The 4 critical signs you are a high functioning alcoholic & how to do something about it

hi there i'm derek a recovery coach and the founder of beyond boobs an incredible holistic online program for getting and staying sober and it's based on my own personal experience in journey and battles with alcohol today i want to talk about the four critical signs that your high-functioning alcoholic and how to do something about that how do i know what that is well it's because i was one I was drinking around two bottles of vodka a day and some red wine at night and running a successful media agency at the time I was doing that right up until the day before I ended up on life support with acute pancreatitis and I was given around a 20% chance of survival and surgeons said we don't know whether you're going to get out of here pretty scary hain and it sounds crazy right how can a person drink this amount and this amount of alcohol and in there and had that in their system and it seemed normal well if you're anything like me you build up a tolerance that allows you to it allows you to drink obscene amounts of booze and you know you can't and carry on your normal life and you you know you kind of think well this seems normal to me though you and I both know it katate it gets harder and it gets hard to actually function and do your job and function normally and just be available be present to Europe know what's available in your normal life like do you just lose you lose all for side of that and you end up hiding it from everybody you know you know the one thing I can guarantee is that in this journey one way or another you will get found out either it's by family by friends by your peers or a partner or running with the law or your health fails significantly so I I ticked all those boxes I had the run-in with the law my health failed the family found out all really embarrassing and I guess what I'd like to tell you was a little bit about the history about what happened to me and when it all came crashing down so I'd like to talk you know and that's mean I see you in 2000 that was April 2009 14 days of touch-and-go my biggest trigger is was and it still is today a little bit is financial pressures I was sitting on a million dollar mortgage which was huge commitment a 60 70 hour work weeks which was went into seven days a week usually deadlines which is exactly that I was killing myself to meet these deadlines day in day out this this lifestyle that I had built up that I thought my ego needed to serve all the time and keeping up these appearances keeping up saying hey man people would say hey your life's awesome you got the fancy house they have near the beach you got the cars you got the toys you know how good's your life and that wasn't a reality I was just pouring alcohol all over it and it was it was time to catch up with me and unfortunately in those days I was this traditional male who didn't want to talk about it I didn't want to get help I didn't think I needed it and at the same time it was getting harder and harder to hide it or deal with it and my strategy was just to continue to drink and my family life was failing now the marriage was failing quite quite rapidly they'd been doing that so for some time and I never dealt with it I was wasn't a violent drunk I was probably a happy drunk maybe and no one knew to the degree I was drinking and even my partner didn't know at the time the volume was sheer amount of alcohol and again the only way I could deal with the failure relationship was to it was drink like I would just drink until it just became white noise and you'd forget about it till next day and you'd start again and again and just like this Groundhog Day all this led up to this monumental like sexy stressful thinking about it now all this that up to this monumental stress and horrible anxiety and depression and these deadlines were exactly that I was killing myself literally to meet these deadlines day in day out and service the mortgage and keep money coming in but I felt too ashamed to ask for help I didn't want to go to AAA I didn't want to do these focus groups that I became aware of I didn't want to talk to my doctor now it should have started there and there were other professionals I could have thought help with but I didn't I just continue to ignore all the warning signs and this growing problem and this is one of the biggest things because hiding is where this disease loves to live it thrives there and you don't know it till you often don't know it till it's too late you just keep on hiding it think no one knows it all added up over time this secret drinking the self-medicating the pouring alcohol which is why don't you know one and a half liters it's just a huge amount of booze and I would start around five in the morning which would be a triple shot of vodka and I chased that with coffee just to sort of balance the day out and at night that there was a bottle of red wine in it usually which would I cap it off for that and finally you usually pass out I'm going to tell you what it was like to spend 14 days in ICU and end on life support and facing you know possible extinction extinction extension that you know what I mean and that's called 14 days 14 days of life support from 14 days on life support from alcohol abuse I will tell you this it wasn't pretty and there are a lot of truths came out of that what I do know is that there are four critical signs that you're a high-functioning alcoholic number one is you build up tolerance and tolerance is it's it's probably key is it like you need more and more to get the same effect to get the same balance to feel like you're functioning normal so you just drink until you get to that just that state and you just stay there and it's like this nice modulation it's like ah this is good this is good this is sustainable Punk no it's not any of the cravings you know the cravings where you can't stop thinking about just getting that fix even just opening the bottle you think ah hides in a minute I'm gonna feel wonderful and that stops this constant relentless mind chatter the monkey mind going get a drink get a drink get a drink you know and then everything will be fine and you'll be able to work and that doesn't work no it appears to be like you get to a place where I can sort of get behind it eventually it it really trips you up and you need to short-circuit that losing control obviously I was I was eventually out of control I mean and what I meant by this was making poor decisions careless decisions and poor choices that weren't good for me that weren't good for others around me and having a run-in with the law like I lost my license for nine months with a driving charge and I was he charged in the morning so I'd been drinking the night before but so much in my system and it was a high range and that was really really troubling for my my relationship I can move my son out of his school be closer to so I had to get public transport or walking to school I mean I had huge implications on him which he didn't understand and I just did what was necessary so again poor behavior bad decisions and getting in trouble with the law and the repercussions and the ramifications start with me for years the other big thing that I want to touch on and its really and this is one of the awful things as to withdrawals the you know the shaking hands where it's a sign to others that I see your hand shaking and I think you know what's going on for him the nausea like you I could you be nauseous before you drink in your drink and it's sort of go away and then that would settle the anxiety and and then you know but the sleep you know you'd go to sleep then I'd wake up at 2:00 in the morning which is awful and then three and then four and five out of bed and I had vodka hidden in my office disguised in bottles and because it was my own business I kinda didn't care but it was obviously getting out of control when it was ending up like that now honestly even if one of these things is true for you and you don't do something about it I just looking you're on this really slippery slope and I certainly don't want you I wouldn't wish this just that experience on anybody so fast forward fast forward to today in order to be sustainably sober for me so what I mean by that is have no cravings or desire to drink whatsoever anymore and that means I can still go I can go to a hotel with friends and not drink and not be triggered by it what I've done is I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours and thousands and thousands of dollars on my healing in recovery with coaches with psychologists with my doctor with counseling we and with well with wellness programs and today it's my absolute mission to help others perhaps who were in my old shoes or they're in those shoes now and how to kick addiction to the curb how to get and stay sober using transformational coaching and whole coaching practices and holistic wellness strategies now I can I can tell you this with certainty I do get it and I get you and you're not alone there is hope there is support and there are practical tools that do work so I really encourage you to check out my free training of getting and staying sober and you can find that it's an awesome training it's not very long but it's a really awesome insight into what's available and you go if you go to beyond who's program dot-com forward slash webinar so that's beyond booze program dot-com forward slash webinar and I'll see you in the training oh one more thing if you're watching this on YouTube there is a link down here in the corner just click on that and that should take you or that will take you to an automatic training otherwise just type in or copy that URL

