TH1 and TH2 Immune Balance – Autoimmune Disease

hey guys it's dr. Justin rocket Johnny here today's video is gonna be on th1 and th2 immune balance we're gonna go over what that is how it affects your body what we can do if we have an imbalance in our immune system all right so let's dive in before we do hit the subscribe button below hit the bell to get notifications and put your comments below I want to know what you're thinking and also ideas for future topics so let's dive in what's the th1 and th2 immune response so we have our th one over here let's draw a little seesaw okay so here's our th1 and th2 immune responses we have our little seesaw okay so for instance the the th one is down that means it's heavier we have an increased th one and a decrease th two if the th two is lighter our th one is our cytotoxic immune response think of it as like the Navy SEALs it's the Special Forces these are the the invaders that are going to go in these are our Special Forces that are going in to attack and to meet the invaders head-on it's our first line defense in this analogy where that would be like our cd4 cells or cd8 natural killer cells all right so this is our immune response we have th1 th2 th17 t reg our th1 cells are gonna be down here our cd4 and there our killer cells so these are the cells right here that make up this th one response they're the special forces with our th – these are gonna be more of the antibodies that happen after the fact think of the the th two guys as the infantry that comes in a couple days to a week later behind the special forces so for instance that's going to be our b-cells here and that's going to be our antibodies IgG IgM IgA etc so these are coming to the show a little bit late our th one guys are coming to the show sooner all right so just kind of keep that in the back of your head so th one are gonna be our cytotoxic these are intercellular invaders bacteria viruses parasites th – is going to be more of our humoral antibody immune response more extracellular type of invaders if you will all right so we're gonna have a shift in our TA to immune system when we're trying to not attack a growing baby or fetus in our body or if we would have like a joint implant or an organ transplant issue or if we got like an autograph ACL put in our need so our th to immune system may go more dominance when we're in one of those situations if it's th one it may go up more if we're trying to fight one of those intercellular invaders right Briella or lime or bacteria or a virus or parasite these are all potential reasons why our immune system will go th one up right intercellular invaders like I mentioned or maybe th two up if you get pregnant north you have a chronic allergies right due to a increase hyper responsive immune response those could all be part of it so let's dive in so how do we get our immune cells to begin with we have these kind of non-differentiated T cells here this th zero now these are produced by the thymus so our thigh mistakes that's the gland that sits right kind of underneath earth are our sternum here and these can produce th 0 and th 0 can go th1 th2 th17 and t reg the ones i want you focusing on today are the th 1 and the th 2 these are the really the most important now th one the compounds produced by th one are going to be interferon TNF alpha these are all going after intercellular invaders with our th two we have anymore interleukins or cytokines these are like chemical messengers and when our immune system tips in in that th 2 direction we're gonna see more interleukin 4 5 10 13 and these are going after this is gonna be more influenced extracellular li and th 2 will go up as a protective mechanism in pregnancy in those situations I mentioned earlier now these guys th17 a tier egg they're gonna be highly influenced they're gonna have a module Ettore effect almost acting like a finger on the scale to tip it in favor one direction of the other so things like let's say low glutathione can have a major effect on th17 vitamin D can have a major effect on the to regulatory cells just stress in general also just things like reducing inflammation omega-3 fatty acids and reducing inflammation through emotional physical and mental stress that can have a major effect on modulating the th1 th2 but not in one direction of the other but as a whole it's just it's beneficial in modulating so I think of th17 and ta reg is kind of these fingers on the scale that can kind of help bump it in one direction or the other now when we look at th one there are compounds that we can use to stimulate th one right we know certain autoimmune conditions tend to be th one dominant like Hashimoto's lupus various autoimmune conditions tend to be more th one dominant higher conditions we know a lot of th – tend to be more like systemic issues I actually think lupus may actually be th – but a lot of other th ones are learn to be autoimmune stuff like Hashimoto's MS you can just think of any autoimmune type one diabetes these are all potential variables here more systemic issues I think lupus is going to be in the th 2 category a lot of hay fever chronic allergies chronic asthma chronic hyperactive immune responses are gonna be in that th two dominant area now the