Thailand Tricks of Mamasans in Beer Bars + Info

hi guys I’m in here
thanks for coming long time look new subscribers welcome hope you enjoy the
channel hopefully a couple of days ago you’ve seen the video with the mammoth
sounds and tricks in a go-go bar so this is a follow on to that with some
information of mammoths sons in the beer bars now not all beer bars have got my
my sound sometimes it’s the cashier in the smaller bus or it could be one of
the bar girls the lead bar girl may be slightly older girl maybe she chubby
maybe she’s very noisy usually and just pushing the lady drinks so you have to
work out who’s the one in him in the bar that’s going to give you the information
you need if you want now my bar the Mammoth’s and looks after the girl she
supervises all girls she has a black book let’s call it black book when the
girls come on shift at the beginning of the shift
she likes cool little register take off the names and the shifts say in my bar
was failing the afternoon till close to in the morning girls were expected to
work six shifts a week and providing they turned up successfully they get
their basic salary now yeah but beer bar I mentioned before the girls used to get
three thousand baht a month salary plus the ladies drinks plus kick back off the
bar fines and then they get money other customers the Mammoth’s ana in my bar
frozen was on fourteen thousand but quite often Amazon’s are like eight or
ten thousand bucks can you bar find a mamasan keep asking
me this question some bars yes it’s down to money is going to what you want to
pay you can get a mamasan and offer them definitely the end of the shift
you can bar fine or if you get a phone number after the shift magic black book
now imagine you could see in that book that book tells the mammoth on how many
lady drinks the girls have had in a shift in a week in a month
it also says how many bar fights now if you were looking for a girl that
you had your eye on and you wanted there as a girlfriend or maybe more matching
if you could get that information bit of background on her well you can
and his money I saw a guy do this with frozen he paid a thousand bars and she
gave him the numbers of a girl he was inquiring about for a month or so how
many times she be involved I gave the guy a good insight the girl he was
looking at was only once or twice a month she was really quiet and shy and
just more interested in just getting lady drinks so that helps him make his
mind up if you can get that information out of a mamasan it will help you
the mamasan also knows if like for instance you wanted Apple ahead of my
bar the top girl she knows that apples always eggs but she’d also tell you what
time Apple will come and clock in and if you go there and apples not there the
man I’ll tell you she’s back in a day a week a month or whatever by the
Mammoth’s and drink you gain information but that black book priceless priceless
gave me all the data I needed some of the girls weren’t getting bar find so as
the bar manager the bar would pay we’d get them nice clothes we’d get them out
to go and buy some nice dresses smarten them up then they start getting bar
fight it’s amazing what a red dress will do for a lady the mummer sound like the go-go bar will
also score you when you come through the door
she’s the Apple used to score all the girls call you but Apple was instant she
could call you the mamasan would look in more detail properly because if Apple
has all looked at her and now I’m not interested the mamasan job was to try
and work out which girl would be a chance of putting with the guy again
like the go-go bar frozen used to get a kick back off the girls not as much I
think Apple gave them maybe 500 bar for a good customer and the girls maybe a
hundred bar but added up over a month mamasan would definitely look at
fingernails smell I’ll show you deodorant whatever labels on your
clothes whether it’s made in Thailand and you’re
a cheap Jardine you’ve just bought cheap knockoff yours
watches frozen could spot a replica watch like I can you can spot them the
shoes the hair whether you shave close shave or not general hygiene if you are
a guy that takes care of yourself on how you look you’re going up the scoring
list and you’re going to have more chance of getting the better girls
so again mamasan kickback not as much or anything is likely gogo
bars ice huge money in the gogo bars but is similar the lady drink system a
couple of people have asked the way it works we used to have a book like a
raffle booking two numbers the same cashier will you write the killer’s name
on the back of both tickets give one to the Gill and put one on a spike under
the desk end of the night Adam all up mamasan would then take the notes of the
lady drinks put it in a black book if we have problems with girls as well mamasan
will be the black marks in the book that black book also contained the girls ID
copy and information which part of the country they are from all the rest face
so if you have got a girl out of a beer bar and you’re not you don’t think maybe
she’s telling you the whole truth but you want to go further without girl
number sign get in that book I’m sure every man of sign has one I’m sure every
one of them will open the book for X amount of bars so they go just a couple
of little things on the beer both going forward let’s talk about the work
coments a lot of you have asked me my information yes when I was managing back
in 2000 2002 I was offered a work permit from the Thai owners it would have been
easy to get but I didn’t bother because no one cared in those days nowadays is a
lot stricter you can get a work permit as a bar owner manager I think it’s
under the lines of something like a sales and marketing manager one of my
close friends in Hua Hin had a bar that up to over 10 years he has his work
permit up on the wall and I saw it last time I was there so it’s still current
costs and how you get it I don’t know maybe some of you guys can comment
although if you get work permit you’ve got a different visa so is it a business
visa again you guys pop it information but it enables you to get a longer visa
with the work-permit you still won’t be allowed to go behind the bar okay if
you’re closing shutters down you can go behind the bar but when the bars out and
you’re not lay behind the bar even with a work permit it might be wrong but I’m
pretty sure I’m right but if I’m wrong guys tell me everything behind the guys
tie persons is the barman’s domain and the cashier so you always see the owner
or the manager floating around the bar outside somewhere the bar usually ativ
size of the back is there good if you talk to the bar owner bar manager can
they get their hands on the Mallesons book yep it’ll be a kickback to both of
them so someone offer me a thousand but I
only give 500 so frozen and either kept 500 and I’ve got the book so you can do
it that way as well there we go so just a couple of little bits and
pieces today I’m going to do a video on bars the beer bars that way they’re
failing why they losing money what’s going on and quite a lot of those are
usually a foreigners come to Thailand got a girlfriend decided to buy a bar so
he can get a visa married the girl marriage visa or business visa work
permit but the pass fail and they lose money why what’s going on so I’m going
to give you some examples on a video what I think’s going wrong there another
interest lawyer you are asking for medical fees are about the medical and
insurance and etc in Thailand I haven’t never had medical insurance in Thailand
I always have travel insurance when I get there I will be getting a
a package deal from hospital near to my house and the package is about four five
hundred pounds a year and it covers everything even for the top hospitals in
Bangkok and it’s with a large I think is a swiss company but these medical
centers do different packages it’s up to you how much you want to cover how much
you want to pay but until I get there actually physically do it it’s no point
me doing a video on that because I could be totally wrong when I get over there
and do that we’ll do a video on all that I think Kevin Thailand recently did one
so my boo is pop it over and handle quick look at his channel on the one he
did he did MOT Medical MOT and a package and some prices so look that right see
you soon bye

