Behind me is their whiskey collection and not once in my life have I ever seen such different types of whiskey and whiskey bottles in one place So boys and girls, I’m in Dublin City Center and this is my hotel I’m sitting on a window sill of my hotel and this is a very pretty place location wise the room is a little small The room is small but cute and this area is very famous in Dublin. This place is called The Temple Bar Lane and there are a lot of pubs here and this place is very famous for it’s live music Right in front of me is the Irish Rock and Roll Museum which is exactly opposite to the window of my room and on this side right in the opposite direction is the Temple Bar and Music Center So, this morning when I was changing my hotel my cab driver Micheal said that I need to buy a set of ear plugs because loud music is going to be played where I was going to stay and I wouldn’t be able to sleep and after coming here I’ve realised that this place is actually the hub for music here in Dublin So boys and girls, it’s Saturday today and I am checking out from this Temple Bar Hotel today The location is really good but I couldn’t sleep the entire night people were very loud and were making a lot of noise till four in the morning So, I will have to leave this place and I have found another Hotel and I’m going there right now I’ve left my luggage here and they have asked me to come around two so, until then, I’ll show you around Dublin By the way, this room cost me half of the previous one My previous room’s cost was 110 euros and this cost me around 60 euros which is almost the half price and the location is also better, there is a river right in front So, this is the north side of Dublin and that is the south side over there and a river is flows in between which divides north from south So boys and girls right now I am standing in Wellington Quay and the river is flowing right beside me The name of this river is River Liffey This is the map of Dublin So I am deciding on what places I should visit here in Dublin and I think I should go to the Dublin Castle first because it’s just two minutes away from here So let’s go towards the Dublin Castle So boys and girls, I’ve come to the Dublin Castle and you can see the Dublin Castle right in front of me This is the Dublin Castle This castle is around 815 years old and this castle was completed in the year 1204 and before the year 1922 Ireland was a part of the British empire. So, the English ruled Ireland then So, in 1922 after the Anglo Irish Treaty, this castle was given back to the Irish government before that the British government ruled over Ireland from this castle The view from here is amazing. There’s a garden it’s not raining here right now. It was raining in the morning so let me try to give you a 360 degree view of the castle SO boys and girls I’m standing on the banks of the main river here in Dublin and I’m waiting for a friend of mine His name is Achal and he stays around two to three hours away from Dublin and he’s coming to meet me I met Achal in Ladakh. We went on the Chadar trek together Then we became friends and after that we will be meeting here in Dublin today and here comes Achal Hey brother! How are you? I’m glad to see you. How have you been? Boys and girls, Achal is taking me to a restaurant it’s an Indian restaurant called Istanbel and we’ll try to have Indian buffet there and we will let you know how it tastes So we’ve reached Istanbel Buffet House and this place is famous for Indian food so Achal is taking us inside Let’s go Achal Let’s sit and have some Aaloo Matar and Chana Masala So, we’ve finished having our lunch and it tasted really good It costed us around 8 euros per person which is 16 euros for two people and water for 1.5 euros Yup. They charge you for water let’s explore around now It’s 2:30 right now Let’s explore around for a few more hours. Achal is with us for another 3 to 4 hours. Then he has to board his bus at 6 to, what is the name of the city? Limerick So, it’s three hours away from Dublin right? It’s three hours away and he has come all the way to meet us he has been traveling in the bus since morning We are really thankful Tell us something about Ireland Is it a good place to stay for Indians? Yes, yes. Definitely This is Spire Spire? What’s this? This is the land mark here So, I’ll show it to you. This is called the Spire of Ireland and this is very Oh My God! What’s this! I think I did not pay attention to it earlier. Wait let me show it to you So there’s a story here that Ireland had a lot of money at one point of time. So some of the administration people here thought, after getting drunk about what are they supposed to make and they decided to make a pole so this is a very tall pole We are in Dublin’s fashion district right now and the street which we are in right now is O Connell O Connell Street and here, you will find fashion brands from around the world and a sweeping van is passing buy Yup. So, in Dublin’s O Connell Street there are fashion brands from all around the world If you wish to shop from here you can come here. It is a very busy place to my left is Pennys So, just like US has Wallmart, India has Big Bazaar Ireland has Pennys So, if you want to buy cheap clothes and other cheap stuff you can go to Pennys There are a lot of options here to wear so yup This was a fun fact. So, boys and girls behind me is the Temple bar. This is Ireland’s most famous bar and it has been here since 1840 and it is said that world’s greatest collection of whiskey is in this bar. So let’s go and have some of it There’s no place to sit it is crowded So we are in Ireland’s most famous bar The Temple Bar and we’re having Guinness here with Achal Guinness is Ireland’s most selling beer and in Ireland cheers is Behind me is their whiskey collection and not once in my life have I seen so many different types of whiskey and whiskey bottles together in one plcae So we were in Temple Bar and it was fun there was live music yup and it is the most famous bar here this place is named after this bar itself The Temple Lane, Temple Street and the music that they were playing was also very good and it is said that the whiskey collection that they have is not found any other pub in the entire world The whole city seems to be in a party mood The Irish people start drinking around three, four o clock and it goes on till around two, three in the morning So Achal and I did some pub hopping and we had a great time together but Achal has to leave now his bus leaves at 6:30 and he lives in Limerick Limerick is three hours away from here So, today Achal, my brother, came to meet me after traveling for three hours in the bus and he’s going back now because he has to go to work but we had a great time together so, let’s go and I will also reach my hotel in some time Ok, Bye. Boys and girls this is my room for tonight and I’m trying to unlock it’s door and this lock is a little tricky It’s not opening Is anybody inside So, boys and girls, today’s my I’m leaving Dublin today and it is seven in the morning and here’s my cab so, my cab has come and I’m going towards the airport now and let me show you what my next destination is I’m leaving Ireland today and it is raining and I’m leaving Ireland today Let’s see Where our next destination is going to be So, today I’m leaving for UAE, Abu Dhabi and I am going to stay in Abu Dhabi for a day so, let’s go check in and collect our boarding pass and let’s move forward So, from my hotel window we can see the Abu Dhabi Formula One circuit maybe if there’s a race sometime when I am in this room I can see the cars racing from here Yup. Let’s take a shower then and have some rest So, I’ve reached Dublin airport, Terminal 1 and my flight leaves in one and a half hour and I’m going to Let her speak first So, I am going to UAE, Abu Dhabi


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