compounds that we use to support or to increase th one are going to be like medicinal mushrooms andrew graph is echinacea astragalus these are good th one boosters and then we have our th two boosters tend to be things like caffeine or green tea or resveratrol pycnogenol these are various polyphenols and bioflavonoids that bump up th – now I'm not a big fan of coming in there and just modulating the immune response for th 1 or 4 th – I think that can be a little bit palliative like caffeine is a big one for th – so if someone tells me oh and I have coffee it really makes me feel terrible well that may make me think they're already th too dominant because caffeine does increase th – so I look at a lot of these compounds not as a means of which one to give to bump up the immune system in that favor I just look at it as a way easy to collect data now the question becomes why is that tea a one immune response present so for instance if we know that th two dominance can also happen from Mercury cos mercury depletes glutathione and low glutathione could have an impact on bumping up th two so the question is is mercury behind that is there imbalances in cortisol and progesterone estrogen dominance is there because we know that basically we can have estrogen dominance can skew our natural killer cells our cd8 versus cd4 that can skew it in favor of our helper cells so we know estrogen dominance could skew this th one Amin balance things like gluten sensitivity could easily predispose an autoimmune condition like Hashimoto's for instance and that could drive th one dominance so and obviously the leaky gut is a big mechanism behind a lot of autoimmune conditions so is it the chicken or the egg is the th one or th two immune response happening as a an effect or a cost now my opinion is it's more of an effect not the cause so it's good to look at it but we're not gonna be so hyper focused on it that we're ignoring the cause so we're looking at the route underlying issues with the gut with the immune response with food with infections with hormone issues with nutrient deficiencies with digestion so in general how our immune system works is we have an antigen which is a foreign compound it can be food it can be a parasite antigen and then basically our body our first-line defense is th one we make our helper cell cd4 and our natural killer cells which are also known as cd8 I'll write that down here so we have this natural cd4 to cd8 balance and then from here this is where the th2 response comes in we start to make our B cells which then can become antibodies all right and then we have our little macrophages that come out because of our cd4 which are a little pac-men and packed women they gobble up the bacteria the virus the parasites so our immune response is really important to start gobbling it up and then we make our infantry later on with the antibodies now our th one right autoimmune conditions specific right and acute infection so autoimmune Hashimoto's and acute infections parasites viruses and then our th two autoimmune disease systemic so lupus is kind of in this category some say parasites can also be th2 as well some say it can be th one when I do a lot of the research on this they're kind of conflicting but some say th – for parasites allergic responses and then systemic autoimmune conditions where th one is more specific autoimmune kind of isolated organs if you will of course autoimmunity effects everywhere more organ specific this is more systemic to the body so if you're looking at this and you're scratching hey what do I do well the key thing is if you're noticing or if you're thinking about maybe you have an immune issue or certain compounds like th1 compounds like echinacea or additional mushrooms astragalus and your graph as these things make you feel worse maybe there's a th one dominant issue if you know you have an autoimmune condition that's organ specific you're more than likely th one dominant and if you have a lot of allergies and a lot of systemic issues it could be a th two issue especially if you feel worse with green tea or coffee or those kind of things so it's not a hundred percent some people can be th two dominant and still do great with coffee it's not perfect it just kind of gives you a good window to look at it but we want to look at what's the root cause wise art why is the immune system out of balance and not just try to palliative push and we'll push one end of the scale versus the other get to the root cause so if you're having autoimmune issues or immune issues in general and this issue fascinates you and you want to dive in deeper click down below schedule consult myself and colleagues we can dive in and look deeper at what the root issue is can be hormone could be gut could be diet related could have got permeability issues could have infections get to the root cause I see a lot of the immune issues as an effect not necessarily the cause but want to get our focus on what the cause is hope you guys enjoyed it thumbs up hit the subscribe get the bell for notifications and put your comments down below really curious about what you're thinking and feel free and reach out thanks a lot everyone have a great day

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