another one of those things – a portable drink chiller. It’s way less
expensive; the link will be in the description. It’s completely portable and it
can run off batteries, it’s called the “Spin Chill”. This is what it is; it’s handheld,
chills drinks 20 times faster, Its called the ridiculously cold drinks. It’ll do a can of
beer in one minute, a bottle of beer in three minutes and it’ll even do a bottle
of wine; maybe you got a nice little uh a… a nice, little, dry, white wine.
If you’ve ever drank beer before you know that ice waters it down. In-fact ice
waters down any drink so if you could chill this way, you could have a more chill
time. What’s happening with the spin and the reason the spin is important is
because it moves the warm liquid from the center to the… to the outskirts of the
can. Moves the liquid around to the outside there’s a greater surface area of that warm
liquid that interacts with this cold liquid. I’ve got the infrared thermometer I’m gonna be.. I’m blasting. What happens if I shoot
them? Can they? Are they blind now? Did I just.. destroy the sensor on the camera.
Who knows? Maybe. I’m gonna be measuring the exact temperature of the beverages,
prior to going in here for their little bath, the little ice bath and then afterwards.
So that’s it – that’s the Spin Chill right there. Four Double A’s That’s the action. Simple, spinny, action! Molson Canadian, of course. I mean… I guess that’s roughly the
temperature… room temperature really..
*(73.22 Fahrenheit)* just clips onto the top, check that out, and
then – Bath time. Hahaha. So we’re going to dunk
it and we’re going to start spinning. Hahahaha Look at that little guy go! What do I got? Alright that should do it.
Alright, I’m gonna hit the button. Oouuh. 19.7 Celsius
*(67.46 Fahrenheit)* Is that good enough for any of us? Not for me imma’ put it back in.
I like an ice cold beverage and I’m not messing around when I say ice cold. I mean you could drink it like that and
it’s now cooler beverage than room temperature but if you want ice cold
take the extra minute, right? Okay, let’s check it out now. 16.5 Celsius,
61.9 Fahrenheit. Ok, let me crack that and see how ice-cold that is.
A lot of people said no way how can you just crack it open what
about the spinning it does not affect the carbonation the can look nothing no
foam. Mmm, hmm! Okay, 15 degrees celsius is plenty cold Actually, do me a favor, Ryan. Go
grab me fridge beer. We are going to do a comparison. around 14.145 (57.461 Fahrenheit) is an ice-cold
fridge beer. This was a 15.9. I could get it down to
14, probably with another minute in there I would say. It also works for bottles. There’s a circle in the center, which is
sized up for the top of a bottle. Bottle is 22.8 *(73.04 Fahrenheit)* 13.2 *(55.76 Fahrenheit)* Does it work? Yeah it does It’s not gonna be a minute, it’s gonna be
a couple of minutes it’s gonna be way faster than just d-dunking your can in
here, which can take a long time. You know, if you just show up at a party, you want
to drink your specific beer, your favorite beer and that wasn’t in the
cooler yet, but you can kick it off straight away. You’ll be the coolest guy
at the whole place with the Spin Chill.

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