36 thoughts on “Thailand Tricks of Mamasans in Beer Bars + Info

  • I have only been to Pattaya for a week. One night, after heavy drinking we ended up at a beer bar. One of the girls was being extremely cute with me. She was not particularly good looking. Most guys would probably not want to be seen in public with her but it was late and I decided to bar fine her. All of the girls were hugging her and giving her high-5's as we were leaving. I assume she did not get picked often. She ended up staying with me for several days because she was so great to be with. She was just a lovely girl to be with. Out of all the girls I met in Thailand, she was the most memorable, the one I enjoyed the most.

  • hi Simon,
    i've been getting sometimes, as i see it, bizarre and out of context responses about my comments on the mamasans! i don't know if people listen to  you or if they are  out just writing for "fun"! mamasan is in reality, de facto,  the bar boss, indeed, whether you like it or not, whether you negotiate "directly" with the girl or not.  the mamasan plays a key-role. i've seen with my own eyes a mamasan telling  a girl to ditch a (apparently) rich client  who was about to barfine her  and then asks her to go with another one…i was nearly chocked because i happened to be "the lucky one". the girl was the "bar star"  and i know i wouldn't have  any chance to get her without the mamasan's intervention…i spent 4 fantastic weeks with the beauty, improving my thai as well…

  • I'm confused. Do they think because they grade you that you do or do not have money ? Because in the US the guys that are the most flashy are usually broke. The guys with money dress very simply and never wear jewelry

  • Interesting info about the work permit side of things and perhaps the not being allowed on the other side of the bar, sounds about right. I guess that's why the beer cooler is often placed nearly within arm's length of the entrance! (joke).

