The future of technology, content and the hotel guest experience

let's jump right into explain to us exactly what press reader is it is a global platform with over 6,000 publications from 126 countries and going daily more confidence coming onboard that's a think-tank where a lot of concepts are being tried they tried them different with different demographic different verticals anything from Airlines to Cruise Lines hotels libraries government you name it we're truly thrilled to be partnering with Forbes Travel Guide on on this initiative we have conducted a study one of the questions was what are you guys planning where do you see newspapers and magazines in the next three years you you do find this as a must-have amenity it's an expectation that people have quality content available as part of the experience overall experience within within their state there is unlimited content available to us why is something like this so valuable a digitized newspaper or magazine being offered you believe that the quality of media that you're offering at your properties is the differentiating factor the gifts the end consumers are expecting high quality as well and with the content that is available freely on the internet that is a very difficult thing to judge as to where that quality of service the consumers generally have a declining interest in paying for content they're coming into a hotel or perhaps flying an airline or getting on a cruise they're expecting that quality to persist that they don't want to pay for it it's part of their experience but they want to expect a hotel or they cruise ship or the airline to to provide it what is the guest state and look like in the next generation air B&B for instance you know they didn't have an amazing job marketing the idea of a travel travel as a local so you give that experience authentic experience as a local imagine you staying at you staying in New York or Milan or Paris and it's a Fashion Week and how great it is to have to have relevant content again whether it's a magazine or a curated content as as a channel of the big hotel where hyperlocal store would be part of this and technology is there it's out there it just it's now the ability to see to make it a part of of a of an experience I wanted to talk about some the touch points that hotels can use to reinforce their not only during the guests stay but beyond look at the number of you who believe that post a is an opportunity there's so much that people forget businesses can do now as a post a imagine getting a little love surprise mister Smirnoff a notice to bread amounts health last time here's the latest addition so as a follow-up it's something that allows us now to build relationships to build loyalty beyond something that we thought was possible something in the physical world that would cost logistical nightmare in the digital world is not only doable I you can take it to a completely different level make it very relevant very very personal and something gifting could you also get your own Hotel branded content as well absolutely and and this is another thing that was often a in a surveys that does your hotel perhaps the parent brand publish a magazine and more than half of you have said yes this is an interesting thing but gifting is that you can you can partner with Vogue's and men's health and Cosmopolitan's of the world but you can also use the the content that you already producing and and give that and give not just to the guests that have stayed at your hotel but guests who have come across the this type of service that they they can continue receiving the content as come across including your particular publication conflict production is probably the most difficult part of it content distribution is becoming a lot easier and you can reach the eyeballs that we're not really envisioned before then and of course talking about some forums into what's going forward in the future too we do look forward to being part of this journey on innovation on where we change how we change the hospitality industry and how we put the the gift in the center of every strategy decision that that would make always have to say yes to begin say I heard last night you guys you're an amazing industry very very exciting so thank you guys before [Applause]

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