The Contestants Play Spin The Bottle | Season 1 Ep. 2 | PARADISE HOTEL

[pop music] MAN 1: Spin the bottle. WOMAN: Oh, spin the bottle. Oh. [tongue trill] MAN 2: Whenever it gets
awkward, just play a game of– Ready? Yeah. I think I finally want
to see you guys kiss. To see David and I kiss? [cheering] He was ready for it. Hans. OK, I dare you to
make out with Brittany. [cheering] WOMAN: Oh, yeah. Yeah. [laughter] That's his way
of saying sorry. If Hans would have given me a
genuine sweet kind little kiss, it would have opened the
door to a love connection. And unfortunately for
Hans, he's pushing me away. Jair, I dare you
to kiss the girl that you're most interested in. Go ahead. I mean, since you said it. Tatum is playing
the game, hands down. I really think she has Jair
hook, line, and sinker. Jair, pack your bags. Out of here. Rosanna, right? Kiss Tatum. MAN 3: I like that. MAN 4: You're welcome. MAN 3: I like that. MAN 4: You're welcome. [cheering] OK, baby. Oh. Brittany, I dare you to
give Jair little lap dance. [cheering] Finally some
action in Paradise. I love the lap dance. Like, this is what I thought
Paradise was going to be about. Like, we were going to
be all over each other. We were going to all
enjoy being around, and just having fun, and then
dancing on top of each other. This was fun for me.

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