  • Giving some good insight there Simon. Thumbs up from me, as usual, lol.
    Had to watch a few times, but just adding my 2c worth @ 3:44 ….
    Mamasan/bar buying the girl who just got off the bus some nice
    sexy clothes was also a way of indenturing the girls through debt and help prevent
    girls running off back to the village at the thought of blowing and banging another
    fat old geezer.
    I bet mamasan got it back from the girl with her new found surge in barfines and 'work'.

    BTW, can you add to the list of upcoming vlogs about the old scam of having to pay
    several months barfine, or more correctly just a fine, to remove a girl permanently from
    her bar.
    I remember the mamasan pressuring my tiruk to make me pay 3 months barfines to keep her.
    She was special though, lol, fresh off that bus.

  • Looking forward to the learning from about the bar failures.. Many businesses are aware of the need of having a USP, yet so many do not have one. It's my belief that one of the reasons is they just do not know how to define it for their business!

  • Thanks for the bar manager work permit situation.
    Chicken and egg stuff, so need a visa that permits work first before the work permit, right.
    It seems to be one must form a company with a trusted Thai, lol, and buy or start a business,
    then if the business employs >4 Thai's you might get a work permit for a task Thai's are unable to do.
    customer liaison officer or something.. could be wrong,
    About the only person to make vlogs on it with any real experience was Sunny,

    Edit… start a B2million baht company…
    Apologies to the sunny haters, this was before they turned up.

  • These girls need big personalities , there's also a hell of a lot of trust required . Jerry Hopkin an ex-pat jurno told a great story of two American guy's opened a bar in Nanna , the Mamasan cleaned them out . Did you ever operate a quota system some of the bigger bars that carry big numbers of girls require the  girls to hit targets , lady drinks and barfines .

  • I remember asking a mamasan about a girl I had my eye on.
    She told me to stir well clear because she was a regular trouble maker.
    Worth the couple of drinks I got the mamasan 👍

  • The last thing I want to do when I retire in 22 months is work. lol
    I am retiring at 56 so I can take it easy.

  • Like your vlog. But one question. How long did you keep your employees? Meet a bar girl, was up in Issan proivence and meet her kids and mother. Like to meet her again but how big are chances i meet her again?

  • I'm off to Thailand on Thursday, my Thai wife of 8 years (lived in UK with me all that time) is there already with my 4 year old son putting in paperwork for a visa for my stepson to come live with us in the Uk. He came over last year on a tourist visa and loved it. We are going to spend a week in Hau Hun while waiting and as you said you had a friend there with a bar I thought I would like to pop in and say hi if you would be so kind as to say where it is please. Loving your stuff..!!

  • Medical MoT, 555 … Ministry of Transport … test the piston is still capable of pumping & the ego is not over-inflated.

  • call the best looking girl over in the go go bar and slide 500 bht down her knickers soon as you get there, the rest of the holiday soon as you walk in that go go your tret like royalty, they never forget you !

  • The health Insurance… Sounds dear.. 4-5 Hundred a year. (thinking)
    Quite likely you're gonna need it.. If not Mem's food..Roads are scary! Same Car insurance.
    It's a Bargain! 😉

  • This Englishman is a wonderful resource centre for guys wanting to visit Thailand. Being older he has tons of life experience to offer to slightly younger blokes like me. That remark about those girls being like a pack of wolves is especially true. When women team up they can make mince meat of any man.

  • If bar manager cannot do this cannot do that cannot go behind bar for some odd reason, WTF does a Bar Manager actually do?

  • How do you spot a mamasan? I don't understand does she wear different clothes or something or will it be inmediately obvious when I visit Pattaya?
    I will be visiting this April (yes, gonna be hot as fuck :<) for the first time to Thailand.
    just trying to read up on things

  • Hi Simon, bit of a curved ball here. I have a been conversing with a lady from Assan, she lives 50 km outside of Khan Kaen. She has been a silk weaver since she was very young. She speaks very good English and seems very well educated. Do you think our cultural differences would be to far apart for a meaningful relationship. I come from Southern England but live in the Highlands of Scotland.

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