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Hi, welcome to Absolut Drinks, I’m Rico
and today we’re going to make a White Russian. No need for a shaker today so
we’re just gonna build the drink directly into the glass. We usually go with the cheapest ingredients first but
this one’s a very very simple drink and we’ve got to add the cream last. So first up 40 ml of Kahlua. Next, all the way from the south of Sweden.
The bad boy himself. We want 40 ml of Absolut Vodka original, Now I’m gonna ice the glass up already. We want plenty of ice in there.
Heavy cream. Now, rather than just putting it straight in which is still gonna make a perfectly good drink we’re gonna just shake it in this jar to give it a slight whipped effect.
This is going to give a little bit more body. you should be able to hear the sound of
it start to thicken up. Oooh, There we go. You can keep it super cheesy like some 1980s film about
cocktails or do it like The Dude and give it a stir. That’s pretty sexy. There you have it, guys.
The White Russian best drunk in dressing gowns and on sofas all around the world.
Cheers! That’s pretty damn good actually.
That’s super good. mmm so good milk was a bad choice hmm that’s a good drink

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