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  • Know alcohol is a depressant , also to help know that AA definition of a drink problem is you are powerless over your first drink = addiction. or you are allergic to Alcohol ..both can cause mayhem .

  • Yes we build up a tolerance but I actually found towards the end of my drinking my body could not longer handle it and I would be wrecked on nowhere near my usual daily intake.
    19months sober after drinking everyday for 10 years.

  • First things first…Alcohol is NOT the root problem. “Self” is the real issue. If the focus is on “not drinking”, you’re doomed. We can’t think our way into sobriety, we must live it. Go to meetings, clean house, and help others. Simple!

  • I over came Xanax addiction may 7 2016. Was the craziest and probably hardest thing i have done. My body went through shit like I’ve never thought could happen. Was not prescribed them. Was that kind of addiction. Felt shame and guilt and such absolute anxiety towards the end. Anxiety to take anxiety medicine. Sounds crazy. Was my body telling me it’s time. I took that warning and just said fuck it. Cold turkey. Thought every day I was gonna have a seizure but there wasn’t shit I could do. I bought them on the streets and just couldn’t get any. I drank at that time as well. Bought a six pack a day. That’s what probably got me through. At the time. Didn’t realize. I substituted Xanax for alcohol. 6 pack a day. What the hell that ain’t nothin at least I’m not barred out anymore right. May 7 is coming up and I can’t even sit here and be proud of myself. I drink a pint or more of tequila a day and barely get drunk. I’m right back in the rotation of fear that if I stop I will have a seizure or worse and I just have nothing but guilt for drinking. Like I said before. My body telling me it’s time to stop i believe. Idk. If anyone is gonna read this ramble. But I’m so damn ready to be free and sober. I’m ready to stop but rehab is not an option. Any advise on tapering off?

  • Did I hear that right? Two bottles of vodka a day? Wow! And my family thinks I drink too much! Well, I am happy that you recovered from such a dark and serious situation.

  • After reading most of the comments here, it seems the the overall view is that any amount of alcoholic beverage is too much and in view of the subject matter here, I understand.
    My question will sound silly but why would that stop me from asking it?
    So what's the deal with Doctors saying that 2 drinks a day is acceptable, assuming of course one is not struggling with alcoholism?

  • Thanks for sharing, I'm basically looking into a mirror as I would, get clean one day and share my ways approaches, thoughts opinions to help and such ones like myself, if that makes any sense lol # I wish I never touched it.

  • I drank to medicate Cptsd and major depression, I found a great therapist and have been clean with no craving for 9 years.

  • I had acute pancreatitis in 2012 and from intensive care to high dependicy I nearly died I was in hospital 18 days and lost 2.5 stone in weight I now have been six years sober and I’ve been back to the gym I enjoyed this before I started drinking. I. also got prosecuted for drink driving

  • Hi Deryck, Great video i have been a high functioning alcoholic for about 15 years similar to you a good job nice family. Lost it all as drinking was my crutch and working in a sales environment. Lost really good jobs through my alcohol addiction ans been done for drink driving will now be my third time. I became a born again Christian about 2 years ago which really helped. But stopped going to Church the last 6 months due to my work commitments, and have fell back into my old ways, drinking after work and trying to hide it from my wife. Feeling very remorseful as I dont know what to say to work when i go back. My church have advised me to go into rehab and are trying to help me. Seen your traing video it really brought things home is as to where my life has gone from being good again to where i was 2 years ago. Feeling scared and dont know what to do apart from reaching out to God.

  • I’m craving booze bad after 4pm – only 5 pints does the trick, just had a baby too so I’m drinking vodka in the cellar , think I’ve got issues

  • The amonts of alcohol that people drink kan be a bit fuzzy. Two bottles of vodka a day. What is a bottle? In Sweden you buy booze in either 35 cl or 70 cl bottles. The 70 cl bottle is called "A Whole".
    In my worst days I drank about one 70 cl bottle every day. This guy drank two bottles a day. Maybe it is two 70 cl bottles. Its possible.

  • Hi Deryck. Inspiring stuff. Thanks. I'll check out the webinar. I hardly drank at all from my teens right through to my late 30s. Christmas mainly. An occasional bottle of wine. A few beers now and then. I was too into the fitness thing – running – and booze didn't figure in that. But I always suffered from anxiety, and began to get depressions in my mid-30s. I had a mental health referral, and they put me straight into an alcohol program, telling me that alcohol was the cause of my depressions – even though, at the time, I was still drinking less than 21 units a week. Seriously. Anyway… once I was told that alcohol was a problem, sure enough it became one. I'm 59 now, and over the years my 'self-medication' has increased – usually in periods of extreme stress, such as with my last partner 3 years ago. At that time, too, I was finally (very late)-diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, which finally gave me answers about my lifelong anxieties and difficulties with social situations. Cut to now… I have fewer stressors. But the habit is still there, and is becoming harder to kick. Although I don't drink at the levels you were on, I can regularly get through between 12 and 18 units a day at weekends (sometimes more), and probably average 9 units a day over the course of a week. I don't drink every day, I don't have shakes or withdrawals, I've never had DTs, I don't drink during the day. But I know it's a slippery slope. I've been in trouble with the law, too, once through drinking – and have made embarrassing public spectacles of myself. I'm in good health, very fit for a man my age, and I eat wel… but I know booze is doing damage, and sooner or later it'll catch up with me. Maybe my habits make me more of a problem drinker than a high-functioning alcoholic – but I know I could easily slip from one to the other. I'm glad I saw this today – just as I was thinking of going out to get a few beers for the evening. Thanks, mate.

  • I’m a poly addict and something that I’ve found throughout my experience with addiction is the substance that are legal are the most dangerous like I’ve struggled with alcohol and cigarette addiction more then anything else

  • drank a handle of honey jd every night for 8 years. started a successful business in the middle of it. ended up in a coma on life support for 3 weeks. bled out, couldnt walk, but drove myself to ER! sober 5 years in one month.

  • Thanks for you telling truth…..we love you… jesus always love you…. Telling truth is showing you have brave heart and you love the people ……not only your self… thanks a lots……

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